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Only The Best For The Best! New GOODIES!

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Subscribe for videos on my 240sx kouki Drift build/Vlogs. Weekly Drift videos! Zacs 300zx/ BMW V8 Drift build. Also everything else I share with you! NEW WEBSITE! https://garagesideways-hboyz.myshopify.com ResuMotorSports Proudly supporting Garage Sideways! Check out there website Also use "garagesideways" as your promo code for 5% off any product! https://resumotorsports.com/ Music: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired Music: https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud Music: https://soundcloud.com/the-dozy-panda/so-like-what Send me stuff here: Steven Cox P.O Box 2085 Glen Burnie MD 21060
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Text Comments (63)
Diego Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Hey man haven't checked your channel in a while are you and your girlfriend still together ?
JUNE PC TECH (1 year ago)
shop dog
LoCoPuFFz __ (1 year ago)
E36 sounds vicious
Dan D (1 year ago)
Quan let us rip !
Top mount your turbo
Lowlyfe Mk3 (1 year ago)
Holy fuck... last time i watched a vid from you, the E36 was sitting in that spot
Kevo Bangz (1 year ago)
You guys all should open up a little shop or a business to setup your merchandise.
Chris Sanchez (1 year ago)
What’s up with gto build
David Hall (1 year ago)
Im convinced its just a lawn ornament
LIT MUSIK (1 year ago)
At 8:42 steven said nigga 😭😭😭 thats great
DotMapFile (1 year ago)
Why is the quality so bad? it has like 15fps and zoomed in. close to unwatchable for me.
Blazenresto k5 (1 year ago)
#cleanthe240 like if you agree
Anubis KilO (1 year ago)
Hydro a.k.a ugly dog is back!
Ray Howe (1 year ago)
Wait I’m lost. Where’s the GTO?
Joel Farley (1 year ago)
Your neighbors have to hate you lol for reving that up that late at night
Bryan Vazquez (1 year ago)
I remember when you where debating on buying the S14 or a S2000
Garage Sideways (1 year ago)
Suicide Familia yes haha
Sebastian Duarte (1 year ago)
Your neighbors must hate t’f outta yall 😂😂😂
JunkMiata (1 year ago)
Progress is lookin good my dudes 🖤
XBMZL (1 year ago)
boostedKTM (1 year ago)
E36 keeps me here.......,,,,,..
taco (1 year ago)
shoulda named him turbo
Off-road TV (1 year ago)
Quan has a point! Finally someone who don't just film the dash lol
Austin Martin (1 year ago)
2000 years later....a new video from Garage Sideways
justin jones (1 year ago)
Damn loud ASF
That Baby Shark GTO (1 year ago)
Hydro is a trip!!
back yard builds (1 year ago)
New to your channel like the content but not the street drifting
Romello Garcia (1 year ago)
throw some insulation on those walls and sheetrock em
Jade Z32 (1 year ago)
Romello Garcia fuck sheet rock, peg board. Put all the tools up where you can see em and access em.
Frankie Buckley (1 year ago)
Fucking mint
skulledmonte84 (1 year ago)
Work bench need a big ol vise bolted down to that shit now
Ty Quinlan (1 year ago)
How much do your neighbours hate you 🤣
NIGHTSTREETER (1 year ago)
Inb4 shop doge sticker pls!!!
Erol Fam (1 year ago)
I had same type of garage, my suggestion would be, install insulation’s from Home Depot for your garage, that keeps it very warm and very chill in the summer. Great content
dylan Pollock (1 year ago)
That was sick Zack's car is so lowed
zeke112964 (1 year ago)
Mika Allard (1 year ago)
What's up Steven!?
Mika Allard (1 year ago)
Love your lil pup yo
Garage Sideways (1 year ago)
Mika Allard what's up !
Justin Ascar (1 year ago)
Nehemia De Villiers (1 year ago)
paint the zinki the same as the kouki that with be cool
Itsnoel15 (1 year ago)
Dude please come drift import alliance in march in atlanta
GT WING (1 year ago)
That is a fake HKS product @2:31
NissanHyoryuLyfe (1 year ago)
GT WING I ordered one straight from hks and it looks exactly like that one. I'd say it's real but on a side note I sold it after the first day, for some reason it was restricting the air pretty bad. I put on an auto zone filter I had laying around as a test and be hold was much better.
kayle dawson (1 year ago)
Haha wrecked fake
ichista (1 year ago)
GT WING have to agree that it's a copy however even the real ones no good they call them mushroom of death here for a reason
GT WING (1 year ago)
Garage Sideways one glance at the mesh pattern is all you need to tell its a fake, hope you did not pay too much for it
Garage Sideways (1 year ago)
GT WING no it's not 😂😂
Mackenzie Yarbough (1 year ago)
Sup man !
Kemvie (1 year ago)
9:04 music to my ears 🤤
Koy Lanoue (1 year ago)
cool car bro keep the good work going
RPS13DRlFT (1 year ago)
you know its an e36 when only one tail light works lol
JunkMiata (1 year ago)
Lmao my third break light never works and I said screw it and ordered that 🔥 rice led upgrade and one still went out but it was a fuse so it’s all golden now minus the third break light but fack it lmao
Jeremy T (1 year ago)
Light sockets are shit! Lol
Night Reapers (1 year ago)
Or when the 3rd brake light never works lmao
SWSCx (1 year ago)
That e36 sounds fucking meaaann!!!
Dale Merriman (1 year ago)
Peep the playboy at 0:58 lol i see you bro😂 all fun and games man, keep up the good work brother and keep it street 👊🏼
Adamc0607 (1 year ago)
lmao thats awesome
joshua rivera (1 year ago)
Ugly ass beanies bro 🙅🏻‍♂️
Steven Calero (1 year ago)
I feel bad for your neighbors lmao
WTF Is that? (1 year ago)
Dam I haven’t been this early in forever
Ethan Simon (1 year ago)
Ayye just got outta school time for garage sidways
Early af

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