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10 Reasons Japanese Women Stay Slim And Don’t Look Old |

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Japan is a beautiful country. The green mountains, blue sea, vibrant culture and its mouth-watering cuisine, everything adds to its beauty. If you’ve travelled to Japan or met Japanese people, one thing might have crossed your mind: “Why are Japanese women so slim and look so young?” It’s the cuisine and lifestyle of Japanese people that keep them healthy and young looking. For example, Japanese food is based upon the principle of health and longevity. In fact, Japan is home to the world’s highest proportion of people who live more than 100 years. In Japan, food is not solely eaten for taste. Japanese people believe in extracting health benefits from their food. Here are the top 10 reasons why Japanese women stay slim and don’t look old. 1. Drinking Green Tea 2. Consuming Fermented Foods 3. Popularity Of Seafood 4. Eating Smaller Portions 5. Walking Is A Ritual 6. Eating On The Go Is A Big No-No 7. Healthy Cooking Methods 8. Practicing Martial Arts 9. Hot Spring Baths 10. Healthy Desserts Hope you will enjoy this video. Background music :Shoulder Closures by Gunnar Olsen. If you like this video then pls. don't forget to Subscribe my channel for more good videos. Thanks for watching.
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Text Comments (186)
Inlakesh (15 days ago)
sorry but no one in japan even knows what kefir, sauerkraut or tempeh is.
I’m bisexual and find Japanese young women have sexy voices One of my friends told me I should maybe look for a Japanese girlfriend as they are into bisexual stuff. I live in the UK
Vladimir Putin (1 month ago)
KEfir? Are they Russian?
patrick costello (2 months ago)
So basically they live better and make better choices.
Joe Strahm (3 months ago)
I love Japanese women they take very good care of their selves and their culture and their Heritage helps with the way they look they are very beautiful women if American women did half of what the Japanese women do every day they would look so much better if I had a choice of any woman on this planet it would definitely be a Japanese woman
Guppy-g (4 months ago)
I wish i could commute by biking! One time i had no car and my bike commute was nearly 2 hours long! It would have been okay if i didnt have to bike home in the dark too. Risking getting hurt or picked up, also 4 hours of my day was biking.
A Mdz (4 months ago)
Man I've seen some old ass asians what they talking about..
Carlos Suarez (6 months ago)
Um cause Japanese people are not fat fucking slobs who don’t insist on eating everything that’s deep fried buttered dipped in pork fat chees wiz smothered in some hot sauce and moyonaise.
MF de (6 months ago)
Not all do martial arts.
ElephantsLover (7 months ago)
jouwayriyaable (8 months ago)
Their genes not the gastronomy or anything.
tx nightowl (8 months ago)
I stopped this at 37 seconds because it annoys me to be treated like an illiterate imbecil. I came here to see a video. NOT have text on the screen read to me! Text that I can read MUCH faster than the pathetic announcer in the first place!
Agent 47 (9 months ago)
my mother would bury me six feet under if she caught me eating and doing something else. when she was little, this was true for her as well.
Miu Miu (9 months ago)
It's nice video to cover most of our habits✨Of course gene is one of the reason which effected from our healthy diet and life style for thousands years. But many foreigners living in Japan become slim and healthy (looking younger) to follow our diet and life style!
Miu Miu (9 months ago)
Kimuchi is Korean food! we like it thought
Gordon G (10 months ago)
Isn’t it all Asian women?!
ᄋᄋᄋ (10 months ago)
Not only Japanese but Koreans and Chinese are same. It is because they think slim body beautiful than thick ones and asians have smaller bone structures than westerners. And asians look young because they have many fat on their face and they have thicker skin and some genetic matters maybe
Kevin Joseph (10 months ago)
Nice video, thank you
Miku's Nightcore's (11 months ago)
I wish i was japannese but im DOMICAN. Edit: from now on imma eat all of this
WALTER Salcedo (11 months ago)
Hello is it worth it anymore boys be boys and have fun who gets his crap who wants to start a family with somebody that was a Bo boss all the time
raza shah (11 months ago)
wow that amazing
C Y? (1 year ago)
I didn't see any bodies in this video any more attractive than what you'd find in every other country of the world. Japan has plenty of fat and ugly people, too.
Joseph Saleh (1 year ago)
Smoking alcohol to much sun make look old
Kenneth J (1 year ago)
Non scientific BABBLE!
DracoRepto X (1 year ago)
Genetics & Lifestyles.
Naser s (1 year ago)
shit loud music 👎
john choquette (1 year ago)
You neglected to mention that they eat a LOT of rice - high starch diet is MUCH healthier than low-carb/high protein American diet. See, "The Starch Solution" - Dr. John McDougall.
Brad the Pitts (1 year ago)
Reason 11: there are no female Japanese sumo wrestlers.
Green Sea Eagle (1 year ago)
You missed a few other reasons why Japanese women and men (Asians in general) stay slim. 11) They dont consume a large amount of pop soda or sugary drinks that contain 32-64 grams of sugar as found in most American soft drinks and energy drinks. 12) They don't consume GMO laced foods filled with synthetic additives that trigger brain cell neurons to consume more food/drinks, etc. 13) Because roads are narrow in Japan, etc, more people walk or ride bikes to get around town than drive cars. This is not just daily exercise. It is an active way of life. 14) Japaneses and Asians, due to their smaller bone structures, mass, have a naturally higher metabolism than the typical European body type. They can burn off the calories faster while not consuming as many calories. This makes sense based on genetic history. The ancient Japanese were a seafaring and agricultural based society. Over 1000s of years, their survival genes relied on planting crops on limited land resources while fishing in the seas for their protein needs. Saving massive land resources for raising cattle, livestock, meat in general would've been a waste of limited resources. Fish and rice was the way to survive. 15) Finally, there is/was religion. In Japan, both the Shinto and Buddhist religion emphasized a vegetarian based diet. Eating pork, beef and even chicken was frowned upon. It was a delicacy reserved only for the Aristocrat class, and sparingly at that.
my 2 cents (1 year ago)
..their diet cosisits of mostly fruits,vegitables,nuts,sea foods.
1983parrothead (1 year ago)
Most foreigners outside of Japan make fun of them, but some are realizing that people like this 112 year old man from there shared his working ideas on long living: https://youtu.be/9PiWGCRDHoM
Sunny Aura (1 year ago)
Japanese woman respect themselves and think carefully about what they eat, I also heard a rumour that Japanese women are the prettiest woman in the world? Let me tell you, its not a rumour it's true. Everything about the Japanese lifestyle is impressive and inspiring, the rest of the world can really learn a lot from Japan. 😁❤️
Infinite Joy (7 months ago)
Sunny Aura 100% true!
Denise Moore (1 year ago)
I had a Japanese nurse and her name is ayoko and she is beautiful like this woman she was prettier with long hair though I really miss her she got a new job
Denise Moore i’m bisexual and find Japanese women sexy but I live in the UK I am fed up of being single I have been since November
Titaniumborn (1 year ago)
They moan well
Yuria Yamada (1 year ago)
Most of your explanations is big wrong! Fact not realistic happens
Pedro Meza (1 year ago)
Very nice video, and I like the hook that you used to get me to see your video.
Jaden Gonzales (1 year ago)
This should be how Japanese women look young
osceola powell (1 year ago)
ramilio2 (1 year ago)
I think it's genetic. A lot of Japanese women look so much younger than their real age. Once at party in Manila I started flirting with what I thought a Spanish girl my age because she had white skin. I was 20 and thought she was around that age. We started to heat up. But she cut it and she introduced me to her husband whom I thought was his father. They have a daughter who was 8. So I asked for her age and I couldn't believe she was 32. She said she got it from her Japanese lineage because her father was Japanese.
yvell (1 year ago)
Food is expensive and veggies are frozen.
Mag Kyt (1 year ago)
They look young ,because they're photo's are taken when they're young.
Pugsley Pugs (1 year ago)
Yoko Ono is attractive?
Pugsley Pugs (1 year ago)
Fermented foods ? you can have it
Pugsley Pugs (1 year ago)
Paul Batchelor (1 year ago)
I would not eat fish in and around the seas of Japan .
Thomas Fisk (1 year ago)
Yes indeed, it is very easy to look young and healthy when you're 18 and have gorgeous breasts. Health freaks just love to claim Americans are fat. We have over 320 million people, not hard to find some fat people. If you don't like fat Americans, stay in Japan. Thomas
rigidfinger (1 year ago)
When I was recovering from heart surgery I had a Japanese nurse. I thought she was a kid of about fifteen. When the low heart rate buzzer went off I though she would do something dramatic like on TV. She was busy a distance away and I felt compelled to say something when she didn't seem to be responding. I had been watching my heart rate on the monitor and it was slowing going down. She came over and looked at the monitor and then typed in some data resetting the lower limit, and the warning stopped sounding. This happened a couple of times, and finally I asked her if there was some lower limit where we should be actually concerned. I forget what she answered but her manner didn't suggest any reason for alarm. Still I was a little concerned as I thought she seemed so young and finally I asked her age. She replied with a question asking me how old I thought she was, apparently it wasn't the first time any one had asked such a question. I told her I thought she looked about 15 years old. She said that that was what most people guessed, but that she was actually 31years old. She was as cute as could be, charming in a quite way and professional, so I just relaxed a little, while keeping an eye on the heart rate read out and finally it stopped it's down ward trend and stabilized. I could certainly understand why men have found Japanese women to be so attractive.
mob kun (1 year ago)
How about men in japan?
Ria Rio (1 year ago)
cabzombie.rb I do.
Ria Rio (1 year ago)
Japanese men stay young to. Even at a better rate than women. It's an Asian thing.
cabzombie.rb (1 year ago)
mob kun who cares !
Maivjyk (1 year ago)
There is a rise in Japan for colorectal cancer. It has been found that consumption of shrimp can cause it. These findings came from reports. Eating raw meat causes cancer and eating raw fish can be contaminated and result in illnesses.
Shawn Sato-Veillon (1 year ago)
Plenty of what is said here is true in terms of what foods and activities will make you healthy. As to who are doing these things, it's not all true. One thing left out (I know it was to be only 10, but probably this is bigger than many of the listed reasons) is that Japanese women avoid sunlight, whereas in western society, especially EU they would rather tan, even under lamps. This is the number one skin aging factor. Of course there's also genetics involved, but as for wrinkles in the face, it probably has more to do with the fact that they don't express emotions in their faces much. This is something that is taught at a very young age - so be pleasant and polite to everyone (what happens when they are alone or at home is different). It's a shame that western influence is changing all of this. In some ways I like it, since I'm American it makes society more compatible for me, but in terms of health, it's detrimental. Japanese people (and most of Asia) now do eat plenty of fast food, are now drinking more coffee than green tea, more and more cars and scooters instead of walking (although you'd never know in Tokyo at rush hour on the trains LOL). They eat plenty of fatty food, foods and snacks full of chemicals, etc. Lastly, the comment about not even watching TV during meals or not eating fast is very wrong, and hasn't been true for a long time. This is a TV crazy society, and when at home especially almost always watch TV while eating. And for taking time eating... niet! I thought I ate pretty fast, usually finishing my meals before my family and friends in the US... but here, I'm often the last one eating. They can suck down a big bowl of Ramen in 5 minutes, no lie. It's amazing. Not healthy though. LOL Moral of this epic comment is that if you follow what's in this video you'll do better than you would if you didn't.
Rolan Gold (1 year ago)
Not all Japanese women in Japan are slim . Because of western food that crept into Japanese society like Kentucky fried chicken, Popeyes Chicken , Mc Donald’s, Pizza Hut . I saw a lot of big girls when I was over there in the military.Then the ones that are slim look sickly . They have no muscle tone and a bunch of cellulite . Every now and then you would see a couple that was totally legitimate babes but that’s just like anywhere else in Asia. But still a lot better than America fat USA .
RenMan in Japan (1 year ago)
Chopsticks do not hinder anything!! Haha.. I eat plenty fast with them! I eat until I’m full! There are lots of fried food in Japan! Martial arts! Haha. I love videos from someone who does not live or probably has never been to Japan! Fish?! We eat meat in Japan too! Lots of delicious food in Japan! We don’t go to Onsens 2 times a month! I have lived in Japan 4 years.. I have been to onsen 3 times! Portion size and control is the only thing right and walking! Get your facts man!
Franklin Archambault (1 year ago)
I thought sex was number 1
Ria Rio (1 year ago)
Franklin Archambault japan is sexless.
akbar khan (1 year ago)
Dude you are faking that accent
Johnny Lawrence (1 year ago)
The Japanese also know the earth is not a spinning ball flying thru space at 67,000 mph! Utter nonsense! They teach it in the schools!
Dareis Nogod (1 year ago)
Bat Guano ! You are perpetuating a myth which is not true. Walk around and see all the women with sumo-sized thighs & calfs; wish I had them.
Amy Foo (1 year ago)
Japanese eat "nado"(fermented soya bean); "tempeh"(steamed & fermented soya bean commonly eaten by Indonesian and Malay) ... Get your facts correct, before posting such information in any video!
ICore 07 (1 year ago)
isnt kimchi korean?
Vladimir Putin (1 month ago)
Tai Vuong (1 year ago)
yea that old grey guy, looks really ....young, like he is just 90 years old....
James Locke (1 year ago)
With all that radiation pouring out of those failed reactors I'd be afraid to eat homegrown food also. Radiated raw fish, glowing wasabi, two-headed Kobi beef. It makes it easier to stay on a diet.
Andreas Alfredsson (1 year ago)
The sweet taste alone is considered disgusting in Japan. "Amai" which means sweet, also means "naive" and is used for scolding. This probably is simply a matter of history and tradition, but as an effect the sugar intake in Japan is very low compared to other nations worldwide and makes people thinner. Another reason why people look younger is the climate. There is a very high humidity in Japan, which is much more suitable for our skin, there is a constant moisturizing effect. On top of everything the water in Japan is extremely soft, whenever you take a bath, a shower or wash your hands, it is very gentle on your skin.
rancid pitts (1 year ago)
There are Fat Japanese in Japan as well as all of east Asia. Not counting those who do overeat, the east asians who are fat are that way for the same reasons that westerners do. For those who are overweight it is a body malfunction of one type or another, and without a radical medical intervention can do nothing about it short of not eating at all.
Maivjyk (1 year ago)
rancid pitts this is exactly true. It is the doctors responsibility to test and treat overweight. It causes high blood pressure, triglycerides, cholesterol, diabetes, fatty liver, heart disease, cancer. I went to a doctor and said I could not lose weight and wanted to, even if I did not eat I would not lose weight, they said don't be concerned about losing weight now. That is a no good doctor. It is prevention for heart attacks too. They don't know what they are doing.
Richard Allen (1 year ago)
they not believe TV. they tell each other in person that's how they changed society
Fz Fr (1 year ago)
Jackbnimble Zurc (1 year ago)
No you’re wrong dude it is on there DNA that they all looks young man and woman.... no matter what kind of food they eat or way of life they practice, I advice you to do some more research ok?
You won't find a Japanese woman in Japan baking a tan under the hot sun that will only serve to damage your skin.
Sand and Jewels (5 months ago)
true. I don't understand people wanting to sit surrounded by fired sand in summer, putting sunscreen on and complaining about burns and aging. its logic it will dehydrate your skin and body ^.^ I was the one who always felt uncomfortable right away sitting on a superhot beach all dry, not in the shade
Mark Daves (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing the video!!
Eduard Stancu (1 year ago)
Because they don't have SJW to tell them that fat is beautifully and they fat shaming fat people specially women.
Eduard Stancu (1 year ago)
I don't see Japanese people like bully but sincere people. I come from a country where my friend will tell me if I get some weight because it is bad for my healthy.
Ria Rio (1 year ago)
Eduard Stancu Japanese people don't fat shame. They just ask to to lose some weight on ur earlier stage before it gets too late. I don't think Japanese people bully or call a person worthless for being a fat. They advise u because they care and also people keep an open mind to receive opinions from others whether they consider it or not. I guess fat shaming was againt bullying fat people(which is legit), but Idk how it eventually turned out as "fat is beautiful" movement.
Eduard Stancu (1 year ago)
Nope, if you don't eat you will lose fat. When you have less fat you will need also less minerals and vitamins. 95% of people don't lose weight because they eat like pigs and are lazy.
Maivjyk (1 year ago)
Eduard Stancu you have to eat, not eating causes belly fat. Your body needs nutrition, vitamins and minerals that other parts of body needs. Raw red meat and shrimp can cause cancer. Not being able to lose weight is a medical condition that a doctor needs to diagnose, for example; intestinal obstruction, thyroid, liver, insulin resistance and more.
Eduard Stancu (1 year ago)
STOP EATING and it is a chance that those problems will disappear. I am not for raw food. I used ketogenic diet or green vegetables with some little meat. Fasting too work for many people. No fruits or sugar. More than 80% of overweight is due because people eat to much.
K Moua77 (1 year ago)
Too much bukkake
Ria Rio (1 year ago)
KM 2448 where
Charlie Cat (1 year ago)
But they also have one of the highest suicide rates in the world.
Ria Rio (1 year ago)
Charlie Cat but they're mostly men.
sonic blue (1 year ago)
No. Be thin is never look young. Make look older to be too thin or more like a boy. We can eat many as long they walk alot. Eat so little and can walk alot. It will not have enough energy. So they need to eat in depand if you are feel full. I really hate anorixy girls or wanna to be boy. I prefer plump and curvy who look more like a real woman than being boy-looks.
Joel Vale (1 year ago)
If they have such a good life, how come in that country 27,000 people commit suicide each year?
Jamie FoamGuitar (1 year ago)
In all honesty, there are cute, pretty, Japanese girls, but, most are butt ugly.
Mushtaq Ahmad (1 year ago)
Thanks so much
Kefir in Japan ??? Where.
Konichiwa! Come here, let's swap American women for Japanese women.
and the number 1 reason is - genetics!
Victor Mazzari (1 year ago)
I think Asians are also genetically healthier than other races anyway from thousands of years of this healthy lifestyle they practice
Angel Of God Above Law (3 months ago)
Remember Asia not only mean China.japan.korea.vietnam.thailand.those region called south east asia. Asia mean South Asia and Middleast which is Arab world and indian subcontinent.
carl blackman (1 year ago)
#3 not since fukushima.
richard3716 (1 year ago)
nice to see these girls, sick to the back teeth of pink haired s j w's and their flabby clammy asses here in the states
SCAR Tha Rebel (1 year ago)
True, True...
Michael Brant (1 year ago)
I spent two weeks in Japan this may, the girls were pretty, well presented and well manered. But the girls in n e china are much prettier,
Ria Rio (1 year ago)
Michael Brant Yes and Malaysian Chinese are even prettier.
dragondescendant1 (1 year ago)
why japan, all those that were mentioned were from China. The fact is Japanese developed a lot of unhealthy food which you do not find in China, MSG was invented by Japanese, excessive sodium is actually harmful to your body, ramen noodles from japan is another bad product, chemically processed. Many Japanese people have tapeworm in their body due to consuming raw fish. It is in Oriental's gene that make us look young anyway, Chinese, Korean, etc, not just japanese.
Tamy Tee (11 months ago)
Tandem Bicycle maybe it's because they ate American foods, and America has a lot of junk
Tandem Bicycle (1 year ago)
I worked as a nurse in a nursing home in Hawaii and I didn’t think the Asians looked any younger than than any other ethnicity. No different...❤️
swimming _cαt (1 year ago)
lol Japanese hater
Kenneth J (1 year ago)
I disagree that they look any " younger " than other population groups! I also think that when doing an analysis of anything it's best to draw a 2 columned table with + and - headings. Japanese goods have many positive attributes and some negative as well.
tommy friedlander (1 year ago)
dragondescendant1 Rugs are “oriental”, people are Asian.
sayasayaQ (1 year ago)
Some are not Japanese stuff. The clothe woman wearing is not kimono. Kimuchi is Korean food. Flaming teppanyaki thing is not traditional. That is the more recent entertainment show especially in foreign countries.
neko aono (1 year ago)
Joe Shmoe (1 year ago)
A very important factor that the video failed to mention was that oriental women tend to have high cheekbones, which prevents sagging due to gravity and age..
9400lilly (1 year ago)
Don't look old?!!!! Everyone looks old when they grow old! Even Japanese women. I agree when they're younger they look younger than westerners due to their petit slim frame and baby faces but when they get old, I prefer westerners. Japanese seem old baby faces which is very strange and baffling.
manga belajar (1 year ago)
i agree with what you said i do prefer korean than japanese, cause when they re still teen or highscooler they look so cute and young but after ther mid 20, they absolutely change like ajhuma, act cute innocence but poor they too old to act like that its so freakin annoying
Ria Rio (1 year ago)
9400lilly they don't look young. They look like they've aged well.
Jb Jb (1 year ago)
Should have pictures of women over 50 years old to support this but good health tips.
charito abellanosa (1 year ago)
they dont look old but most of them are ugly, just like yoko ono sorry john
Maivjyk (1 year ago)
charito abellanosa. The only thing that is ugly is people who use the word and think other people are ugly.
ジェルりん Yes. Japanese women are among the most beautiful women in the world. Why would a person make such a disrespectful comment?
ジェルりん (1 year ago)
Are you beautiful?? Why did you say that? You’re a racist. I’m married to Japanese and my husband mom is very beautiful even though she’s already 81 yrs old she looks young. Japanese women are beautiful and most of them are slim.
dragondescendant1 (1 year ago)
imagine there is no ugly woman.
wtfisditvoorbullshit (1 year ago)
So it has got nothing to do with genetics? I'm 1/8 Japanese (also Indonesian blood Russian and Holland) been living pretty unhealthy, drank a lot, been smoking for almost 20 years and people still think I'm in my early/mid twenties. I'm 30
Tandem Bicycle (1 year ago)
It’ll catch up to you❤️
sarah Ryherd (1 year ago)
wtfisditvoorbullshit Definitely genetics play a roll!
Dareis Nogod (1 year ago)
You are a D-H.
blackpoison Blueberry (1 year ago)
kimchi is from Korea not Japan. you stupid idiot..
Ken Wong (1 year ago)
Japanese actors and actresses are mostly with natural beauty pretty faces, and no plastic surgeries.
XHALE303 (6 days ago)
Dude Trust Me Depends what u mean by actresses, i've read it's quite common in porn Whatever the case, for everything it's a question of time before the abnormal becomes normal, didn't took that long in the west either, before the majority started to adore disgusting fat silicon asses & deformed duck faces …. or a toddler in the white house for that matter
Dude Trust Me (6 days ago)
+XHALE303 Pretty sure that doesn't apply as much to Japanese 'actors' and 'actresses' as Ken stated. Like your stats show, it is only a population metric, not one specified to an industry hinged on plastic surgery. Sure there will be a few celebrities who go against this norm, but it is still culturally frowned upon in Japan, and such news would tarnish a Japanese celebrity's image.
A Mdz (4 months ago)
+XHALE303 I think it's a shame how people want to change their face. How will anyone ever say "Wow you look like your mom or father" the way it's going.
XHALE303 (1 year ago)
Cay: It is with the younger generation, they want their noses more projected and narrower, and double eyelid surgery is the number one procedure in Japan to try to look more caucasian But like it was taboo in the west in the 80s to talk about it, it prob still is in Japan laser skin resurfacing, Botox and fillers, and fat injections are all growing in demand. The trend is quick recovery treatments—no pain, no swelling, no one notices Japan 2016: Eyelid Surgery: 138,990 Rhinoplasty: 38,779 Fat Grafting: 33,404 Liposuction: 22,454 Facelift: 21,077
Cay Tanooka (1 year ago)
No its not. While plastic surgery is popular in Korea, its culturally frowned upon in Japan. I work for TBS (TV company) as a translator and not a single entertainment person has had any kind of surgery for alterations in mainstream media.
Mike Hawk (1 year ago)
i love burgers :(
Mike Hawk (1 year ago)
GAME TEST XXX (1 year ago)
the fuck dude?
hasen195 (1 year ago)
I don't know that Asians don't age. It's just that White women age visibly very quickly. A typical 28 years old white women looks 36
sillysongbird (10 months ago)
Omg! She has good genes
li an (1 year ago)
orangedac my grandma is 61 yet she looks 40 its crazy :/
Thanh Nguyen (1 year ago)
They have to ...I'm 62 they still keep asking my ID ...
Eveline 83 (1 year ago)
Not true. I´m 35 and still get asked all the time ( for the ID) when I buy alcohol for example. Not normal for me because I don´t live in the States :D
Ria Rio (1 year ago)
White women have to work harder to maintain their looks.
Philson (1 year ago)
Some of these are true. But some of the points are just over generalization.
Bud E (1 year ago)
Yeah, I think you forgot reason number one: Genetics. All asian women tend to be smaller, have narrower hips, and an overall smaller body frame. This tends to reduce accumulation of fat in the area of the hips and buttocks, where most women gain weight as they age.
stee vo (1 year ago)
Jasmine Fortune (1 year ago)
Bud E not only that but they eat 6 meals a day but they are small meals and that keeps your metabolism burning
Michael Parker (1 year ago)
If I lived in a culture where healthy, tasty and interesting food was everywhere I'm sure my health would stay better over the years, but unfortunately healthy food here is mostly boring making it harder to eat well.
Sand and Jewels (5 months ago)
no Japanese food is super complex, a variety of tastes and so much work put into pieces of food. I would love to eat a breakfast created from 30 food sources, rice piles that are turned into teddy bears and jelly that look looks like a picture O.O
Donald Pace (1 year ago)
Michael Parker no excuse fat 👦
exzses (1 year ago)
it has a lot do to with genes as well, i look young as hell, don't even get fucking beer lmao im fucking 27 wtf omg srs
Marcel Hermawan (1 year ago)
you watch too much anime
caitlins world (7 months ago)
Actually a lot of this is accurate (of course it also depends on the person)
Steve B053 (1 year ago)
Unfortunately, Japanese (and Korean), and thus, all asian women age, and get old, fat (it's fate), and ugly at the exact same rate & way as every other human female on the planet does. Just they dye their hair, wear make up and clothes in a style & fashion only a 14 year old would wear anyplace else. Do that at a false, societal mindset where they think themselves doing it at a much more higher rate than elsewhere, but turns out it's done at exactly the same rate as any and all over human societies where women are a part of those as well, so if this same mindset were applied to women of other societies, they also do things in an exact same fashion to appear younger, so they think they don't look old, and also pride themselves in much the same way as Japanese women do, but would be old there, too.
Maivjyk (1 year ago)
Robert Fox only people who are ugly are people who use the word. You except people for who they are. You will be judged by God at the end of your life for everything you do, say and think, everyone's life is recorded in Heaven. Get ready judgment is coming. Have you lived for God?
Maivjyk (1 year ago)
*Ria* the proud stan of legendary BTS and nothing can hide your insulting low intelligence by calling people names.
Maivjyk (1 year ago)
Steve B053 the only thing that is ugly is people who use the word. It is an offensive, vulgar and insulting word that should not be used. People with refinement and intelligence do not insult People. People are only a mirror reflection of what you are. Your soul is evil and hateful.
Ria Rio (1 year ago)
Steve B053 wrong. Asians age slower. This is genetics. Jealousy won't change the fact. Also no amount of makeup can hide the chub.
Maivjyk (1 year ago)
Steve B053 the only thing that is ugly is people who use the word. I guess if you could not see like the 39 million blind people in the world that would solve your problem.
John Harvey Gutierrez (1 year ago)
Because they don't eat these crappy McDonald happy meals.
C Y? (1 year ago)
John Harvey Gutierrez - Japanese people *LOVE* McDonalds. And they're favorite food for Christmas is KFC. They have to order 10 weeks in advance to ensure they're get their chicken on Christmas Day. The video is a hoax.
abc z (1 year ago)
This is the exact reason among others. Include no sunbathing or tanning and Western food vs Asian foods. And drugs which the west does a lot to abuse their bodies.
Pugsley Pugs (1 year ago)
not for every day
Ria Rio (1 year ago)
John Harvey Gutierrez a lot of Japanese people eat crazy fast food. They are more healthy looking than average Japanese though but still thin for American standard because Americans have wider bone structure or slower metabolism or maybe both. Simply put. They already have an upper hand biologically.
Hans Schtuk (1 year ago)
They probably go for the McSushi.

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