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Microsoft Fluent Design System

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Introducing a new design system for the next wave of creativity across Windows devices. Fluent Design will deliver intuitive, harmonious, responsive and inclusive cross-device experiences and interactions
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Text Comments (1107)
Usama HeavyClouds (10 days ago)
Where I can find this app . #
Favour Otiger (16 days ago)
yes plz i want you to smash apple
The Taco Boy (17 days ago)
Heck yea, but how long until all of theses are implemented, also they need to hurry up with the new file explorer
Tobiáš Kaláb (1 month ago)
It's been over a year, and we still haven't seen like 90% of that software design, at least give your apps some unified design language for the time being
ZK 950 (26 days ago)
Tobiáš Kaláb well! It is not polished on the build i used but it looks kinda cool. I might say this effect is better than windows Aero theme.
Design-System Online https://vk.com/design_sistems
0:34 отчего еще дудки?
John Alexander (1 month ago)
RIP Apple !
Jeff The Shrimp (1 month ago)
I hope you guys release it all in one update instead of spreading it out over the course of 2 years lol
Tikko (1 month ago)
I'm still wondering about this song. Is it copyrighted, who made it...?
PBP Insider (2 months ago)
O_Inutil (2 months ago)
One year later........nothing has changed
Dimitri (2 months ago)
One year later... Nothing, except the buggy light in the calendar :)
Franco Hidalgo Soto (2 months ago)
Will this still show the "unknown error, restart your computer" alert?
Divine Design (2 months ago)
more like make lag everything on my pc...
Aidar Konyrbaev (3 months ago)
Okay, one year passed. Where is this design implemented? Wtf Windows
Mosiur Rahman Mesee (2 months ago)
After a decade.
StupidRobloc Player (2 months ago)
The Fluent Design is going through stages, so it will take some tome for the full design to be implemented.
anikanbounty97 (3 months ago)
I am lsot went to fast
Gazza Boo (4 months ago)
I wish MS would use the style at the .57 mark, looks much nicer than the stock Win 10.
daviddaaannggg (19 days ago)
Gazza Boo I know right! I mean this video shows that some actual capable designers exist in the company but it’s like they’re not even put to use in the actual windows OS. I’m so disappointed almost nothing has come out of their reveal of fluent design... is windows destined to be ugly forever? :(
Danny Silva (4 months ago)
What is the name of the song that is playing? Anybody know?
Kimoon Nam (4 months ago)
Please adapt every single area including system preference or file explorer or even with right click with mouse etc
Komorebi (4 months ago)
Has this been forgotten? I don’t see any of this coming into fruition?
Andreas Toth (4 months ago)
Oh, look, pretty pictures. But how functional will it be? Going by how Windows is progressing: not very.
I can’t afford it 😢😩
哭泣的黑曜石 (5 months ago)
More beautiful than Material Design
Rage (5 months ago)
That bass in the intro though
Mustafa Issa (5 months ago)
0:33 is this the future of xbox?
cats rule (5 months ago)
this told me nothing
Adam Warlock (5 months ago)
This is beautiful
Windows (5 months ago)
We're glad you think so! 😊
Who did the music? Please?
DooMeRocK (2 months ago)
Onry Ozzborn Wired (instrumental)
German Almaraz (5 months ago)
and still waiting for this?
Fabrizio Arriens (5 months ago)
Tá, cadê tudo isso que até agora não apareceu no sistema?
Pque Christopher (5 months ago)
Again just hype. Do you remember the Microsoft Glass non-sense ? The same thing here again.
Capuccino Desu (9 days ago)
Pque Christopher Already incorporated on newer RS builds Also HoloLens is a thing, judging from your comment age you seem either oblivious that its not intended for general public yet. Unless you wanna spend thousands of bucks for a AR headset
Faheem Ahmad (5 months ago)
@microsoft we need surface phone with dluent design and continuum 2.0
random stuff (5 months ago)
Unlocked (5 months ago)
This feels like Microsoft's version of Material Design.
Adrian Quintero (5 months ago)
1:00 Infinity War Spoiler
Jose Carlos (5 months ago)
I'm Apple guy but praise for this innovation come on guys. Satya Nardella is a great CEO.
Windows (5 months ago)
Thanks for the kind words!
ini the man (5 months ago)
This is essentially a flatter version of Windows Aero from Windows 7.
Ewaz Nazari (5 months ago)
https://youtu.be/6pAVq66SALg youtu.be/gOJnLTzM2tw https://youtu.be/05CDeEQykhg https://youtu.be/DjhlC3DEUWY https://youtu.be/i4tK9f6gfE8 https://youtu.be/VxfvEGCn-_k https://youtu.be/PvDhiOtY03I https://youtu.be/G590VrTLRV4
Jensi Oquendo (5 months ago)
I just saw like 3 taskbar concepts that all look cool, though the lack of color makes them devoid of life.
Harald Karugaba (5 months ago)
i'm impressed with the updated but it needs some tweaks like for example i see some problem with the Microsoft Fluent Design System but great work making it more dyslexia friendly
EddyGraphic (5 months ago)
2018 and still waiting for that file explorer and that white taskbar, come on guys you can do better than that.
Ashutosh singh (5 months ago)
A lots of updates till now have released but still I didn't able to see such graphics,I feel they intensely keep updating process slow .
mic562 (5 months ago)
Mufeed Salem (5 months ago)
Material design looks childish compared to Microsoft futuristic fluent design. damn it really looks good
CEKROM (5 months ago)
I like that very company has his own nice design =D
Tigran's Tips (5 months ago)
Where are close, mazimize, minimize icons?
my pc wont update
Borys Barski (5 months ago)
song name
Door Matt (5 months ago)
Xbox *gets out the ps1 ps3 ps4*
Groaznic (5 months ago)
But what is it though?
SmartGeek (5 months ago)
Esa interfaz es mentira, ya pasó casi un año y aún no lo aplican en windows 10, mal por Microsoft
LoGnomo (6 months ago)
Wow I like so much calendar at 0:22 . The current calendar is bad.
DreamWarriorFish (6 months ago)
1:00 so where is that theme?
Torch Atlas (6 months ago)
Did anyone else notice that in the Store, Office 365 was referred to as a game?
George Loxton (6 months ago)
steamerSama (6 months ago)
whats the music? please
voktpakt (6 months ago)
White Taskbar!!
Azenix (6 months ago)
Looks great in concept, but in windows all it really did was add more blur and highlighting (Which does look better, but the video makes it seem so much better than it is)
Azenix (6 months ago)
That's a part of the CONCEPT not the windows update. I haven't seen any of that depth or lighting in the update.
steamerSama (6 months ago)
0:23 for depth; 0:14 for lighting
Azenix (6 months ago)
examples, I haven't noticed it if there is.
steamerSama (6 months ago)
There's depth, animation and lighting too. Don't be a party pooper
Musker Nv (6 months ago)
Rakesh Roy (6 months ago)
this is so beautiful❤
Nikko M (6 months ago)
But where are the promised changes we see in the video? The new Windows Creators update barely included the things seen in this video (e.g. awesome themes, UI changes, the new file explorer design - GOD, we need a fresh modern-looking file explorer).
Windows (6 months ago)
We're glad you're a fan! 😊
JamesAnimated (6 months ago)
Xbox will get that new design.
aio aio (6 months ago)
When it is officially come please sent the link iso file
Jaceu (6 months ago)
New Vista
chris churchill (6 months ago)
Does anyone know when this is being rolled out?
nightofthecastle (7 months ago)
A modern version of the Aero UI from 7. I love it. Now if you could stop selling my info and forcing updates..
steamerSama (6 months ago)
indian scammer (7 months ago)
Why are there three different file explorers haha
kylevdr (7 months ago)
A Microsoft design language that actually looks good???
Joni Sin (7 months ago)
Avi Wadhwa (7 months ago)
people just use linux instead
First Ladt (7 months ago)
Why the stupid music ?!
Young Entrepreneur (7 months ago)
where is it i don't see it even though my windows 10 laptop is updated .
Remasterer (4 months ago)
Did you enable transparency effects in settings>personalization?
otagef oregin (8 months ago)
how to flex on apple
scleuse (8 months ago)
Azenix (20 days ago)
The track is Onry Ozzborn - Wired youtu.be/fjacSDRXH3U
CONZ (8 months ago)
Serge Brylow (8 months ago)
Ау, рекламщики! Вы сами-то смотрели этот ролик? Раздражающее мелькание непонятных геометрических фигур и ярчайших цветов. И при этом ноль инфы. Что за говно вы нам пытаетесь подсунуть?
A. A (8 months ago)
Ooowww.......like it...😍
Dead Grave Games (8 months ago)
No-one wanted this
Nikko M (6 months ago)
I did. My schoolmates did. My parents and siblings did. Even my cousin from Colombia did. We all did. Except you.
ESNEIDER MESA (8 months ago)
are you kidding me isn´t? wow, Jobs has nothing but impresed with such developments and interfaces!!
VaRuN FRaNCiSsS (9 months ago)
Bing.com (9 months ago)
chemicalsam (9 months ago)
Wow this design is really bad.
Outworld Core (9 months ago)
when this fluent design system will released?
Kelsi Cosme (9 months ago)
Hello there [FULLNAME]!!! Love love love your videos 😊
FΞLΛ (9 months ago)
Midgendo (9 months ago)
Windows aero all over again
Atlas (10 months ago)
No, please don’t.
Prateek Panwar (10 months ago)
Is that 3d in air real at 0.50
Bálint Bosman (10 months ago)
Mine Cat (10 months ago)
Hmm. This looks like iOS but on a computer operating system. And i love it.❤
Bursadesain.com (10 months ago)
good contents, Thanks!
alexgeelayyy (10 months ago)
'ABELTONE LIVE' - lol what?
Andromeda Rewritten (10 months ago)
Aero was better than this. This looks kinda clickbaity.
Andromeda Rewritten (10 months ago)
They were moving freakin' staircases.
Andreas Navarro Nes (10 months ago)
Andromeda Rewritten Clickbaity how?
Dubryn Nyrbud (10 months ago)
This looks like *something I wouldn't like.*
Emylfy (10 months ago)
I'm love - Fluent Design System!
MrLager02 (10 months ago)
I'm looking at this right now and a lot of things doesn't match up with this video.
MrLager02 (10 months ago)
Andreas Navarro Nes They have like a long way to come, for ex. With the microsoft store
Andreas Navarro Nes (10 months ago)
MrLager02 It's not been even close to fully implemented yet. Wish it was though.
Alex Besida (10 months ago)
Can I know? Where this video was made?
Alex Besida (6 months ago)
Xonfrics Thanks!
voktpakt (6 months ago)
Alex COOLER people use Adobe After Effects for this type of editing, and the 3D part probably made in Blender or maybe Cinema 4D.
Alex Besida (8 months ago)
Andreas Navarro Nes (10 months ago)
What do you mean? Editing software?
Alex Besida (10 months ago)
please, say me :D
Noosey (10 months ago)
Please hurry 😍
Kawish Behzad (11 months ago)
Please stop using Metro UI for the base , it was so boring , u wanna do fluent design system ? well doit , but dont use metro UI as the base ,please design a new fresh UI , just remove metro UI already
Brian Fordhamm (11 months ago)
Meh, Windows Longhorn UI was so much better than this "Chinese" fork of the macOS... by the way, there is already UI mess in Windows.
Windows 10 (11 months ago)
Hey you can you buy me a Windows tablet
supernightslash (9 months ago)
Windows 10 Hey, can you get a job?
BBHSN98 (11 months ago)
This is clearly a bootleg Material Design, but still more "Material" than what Google does right now.

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