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7 Futuristic Military Technologies Under Development Now

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From a Gun Wielding combat ROBOT, to an IRONMAN like Exoskeleton suit; we look at 7 Futuristic Military Technologies under Development Now....... Thumbnail Photo : U.S. Marine Corps by Cpl. Matthew Callahan Links Dogo Robot http://www.glrobotics.com/#!dogo-members/cp4r PowerWalk Energy Havester http://www.bionic-power.com/ Self Driving Military Vehicles http://www.lockheedmartin.com/us/products/amas1.html http://www.torcrobotics.com/autonomy/ Talos https://www.revisionmilitary.com/ LS3 Robot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7ezXBEBE6U Darpa VTOL X-Plane http://www.darpa.mil/news-events/2016-03-03 http://www.aurora.aero/lightningstrike/ Adaptiv Camouflage System http://www.baesystems.com/en/feature/adativ-cloak-of-invisibility ................................................................................................................. CREDITS SCRIPT Wade Hutson - [email protected] NARRATOR Bob Darling - http://goo.gl/4IQQjB VIDEO EDITOR Robert Jackton
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Text Comments (239)
Parachinar TURI (1 year ago)
Make love not destroy plz😐
Peter Smythe (2 years ago)
Spot seems more like it would see use as a combatant. A galloping robot with guns is probably pretty deadly.
whotf cares (2 years ago)
imagine all ressources of war beeing spent on space exploration. we´d likely have a 100k citizen colony on mars and a holiday resort on our moon by now
Aleph Kasai (2 years ago)
What's the song?
Antonio Richardson (2 years ago)
I like the one with the parachute
domsau2 (2 years ago)
US Talos is CGI only. French Felin 2.0 is true!
Polygon fatih (2 years ago)
4:12 Upgraded Nintendo DS xD
Jake J (2 years ago)
Dogo has got a gun
Gamerswag (2 years ago)
Our tax money
DIARREIA NA MENTE (2 years ago)
crqf2010ruler (2 years ago)
Is that our dear 14 Bis? Oh, nope it's not, it's just a modern copy of it. Kek.
Dither Jannev (2 years ago)
Ingenious for the war. Unable to live in peace. Because peace reported much less money than the war.
Sean D.G (2 years ago)
Dither Jannev right? this vid should be titled "7 of the only things on this entire channel that are ever going ANYWHERE".
MrRoccoMarchegiano (2 years ago)
nonsense. America inherited a world at war. In what universe would it make sense to assume all these wars wouldn't be happening anyway? What history supports that? What place on this planet used to be peaceful? None am I right? But totes for sure war and capitalism go hand-in-hand.
Hunter Sanchez (2 years ago)
Is DOGO used by the US military currently?
7thetruthwillfreeyou7 (2 years ago)
this is old
moose boy (2 years ago)
So we can become more efficient killers....sickening....
Idk (2 years ago)
Alex jones gonna be all over this
and u still can't win sand nigga with pajamas & flipflos ;)
Manux (2 years ago)
Exo'sCoDMontage (3 years ago)
T.A.L.O.S. guide you
Talal Osama Al-meain (3 years ago)
DUDE BAE systems really did something awesome a hexagonal camouflage system i think I really want one though😏
Crid Gasore (3 years ago)
Bullshit for lost time!
Esbeidy Casillas (3 years ago)
T.A.L.O.S. huh? crisis anyone?
Franklin Araujo (3 years ago)
when i heard about Talos, it was exactly what i think.
the military is fucking copying call of duty
oh sorry but didnt call of duty come out before the technology
Terminator (2 years ago)
just the opposite lol, the CoD developers base their tech off real world stuff.
Elisa8491 Snap_MTF (3 years ago)
The robotic mule looks pretty cool
Jordan C.M. (3 years ago)
I disliked this video the moment I heard "enemies of peace and freedom" but I still watched the rest
Henrik Solheim (3 years ago)
Crap seat It looks for me like actually mythigal nob village !
Sir Gigglesticksnot (3 years ago)
lihsor222 (3 years ago)
power walk looks like an exo suit from advanced warfare
Jose Ramirez (2 years ago)
For real !
Romel John (3 years ago)
how about the master chief armor in halo and the nano suit in crysis
MrAuro (3 years ago)
when I went to DC, we had a hotel right next to DARPA. I got a call but my phone was getting jammed from them :P
foggy_han (3 years ago)
The power harvester could be such a good idea for daily life use! Just imagine this: "oh crap, my phone is almost out of battery? JOGGING TIME!!" XP
Isabella l (3 years ago)
Jaystarz2000 gaming (3 years ago)
Any one yells it out they may use the invisibility clocking technology against each other and you yelled it out to the world because it is on YouTube to get its idea to everyone.
Miguel (3 years ago)
Better propaganda than north korea.
planetside2 nsx (3 years ago)
Shazam (3 years ago)
let's invet something to make a better word, but is no money in this....
Mukhiya 009 (3 years ago)
Almost all the tech developed for military especially from ww2 even the manufacturing techniques. and Later they were converted to civilian use. Thats how it is from the since the ancient history.
My country is so hot, the x-plane is more commonly used as a table fan
FUN FACT: nearly everyone in theUSA has enough guns to outgun Rambo
Self driving military vehicles are like iPhones without passwords-ready to be hijacked by enemies and have its content stolen by enemies
Florinda Olivarez (3 years ago)
iron man suit its like power armor from fallout
Matt Halpain (3 years ago)
I like the panels (at the end of this video) that allow for invisibility or camouflage to infrared sensors as applied to a vehicle, plane, or boat.
Purple Z (3 years ago)
Almost like call of duty
Crepamagistance (3 years ago)
oh yah u call bad guys and there dieng to deth of food and water and shelters
WorldOfMusic (3 years ago)
I would love to ride a mechanichal horse, how cool wouldn`t that be?
EuphoricCross (3 years ago)
the first time I saw the automated convoys was from an episode of top gear uk.... it's sad because the show got cancelled but luckily grand tour is coming on amazon prime.
Andy Chang (3 years ago)
Make more plz
Cole McClure (3 years ago)
I was sure there'd be a rail-gun on here
Lusty (3 years ago)
So this is where call of duty get all these new ideas from God damn futuristic technology
Sicox ny (3 years ago)
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Skumgum (3 years ago)
Nr 7 is some R6S shit! :D
Liffish (3 years ago)
video is so awsome
enny (3 years ago)
Josh Page (3 years ago)
wow good to know where the fuck my tax money is going to...great job america developing new ways to kill people thanks! I don't understand people . we have the atomic bomb....questions...
Inane Observations (3 years ago)
Enemies of peace and freedom? Sounds ominous.
Ahmed Al yassjeen (3 years ago)
The military is turning to cod lol
Terminator (2 years ago)
actually CoD is turning to the military. they base all the cool stuff on real tech in development lol
Goofball 23 (3 years ago)
T.A.L.O.S? No more like the Spartan II Program
Buddyboy The (3 years ago)
2:16 cod aw is so close
SPYder (3 years ago)
It's fucking gross the amount of inventive ways we have of murdering men, women and children. I read somewhere that the US defense budget for one year would have been enough to end poverty for good. It's about time we woke up and realize that we live in a madhouse and our governments are literally psychopathic criminals. Why should they have a monopoly on violence without repercussions??
Tesfaye Dejen (3 years ago)
"the enemies of peace & freedom", anyway who is that enemy? hmm well, it depends on the perspective from which you are observing.
Tesfaye Dejen (3 years ago)
where does your evidence come through? did you get your evidence without any filtration? you saw the action of moslims but don't you see the action of western in Iraq, Afghanistan, Soria ..... What would you do if someone dismantle your country and make you homeless peaceless hopeless? what would you do if some body kill your whole family with drones through one night? now there is evidence on blare and bush that they didn't have enough evidence to start Iraq war. but of course they may have their own evidence and that was oil well. but we are talking about hundreds of thousands of death of innocent citizen of Iraq and millions of dismantled families. but you are just focusing on a few victims by terrorist. i am not disrespecting those who lost their lives through terrorism action but it seems our world works well with statistics. it seems that you are innocent and happy living person and enjoy it. and continue engulfing your filtered information.
Inane Observations (3 years ago)
+Tesfaye Dejen my view of Islam is from the actions of the followers of islam. My view is from the SANE position based on the EVIDENCE.
Tesfaye Dejen (3 years ago)
GBA; that's from your perspective. and we can't say your thought is the only one to be sane or true because i think much of your view about Islam is developed from major media or i can say western media. and this medias or western present Islam like this to the rest of the world because of three reasons. 1) most moslim countries are rich in very cheap or accessible oil that's totally controlled by them 2)most Moslim countries are settled around the country Israel and there is a thought that they are a treat for this country. 3) there must be always some terrorist figure in order to put peoples like you and me in fear mode so that they have power to take any action they want or even they can modify lows and orders in parliament in the name of terrorism. by the way i am neither a moslim or live in a moslim country! but that's what i have been learned in my past life.
Inane Observations (3 years ago)
@Tesfaye Dejen No, its from a SANE perspective.
Jordan C.M. (3 years ago)
Them A-rabs, takin' all our jobs
Tesfaye Dejen (3 years ago)
dogo will save some solders & civilians by killing some other solders & civilians. aha.
ArcaneHero (3 years ago)
Military is stupid if they really canceled the LS3
John Tucker (3 years ago)
If America stopped spending money on the people in the Army/Navy/Marines/Air Force just to bomb and shoot middle eastern countries for made up, staged reasons, America would look like Dubai. These techs are cool, but I hate when America spends billions on bullshit
Christian Jungclaus (2 years ago)
Seriously!!! The technology is so advanced that most of their bullets will move a bit if the target is moving or you have a bad sight.. it will hit him!.. If their whole army moved to syria, The americans would win bigger than the whole earth is!
MicinDelta (3 years ago)
hey , my makeshift drone toy look same like Dogo :D
NochSoEinKaddiFan (3 years ago)
As awesome as the technological idea behind these systems is, does no one get the feeling (especially with all the autonomous systems) that we might be headed for a all control government future? I am getting some vibes similar to Glass from mirrors edge...
wafflebunny123 (3 years ago)
Talos the god from skyrim
Cy-springs InvenTeam (3 years ago)
Wow, can't wait to see some of this development in action
simply_cj (3 years ago)
Viesturs Krūmiņliepa (3 years ago)
"A modified M1161 Growler. Guss can function as an autonomous companion to military units, reducing the soldiers load by carrying supplies." What's exactly the point of spending great amounts of money making a manned vehicle unmanned just to follow people that are walking? There are two seats – at least 2 people could be sitting, not spending valuable energy walking. And while sitting, one of them could easily be driving...
Kuro Soza (3 years ago)
lol, if you're scared of being caught by infrared, don't worry Bae got you
Papa Chaffles (3 years ago)
doggo does a war
HockeyDonuts (3 years ago)
The government definitely did not take the idea of talos from Halo and it is totally legit.
FroztByte Gamer (2 years ago)
Or deus ex MD
Lorenz Kern (3 years ago)
could`nt u just shoot the sensors of the self driving truck? because then it would be "blind"
Lorenz Kern (3 years ago)
wait..... Dogo will save lives and it`s equipped with a gun ?!?! how should that work :/
Roshan Singh (3 years ago)
Adaptiv reminds me of the Stealth suits in COD AW. Wish that tech comes true
Jasmin toast (3 years ago)
The last one looks like the bavarium tank from just cause 3
+Tec (3 years ago)
Great technology to limit peace and freedom of the people who don't have enough money to pay for safety.
Zeref Dragneel (3 years ago)
Soon, everyone will be fat, all soldiers would be at home with controllers, and robots and drones with nukes would fight.
Zeref Dragneel (3 years ago)
What if the "bad guys" just take out the gun from the dogo from behind the robot?
Zeref Dragneel (3 years ago)
+11 Abonnenten Because if the bad guys saw the robot before, they would
Happyball (3 years ago)
Was that soldier using a Wii U gamepad to monitor that vehicle?
kenan dogan (3 years ago)
Joshua Luukku (3 years ago)
not fun fact, did you know talos means your house
Joshua Luukku (3 years ago)
did you know not fun fact that "no" means "what" in finland
Milan de Vries (3 years ago)
no you no you heuheu
Vincent Cardona (3 years ago)
One day, armors will be like COD.
Will Bernhardt (3 years ago)
4.... Oh shit it's infinite warfare.
W3ND311 ! (3 years ago)
anyone thought of putting the "adaptiv" on a human being that would make assassination's way terrifying at night causer u cant see them
Stijn Visser (3 years ago)
Star Wars vehicles are here, guys
Korbin Au (3 years ago)
Mmm.... Rolls Royce VTOL.... Go into those Special Op missions in style
Zion Singh (3 years ago)
Sneaky (3 years ago)
War never changes ! I love Fallout xD
Cosmic Channel Lazy 8 (3 years ago)
i was sure siri would be number one but this is not a weapon in use today that will kill you tomorrow videos
joshua case (3 years ago)
halo, short circuit, black ops two and advanced warfare are all coming true
Sean Strife (3 years ago)
1.) So the future of counter-terrorism... is a fucking RC car with some cameras attached? 2.) Okay, that sounds kinda cool. 3.) ...aren't self-driving vehicles already getting to be a thing in the civilian world? That's not exactly groundbreaking. 4.) That's fine and dandy but... are there color options? 5.) Yeah, seen that. Decent idea in theory and it could probably do well in the civilian world as is. 6.) Yeah... call me when we're past the artist concept stage, then I'll give my thoughts on it. 7.) Neat.
There are auto piloting cars that you have to be in half of em can't detect shit they can't control w a trailer and if this is hijacked the millitary vessel it auto blows up
Domino the Dominator (3 years ago)
The A-10 Warthog is all we need.
toorvvulance V. (3 years ago)
like, infinite warfare? nah
Kohlman Jones (3 years ago)
they think there building to end wars, but really once the other side balances it out like they always do, there just building for more devastation.
Konglim Khoo (3 years ago)
the terrain in syria is really terrible DOGO in syria is dog shit. Armoured Autonomous vehicles, future VBIEDs.
rs7 (3 years ago)
D W (3 years ago)
I wonder what war will look like in 60 years, hmmm.
Terminator (2 years ago)
tanks will have giant railguns and hover above the ground, snipers will use laser rifles to pick off targets at really long range, and any guns that still fire bullets will have them with computerised fins like guided missiles
Karim Boudraa (3 years ago)
One word: AW
The Deity (3 years ago)
They could make the legged quad have a remote or auto fired gun inside that targets hostiles and have plates or armor on each Part of the robot, aside from the joints need to maneuver
Christian Jungclaus (2 years ago)
+D.K.J. F.K. Yeah maybe just like the Scythe in Black ops 3.. Robot hand transforms into a minigun..
The Deity (3 years ago)
Like a mini gun,Gatling gun or a light machine gun, one that carries a lot of ammo
Jpgaming Andrew (3 years ago)
Guys how do build iron man
Jpgaming Andrew (3 years ago)
I like dogo it cool

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