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Carla Bruni Portrait Retro

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Text Comments (246)
lil oyy (16 hours ago)
She has that audrey hepburn vibes
Numéro (1 day ago)
6:00 "Life is hard" "too much Champaign, too much money, too many clothes, I’m sick of it" 😂😂😂
Justice L (1 day ago)
She looks partly Asian to me, maybe the high cheek bones or eyes. Carla Bruni is so pretty!
Emma dMz (1 day ago)
Iza J (1 day ago)
More than a model, she is a successful song writer and she was our first lady for a while. Her sister is an amazing actress yet very humble. Carla is more than a beauty. She is a very kind and smart person.
taurus (1 day ago)
a model with personality
Eric x (3 days ago)
I used to jerk off to pics of her.
Françoise PERLAUX (3 days ago)
Une belle fille sans trop de chirurgie esthétique, défigurée avec les années et le trop de coups de scalpels, l'art de porter un masque informe...
Ena Ardiles Vinaixa (4 days ago)
i see what Bella's surgeon did 👀
Hiorrana Kelly (4 days ago)
A cara da Bela Hadid
AKP (4 days ago)
It's actually scary how Bella Hadid's face is a literal copy of Carla's. Especially the nose!
Kira Akoury (4 days ago)
she is so cute when she speaking english 😍
violetflo (4 days ago)
Who's the designer at 4:28
Syahirah (9 days ago)
cant take my eyes away from her...
Catta Bonata (13 days ago)
she is so well spoken and gorgeous
Anabela (13 days ago)
so what if bella hadid got plastic surgery and carla didnt like you bitches is ogres anyway maybe you should do what bella did lmao
Bolsheviki (13 days ago)
4:19 the real star of the video lol JK I loves me some Carla
Devina Anindita (15 days ago)
I am shocked. Their faces are so similar. Bella stole that face then?
William Moraes (16 days ago)
Músic 1.41 pliss
Nadja (16 days ago)
2:35 that's Bella...
minny Coo (16 days ago)
Just because she was born first it doesn’t mean anything 😂 both are beautiful but clearly look alike...
sasha b (17 days ago)
The resemblance is real especially when she smokes wtf
sasha b (17 days ago)
So Bella got her retro supermodel face from her
French women are sassy, sexy and mischievious
Manie Harz (2 days ago)
Mad Hatter loves Whiskey she is italian not french
Astbrq Ibraheem (18 days ago)
It’s bella hadid and jennifer lawrence baby
Julisa Valenzuela (22 days ago)
What a babe
Kevin Z (23 days ago)
Such a goddess
Samdara (23 days ago)
this is what bella hadid wanted to look like
Cecilie Malene (23 days ago)
I was checking to see if I was the only one that thought she looks like Bella. Apparantly not haha
Nan Potrer (24 days ago)
Carla's face is like sisters Hadid in one
Mervé C (24 days ago)
Bella Hadid is better.
Nevaeh Martin (25 days ago)
anyone else thinks she looks like bella
Jana b (25 days ago)
84 - 58 - 86 got me dead
Iann Michelle (25 days ago)
Natural beauty
jennifer ashley (25 days ago)
Bella Hadid didn't hurt anybody, calm down lmao. Bella is hot plastic surgery or not! Carla is hot too!
Cupckake Love (25 days ago)
wtf bella ?
#1 Nets fan (26 days ago)
Mans facial structure looking ass
antonio bentivoglio (26 days ago)
I really prefer Monica Bellucci as top Italian beauty. Anyway Monica Bellucci, Carla Bruni, Sophia Loren...Italian women are the BEST ❤️
chinafrog (26 days ago)
just search "carla bruni bella hadid", it's insane how bella just copied her face.
Nijinsky Nahendra (26 days ago)
Could Bella's resemblance to Carla Bruni be the reason she kept being chosen as a model for the designers
Charlie Abbot (26 days ago)
Look up Carla Brunei vs Michelle obama. When they try to dress up that disgusting thing and have it walk with Carla.... It's a national disgrace. Carla is so elegant.
Ultra Sound (26 days ago)
And an other transgender man !
kimberly (27 days ago)
Bella Hadid could NEVER!
Reem Hh (1 month ago)
@1:14 what song
Olivier Ma (1 month ago)
The French and the cigarette, find me a better duo!
Ayyeee Productions (1 month ago)
This is Bella hadids face!!! Whaaaat
Angie Hernández (1 month ago)
It’s just me or she really looks like Bella hadid
dear black girl (1 day ago)
Bella hadid copied her looks
Maria Plangetis (1 month ago)
THat'S BeLLA hADid !!!!!!212211#%4y6u53y4tgqrf 1:11
Mlle Gisella (1 month ago)
Am i the only one who doesnt give a shit about the nepotism model? As in no need to fight or create a debate on it? Its fucking modeling for heavens sake.. At the end of the day, they are there to walk, take photos and be beautiful. No need to be so philosophical about it with your standards 🙄🙄🙄
Tilly (1 month ago)
bella hadid tries so hard to be her
The Birds (1 month ago)
Carla Bruni she is so beautiful and elegant just such a French Italian girl!! 🌹🌹🌹❤❤❤
The Birds (1 month ago)
Comparing Carla Bruni and Bella Hadid is so wrong. Don't even get why people do that! Bella Hadid is all plastic surgery and She is half Arab while Carla is purly Italian. Almost all French people natives are Italians only few Spaniards and Britons/Saxons. In France we do have beautiful supermodels legend such as Carla Bruni, Laetitia Casta,... famous and humble. Being humble it's a culture over here not showing off like America. Many famous people are full of lies and fake and building up identity till the famous person breaks down cause she/He became somebody else people wanted her to be for fame not himself/ herself. Going out there being yourself , embracing your own beauty, your femininity, your kind of hair, your type of skin, your body and all your imperfection that is a real woman and very beautiful! When you age, you age beautifully not afraid of your beauty and your wrinkles that's French culture
Nadia Subri (1 month ago)
I think she's still very lucky to marry a French president. They are away prettier & more famous models who ended up nowhere in life. She must be smart.
Nadia Subri (27 days ago)
manel manel I know who she used to date, but marrying a person with a political or royal status is more significant than marrying an artist.
manel manel (27 days ago)
Well she is a famous singer songwriter in France she could have found someone else besides she dated Éric clapton mick jagger back in the days....
carla bruni n'est pas seulement belle mais très érudite. elle parlen4 -langues couramment. et en plus elle est drôle
chellymrdillon (1 month ago)
her speaking portion from 0:30 - 0:48 she looks like Rosie Huntington whitely.
Aurélien ELIZABETH (1 month ago)
Bella and Carla look alike because they both have the same obvious nose job.
on t'adore CARLA
Nadya Aouardi (1 month ago)
Elle a l'air tellement parfaite
Lara Zanette (1 month ago)
onore all’italia
toujours aussi coquine charlatan!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elena Valle (1 month ago)
Elle avait deja touché à son nez
Se A (1 month ago)
I think Carla had surgeries, too, so don't bash Bella for getting surgeries. But if we judge the model qualities, Carla is beyond perfection!!!
Sai 97 (17 days ago)
Se A really? Her upper lip seemed to grow quick as she got older ?
Se A (1 month ago)
+oh pickle Bella has nose surgery which is and was always the "standard" in the industry. Fillers on her cheek that changed her whole face structure. Her lips are completely natural.
Se A (1 month ago)
+oh pickle No, back then fillers weren't good. They used worse procedures on Carla's face. Bella won't have negative side effects from her fillers, when she'll age. Carla's surgeries are really bad and she had more.
Sly Lataupe (1 month ago)
oh pickle : exactly same for Carla man, she was an early adopter of plastic surgery. This is why so many finds her beauty irreal 😅
oh pickle (1 month ago)
Carla maybe got some fillers to make her features pop a little more when she got older but Bella bought a whole new face (nose+bone structure make the whole essence of a face and Bella changed those things completely) + Bella got and eyebrow lift that completely changed her eye shape and lip fillers, basically there's nothing Bella didn't change haha.
Alyona Feng (1 month ago)
I had to watch a video twice because when watching at the first time I was so overwhelmed by this woman's beauty that I missed everything that was said.
Rodrigo Dias Alves (1 month ago)
Belissima !!!
Naelle Naelle (1 month ago)
Ont dirait belle Hadid 😱😍
faiza farah (1 month ago)
La chanson du couple Macron.
Stone W (1 month ago)
Beautiful, but DUMBER than a doorknob! I'm sorry I clicked on the video. My illusion of her has forever been ruined!!! Obviously she's all beauty and no brains!
Stone W (1 month ago)
CATHOLIC THOT (1 month ago)
Yeah, yeah, yeah...
Stone W (1 month ago)
+CATHOLIC THOT I do, but it's not relevant and none of your business anyway!
CATHOLIC THOT (1 month ago)
+Stone W so you can't speak multiple languages? Okay.
Stone W (1 month ago)
+CATHOLIC THOT Nice try. Speaking multiple languages isn't in itself a mark of intelligence. You can speak several languages and still be vacuous, es evidenced in this video.
hiatus mode (1 month ago)
Prettier version of bella hadid? Haha yes
shereherazade m (1 month ago)
She is pretty and classy!
Coco and the Muse (1 month ago)
That was an amazing interview!! Love her
Antonella Fiorito (2 months ago)
Aveva 13 anni a Parigi nella scuola dove insegnavo ......le dicevo sempre che era bella!!!
Douriaa xox (2 months ago)
Bella hadid stole her face. I am not against plastic surgery but bella before look nothing to carla
Franklyy (2 months ago)
Françoise PERLAUX (3 months ago)
Pas beaucoup de vrai : les dents, le nez, les pommettes, tout est refait même il y a vingt ans...elle n'a pas attendu les années pour se faire un semblant de beauté
Breno Queiroz (3 months ago)
I love her, she’s so sexy and gorgeous💖
Hiroko Nishizawa (3 months ago)
Jen Chin (4 months ago)
Don't compare with Clara to Bella, because Clara is much better than her
kiki jr. (4 months ago)
5:01 is Bella Hadid of future past😍😘
Chimi Miki (4 months ago)
I hate to see Bella is trying so hard to copy Carla. When you google Carla Bruni Jeune actually "Bella resembles Carla bruni" pops out. How much Bella paid to just be close?
Leah Coker (4 months ago)
Does anyone know the names of the fashion shows she was in during this video? <3 x
Marisol Padron Vazquez (4 months ago)
She looks just like Bella Hadid
Assaad Hattab (5 months ago)
No one will never ever equal the supermodels of the 90’s.
Lara Attademo (5 months ago)
God, she was stunning
Haidar Zabar (6 months ago)
Same face of Bella Hadid
nava afriat (7 months ago)
IF I SEE ONE MORvE BELLA HADID COMMENT how could you compare this naturaly beautiful classy intelligent and talented woman to an Instagram model who bought her face with her daddys credit card
Kristina (3 months ago)
Almost everyone in tbe business has had some work done...
etlrduce (7 months ago)
Bella bought her face. I would sue.
Angel Angel (7 months ago)
De loin l'une des plus belle femme et talentueuse
Meriem# (7 months ago)
Les filles les garçons, ne travaillez plus avec les couturiers italiens même pas comme habilleurs. En réalité, les couturiers italiens volent aux couturiers français depuis 8 années. Les créations sont similaires depuis toute cette période des défilés ₩
Meriem# (7 months ago)
J'ai enfin après 8 années de réfléchir compris que les goûts des couturiers italiens est le : sans travail.
Meriem# (7 months ago)
Dark Hourse : Tout ce que BRUNI CARLA avait porté durant 6 années appartenant à une femme mannequin française née en 1975 , avec qui CARLA avait portée une liaison avec son conjoint français de Paris en France...
Meriem# (7 months ago)
En + , c'est 40 ballerines balkaniques volent les contrats de top modèle , que des hôtesses de l'aire de Air İtalia leur donnent @
Meriem# (7 months ago)
Dommages , que ces 40 ballerines ne soient pas éduquées comme des ouvrières professionnelles +
Meriem# (7 months ago)
L'Algérie de EL KHELIFA MAHBOUB organise maintenant des défilés pour des 40 génome ethniques de ballerines balkaniques de divers pays du monde.... quelle risée #
Meriem# (7 months ago)
BRUNI CARLA une ballerine sans intelligence #
Meriem# (8 months ago)
Merci pour la vidéo sordide de ces ballerines sordides et mijauréés qui se prennent pour des mannequins françaises. Mais que veulent elles ces ballerines au nombre de 40 aux françaises beauty addict. Est ce que c'est une classe politique intermédiaire de 40 génome [email protected]
Massimo Masotti (3 months ago)
Une profusion insistante de commentaires delirants, de chauvinisme et conservatisme enragé et misogyne, qui tire un profil à mi-chemin entre Torquemada l'inquisiteur et Don Quichotte contre les moulins à vent, l'illogicité de qui voudrait appliquer aujourd'hui les jugements moraux (pretendus tels) et esthetiques fondés, ainsi que sur les stereotypes, sur un monde que n'existe plus, comme si nous voulions comparer dans une facon didascalique le style de la mode des années 50 et 60, et donc les gens, l'environnement, la societé de cette periode, avec ce qui a caracterisé les dernieres decennies... on dirait un exercice de non-sens.
Meriem# (8 months ago)
BRUNI CARLA une mijauréé.
Meriem# (8 months ago)
BRUNI CARLA une ballerine italienne qui se prend pour un mannequin française [email protected]#
Clay Byrd (8 months ago)
is anyone sending you stupid kids to school? NO she doesn't look like Bella Hadid .Bella looks like her( he said sarcastically ) stop being dumb . Dumb is not cute no matter how much Kylie Jenner makes you believe it is.
Alissone Cohen (8 months ago)
trop de cigarettes aussi ...
honey comb (9 months ago)
Everypeople talk about bella. Who's bella? Hell nah 😒

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