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Your Antivirus is Useless.

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Text Comments (1706)
LegendSyntax (2 months ago)
Nah my Anti-Virus is good, i have an Virus that shows Ads everytime, and when i downloaded an Anti-Virus App there's no Ads now.
Joe O Sullivan (2 months ago)
I don't know if I've watched the whole video or not because the sponsor popped in halfway through. I don't want to risk watching 3 minutes of ads.
Rex Gomes (2 months ago)
Is it just me or is Riley kinda adorable? He would make a really good babysitter.
Taco-Tanner (2 months ago)
Gave video a like because of rocket league.
Chris Blackwell (2 months ago)
Glad I have a Devils canyon 4790K in my almost 3 year old gaming pc. Can't believe Intel are still having issues, now with their more modern CPUs too. I'd assume Intel will try and fix this issue as fast as they can. When will intel CPUs go back to being great again without issues?
Marc Andrew Sanchez (2 months ago)
Content would have been perfect if only that talking idiot in the background just sh#tup!
D Valentino (2 months ago)
lmk when honey select has RTX
6St6Jimmy6 (2 months ago)
Sponsor spot was the best
andywolan (2 months ago)
You have your own coffee line now?
Richard English (2 months ago)
People buy smart watches n then sell rhem because they offer no life benifit lol
first last (2 months ago)
reformatting and an external hard drive is the best antivirus
CMDR unematti (2 months ago)
do they make non-organic too? dont wanna pay a premium on a gimmick...
astafzciba (2 months ago)
Next time blur this guy's face please.
Steven Lerer (2 months ago)
Thought this was going to be a helpful video. Nope, just another advertiser.
gabbu garvu (2 months ago)
I got a script for that 🤣🤣🤣
50 Pence (2 months ago)
He's good
David Lowe (2 months ago)
good thing i dont have a skylake
James j (2 months ago)
antivirus companies manufacture the viruses to start with...so having antivirus of any kind, for any reason, is pointless...especially if your dumb ass paid for it.
C L (2 months ago)
I want Coffee!! :D So good!
balalopilav (2 months ago)
Abdussalam Iysa (2 months ago)
How many times did you practice catching that coffee pack? 🤭
JuryDutySummons (2 months ago)
vfemail - it looks like their website (And pricing plans!) haven't been updated since 1990.
Salazar Burnz (2 months ago)
Why pay apple for news when you have James and techlinked!
Sprits Fal (2 months ago)
3:30 ish. Honesty best ad spot LTT has done I believe. Great job!
ashish sharma (2 months ago)
Tell that to my bitdefender
ashish sharma (2 months ago)
Nope. Your opinion is though....
Eoin Parkinson (2 months ago)
also u did a better job than linus :)
Eoin Parkinson (2 months ago)
jay long (2 months ago)
avatarion (2 months ago)
What are you talking about? Metro Exodus' ray tracing is way more significant than Battlefield's. You never even played it.
nutiketgotc (2 months ago)
It actually did kind of seem like a bad idea to insult Opportunity.
sid uzumaki (2 months ago)
Ijustine was the one who bought all those smart watches😂😂😂😂
TrainNutter (2 months ago)
2:10 Good job I have a #TeamRed (AMD) CPU ;D If you wanna know it’s a Ryzen 5 2600
Logan Vinson (3 months ago)
Bought 2 samplers, after $15 shipping, the discount brought my total to just under $38. That's over $3 per can of cold brew coffee. Not much savings in my opinion. You really have to put in a larger order for it to be worth it. We'll see if the taste is good too.
son-Of -dubya (3 months ago)
Did I hear that right? A feature designed to enhance the capability of Intel CPU's actually makes such a computer vulnerable to exploitation that evades standard AV/anti-malware !!!??? I'm shocked, but not surprised as most AV is about as effective as wearing protective hats made from this product : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aluminium_foil ;)
Shieda Kayn (3 months ago)
thank you
1-Datagram (3 months ago)
The title is rather clickbaity and fear mongering, software(and hypothetically malware) can only run from within an enclave if it has been approved and whitelisted beforehand by Intel, also, functions that a program can execute from an enclave are very limited. Not to mention that this becomes completely moot if you use an AMD CPU.
SGpro 42:00 (3 months ago)
Remember to securely erase your hard drives before you go bankrupt so your customers data won’t be leaked *NCIX*
Tussan 150 (3 months ago)
so is it a **tech-take-tape** ?
Steve Napier (3 months ago)
I think you can stop with the annoying off camera voice.
Steven Matthew Lucas (3 months ago)
When he smelled the coffee haha... #LinusCoffee
Nizar Kalai (3 months ago)
Linus Style 😋😉
dans kk (3 months ago)
You are so wrong by making such statement in 2019 that you cannot be spared.
pj1114 (3 months ago)
very little virus info but lots of advertising total waste of time
costafilh0 (3 months ago)
no shit sherlock!
crashniels (3 months ago)
Jokes on them I don't have an antivirus
D Boer (3 months ago)
smart watch is not dead... u have to be a little smart to have one...
Isaac Paczkowski (3 months ago)
How about we all just try Linux.... anyone.... hello???....
Hedgehog2986 (3 months ago)
0:33 I can see the difference between rtx off and rtx on; the rtx on is laggy and rtx off isn’t
Johannes Nyman (3 months ago)
Simple windshield wipers could have saved Opportunity :,(
V (3 months ago)
4:06 But can I play it on my Soulja Boy console?
Roman2 Holub2 (3 months ago)
Haha FULL-TIME Linux User HERE😂😂😂
Ambiano Music (3 months ago)
When Linus News are actually way more fun that most entertainment videos :D
anikanbounty97 (3 months ago)
it still one sided so unless amd and intel can use it, it one sided
SuperMagMachine (3 months ago)
i didn't click on the link, but if they can afford to offer it a 40% off, it must be overpriced af
anikanbounty97 (3 months ago)
Irving Chies (3 months ago)
If it can be read it can be hacked
Taikamuna (3 months ago)
So am I
Christian James (3 months ago)
Why do u guys not do cannabis company sponsored spots?
psygn0sis (3 months ago)
Madrinas Coffee gave me Herpa-gonna-syphil-AIDS, and crazy mudbutt diarrhea.
SIC66SIC66 (3 months ago)
So.. Apple wants 50%, to... HOST a news story written by an other company?? How is that not abusing their position... Fucking greedy motherfuckers.... Apple seriously just tries to squeeze every penny from everyone they can get their hands on, dont they?
Taylan Everitt-Story (3 months ago)
Antoni Gates (3 months ago)
And another reason not to buy intel hardware. Looks like I’ll be going Red next upgrade.
Flux Marsh (3 months ago)
Riley, ya cornflake, if you ate a second breakfast you'd avoid the sugar crash. Or drink a madrinas, you've probably got access to a gross in the warehouse.
Leon FPV (3 months ago)
you need a compressor and limiter (sound) on your videos guys :)
BurntFaceMan (3 months ago)
RIP Opportunity =(
Vlad-Florian Ochiuleț (3 months ago)
I came here to learn new stuff about anti viruses and I ended up skipping most of the video because of adds and gained no knowledge.
Dylan Miller (3 months ago)
James dose sponsor ads better than Linus himself XD
Dan W (3 months ago)
Couldn't the winds eventually blow the dust back off of the Rover making it operational again?
Youtube Alias (3 months ago)
it's sad that the rover is not even dead, there's just dust on the solar panels :( let's hope the next rover will come by and remove the dust
LIOTBs (3 months ago)
"Tech Je__s". Seriously? Completely inappropriate.
Luka Cuturic (3 months ago)
I still don't get the use of smartwatches
anikanbounty97 (3 months ago)
it way to small
sayman gamit (3 months ago)
sorry James
sayman gamit (3 months ago)
james .rile's way better than u, fuck riley linus luke, may be u like thor's hair style
sayman gamit (3 months ago)
thanks guy's ur the best
Jackson Chen (3 months ago)
Your videos are useless.
Lawson Boucher (3 months ago)
Papa Roach has joined the chat
Duffimus Prime (3 months ago)
I got my Lambo roast right here. I love it but, its EXPENSIVE even with a promo code
Pako Tone (3 months ago)
This is why people use Macs
Terry D (3 months ago)
So because there is one way to bypass anti virus then it's useless? Doesn't it save you hassle from all those old viruses and worms? Your like an anti-vaxer for computers.
gw3 Extreme2 (3 months ago)
At 0:52 mark, everybody his wasting their time shaming AMD's new graphics card for not having "ray tracing" lol. WOW...only two games have that feature this year, AMD did a smart move of not adding it to their Radeon 7 graphic card.
Archie Baer (3 months ago)
3:20 lmg.com? It's lmg.gg
UrinatingTheCrowd (3 months ago)
a minute ad amazing
Chaoss Inc (3 months ago)
Sorry, what did you say? That cat or dog hair on your shirt had me distracted.
Aiden Simmons (3 months ago)
Good thing I have an AMD CPU:)
Andrew Williams (3 months ago)
I'm a IT Administrator and I'm here to tell everyone people that are not tech savvy do need AV. BitDefender in tandem with Heimdal, OSArmor, Glasswire, and 0-Patch will give you a security package that plays well together and keeps you secure. Trust me I've ran tested them all. Change your DNS to CleanBrowsing DNS for improved network security. We use this setup and have been clean for years. That said nothing is bulletproof but this configuration has stopped A LOT! Hope this helps someone.
Theo Hallenius (3 months ago)
Intel SGX compromised? Well, R.I.P. Enigma then, for now at least xD
TGR (3 months ago)
diamond needle, KF model will be just priced like a potato
Neon Sky (3 months ago)
What Antivirus xD
rncp (3 months ago)
The title is not just clickbait, it's fundamentally wrong - and considering you have nigh on 750k subscribers you are being somewhat cavalier with other people's security. Are there issues that anti-virus checkers cannot deal with at present? Of course there are, no system is 100% safe. However to somehow broadly assume that "your antivirus is useless" when you are only reflecting on an absolutely tiny minority of attacks is akin to saying a door on your house is useless because people may climb down your chimney. Now I should say I don't use the mainstream AVs purely because they are built by idiots for idiots. Allow Norton or McAfee to totally take over your system and you deserve what you get. You could even argue they are more of an issue than the viruses themselves, although let's be entirely clear here Windows (and most people are using windows) has defender as default. Most people are using a virus checker without even realising it! In short, sure there are risks to any system, and you are right to highlight these. However don't put it with a misleading title that, if anything, only increases confusion and concern for the layperson who has limited understanding of what virus/malware actually is, how it operates and how to remove it.
Dimitrije Starčević (3 months ago)
*Anthony Padilla 2.0*
trinston13 (3 months ago)
Just stop clicking on porn ads and accept that local singles don't give a f*ck about you
Barillaa (3 months ago)
My second most trusted news source, after pew news
dava4444 (3 months ago)
Very happy with my Lem4 Pro..First smartwatch bought oct 2018, hate having to deal with Samsung and their 'share with strangers' privacy policy.. so I kind of avoid my phone. my Lem4 does all the little tasks I want it too.. no hassles. Enjoy the large square screen, pretty much full version of android and its fast! 4 cores and iirc 2 gigs of ram.. for £90? yeah.. couldn't have been happier unless it was a Apple watch for £90 hehe.. seriously great watch tho.
AAA aaa (3 months ago)
Best ad ever
Nelson Stack (3 months ago)
yeh, i kinda see that. i used to run one but its a waste of cpu usage. imo. i have nothing that needs protected on the web. and if you know how to run a computer you can easily get rid of a debilitating virus.
John Doe (3 months ago)
Why does 95% of this video have nothing to do with the topic?
anikanbounty97 (3 months ago)
Doom And Gloom (3 months ago)
Remember kids, only you can allow a virus into your system. Common sense is the best antivirus. Sadly, common sense is not very common.
Hector Tio Salamanca (3 months ago)
Im using my AV to slow down my uber powerfull PC
Nayef Al Maghlouth (3 months ago)
First time seeing you guys. Clickbait title, then a story buried within many. Definitely made it hard to enjoy the otherwise quality content
Justin Brown (3 months ago)
yeah but the Pebble was so awesome Fit-bit bought it and killed it... why would anyone want a watch with great battery life what works?
Hussein 89 (3 months ago)
u didn't drink that did ya

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