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If Microsoft Bought Minecraft (oh wait)

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If Microsoft Bought Minecraft What would happen if Microsoft bought Minecraft? Is that a stupid question? Find out next time on ExplodingTNT Thanks for watching! Make sure to leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed and don't want to miss future uploads! Leave your video suggestions in the comments as well and you may be featured in the next one! Actors: creeper321448, Madison_Madison, TristanTWN2018, Hulkenberg, ThisIsJustPie, CookieKing Again, please don't take this video seriously. Microsoft bought Minecraft in 2015 and the game so far has still been great. This video is just for fun :D ►FIND ME: Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExplodingTNT Facebook: http://on.fb.me/X3KYbC ►CREDITS Music: http://www.epidemicsound.com/
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Text Comments (8626)
ExplodingTNT (1 year ago)
Can you imagine if Microsoft bought Minecraft??? I know right? That'll never happen
Lois Foote (18 days ago)
being sarcastic
Brick Fix With Amith (20 days ago)
But they do
Night raptor fury (1 month ago)
It gust dud
Creeper Armor (1 month ago)
-Waits for mental gears to turn- Also, 500th
Kay Wolf (1 month ago)
I know what s WIERD THOUGHT
Texra Gamez (17 hours ago)
666k views .-. does views doe
Renato Basbas (21 hours ago)
The views are 666,406 omg
AsianX (23 hours ago)
666k views lol
Crimson64x (1 day ago)
carlos valle (1 day ago)
Did anyone look at the views on this video?
Daniel Kwok (1 day ago)
Oh my 666K views
dhan josh cardenas (1 day ago)
This video is cursed 666k views?
Elise Nielsen (2 days ago)
If jeb took over minecraft and added toilets!!
Chuckles (2 days ago)
2:53 I'm crying
Chase Lomibao (3 days ago)
The light in the portal is gone
Chase Lomibao (3 days ago)
If Microsoft bought minecraft (oh wait)
YRGAMER YT (3 days ago)
Who realised the comment in the last part is if Microsoft brought Microsoft
Blacky Reaper (4 days ago)
Microsoft ruin minecraft
GamerG (5 days ago)
Why bully dan
Delia Cook (5 days ago)
do If Notch bought Minecraft
Wolfbat 10 (6 days ago)
What is their playing on windows
GreenRoses (6 days ago)
Omg u spell because wrong
x Momo Gaming (6 days ago)
Waitttttttt.... But Microsoft already bought Minecraft PE.... right?
ismacraft gamer (7 days ago)
Microsoft sucks :( minecraft=20+$/€ minecraft Android and Iphone= 6,99 $/€ Minecraft W10 Edition=30+ or 40+ :(
Karla Escobar (7 days ago)
um why microsoft computer
Tactical Smg (8 days ago)
I know this is weird but do if Epic Games bought minecraft
BEST GAMER EVER (8 days ago)
DO:if Google bought Minecraft
Dexcer Enarciso (9 days ago)
If Ubisoft bought minecraft🤣
시현김 (10 days ago)
Whatever you do don’t tell Bill that you play it with a APPLE Device.
Nani Gamer2019 (11 days ago)
I hate bill
Jayden Toedt (12 days ago)
*If microsoft bought minecraft Yeah that wont happen* But it did...
Righteous Turtle (12 days ago)
Microsoft bought minecraft in 2019.............
Royal Creative Channel (12 days ago)
Can I be a actor of this channel?please
Royal Creative Channel (12 days ago)
Please make video on samsung or mi
Royal Creative Channel (12 days ago)
What about samsung or mi
CatMan98789 Gaming (13 days ago)
Bill gates is drunk 🥴
Fabian Fuh (14 days ago)
Umm i think Bill was too drunk LOL
Killing Xbox 360.. Upgrading Windows Vista... YOU should been working on me not xbox 360 :P
@XPS Amiga 95 bc Microsoft and PlayStation had war Xbox 360 vs PlayStation 3 and I was not worked on ... SO I failed how do you think I will past during 2006 Xbox 360 2006 Windows Vista how would you think I will succeed there only one Bill Gates :L that why I deleted Xbox 360 your lucky since windows XP was released AFTER Xbox 1/Xbox
XPS Amiga 95 (9 days ago)
Vista sucks upgrade to 10 your gaming is terrible
Microsoft -WE'RE RICH mojang - *then buy minecraft* Microsoft - *buys* Mojang - *oof*
Vivianne Hulshoff (1 day ago)
*Turns on Windows vista* Oof Windows vista logo?
kinda sad Mojang can only use either Internet Explorer and Bing
Seryoulsy dont take it seryously?
MobileGamerXYZ (14 days ago)
I think Jeb thought of the wrong windows
Z Cyro (15 days ago)
I literally had a minecraft ad for an ad on this vid
FreezyZ (15 days ago)
8:28 someone broke the diamond block
real four (15 days ago)
Why didnt jeb say Dinnerbones name
Creeper Enderman (16 days ago)
Pink Guy makes clock sounds
Creeper Enderman (16 days ago)
If Minecraft Forge is Updated to 1.13 (.1 and 2 and 1.14 (.1, 2, 3, and 4 and If All.Mods are Updated to 1.13 and 1.14
Prince Shroom (17 days ago)
Hey TNT did you know that Notch left the company when Microsoft bought Minecraft?
Slamacat4 Colanggo (17 days ago)
You know what Dont do drugs kids
King of Cold (17 days ago)
If you play KoGaMa
Athar Arhaburrizqy (18 days ago)
Microsoft had a computer or a laptop but it's earrape
Facepalmer Chaos (18 days ago)
Why does it say oh wait
Bowser Jr (18 days ago)
Happy tree friends in minecraft.... just something random ;-;
Plasma_ Gaminplaz (18 days ago)
1:30 me when I was like 5 years old but with out out the screaming also I don’t think Microsoft is that rich
If you can make whatever you want in minecraft
Imrglop (19 days ago)
If you could walk in minecraft (oh wait)
MalGames PL (19 days ago)
Microsoft boutht Minecraft this is real!
Well TOO BAD IT DID HAPPEN Wait how did Explodingtnt knows about this??!!
Brick Fix With Amith (20 days ago)
MC is is already owned by Micosoft
Dirk Henning (20 days ago)
he said that in the start of the video lol.
Microcraft xD im dead
Mayur Krishna (21 days ago)
Iiiii nneeeeeddddd nnnnnooooooootttttccccccchhhhhh plllllsssss
MineBlox Play'z (21 days ago)
If Roblox Bought Minecraft
MineBlox Play'z (18 days ago)
@lutherkingxc xc yes?
lutherkingxc xc (18 days ago)
Lil CreeperOFFICIAL (21 days ago)
NOOBY PUPPY (22 days ago)
My Pita a windows gaming laptop
Edita Dargyte (22 days ago)
0:48 he eats the glass
Matt Mace (22 days ago)
No I don’t know what to do with you because I know you have a good game play it for a good game play it for a good game play it for a good game play it for a good game play it for a good game
Matt Mace (22 days ago)
Minecraft is bought by Microsoft?
Feras Alaa (23 days ago)
There's fire!!!!!!! 7:01
Microsoft laptops and computers?
Danny Eaton (25 days ago)
did you forget about the windows 10 edition?
1:18 dont try this at home
Thomas Morrell (27 days ago)
Donald Nguyen (29 days ago)
Naomi Z (29 days ago)
kiwi laybourn (29 days ago)
8:32 y u bully me?
Ethan Paul (1 month ago)
10000000000000000000K TNT VS NOTCH
Sadaf Ismail (1 month ago)
Endterman po kill the villger and TNT and Noob and herobine
CuteGurl (1 month ago)
If apple bought minecraft?..
Kevin Sanj (1 month ago)
I am not a hater but this video wasn't the best but I am still a huge fan :-)
lemon (1 month ago)
0:47 not in my Christian minecraft server
Chronik101 (1 month ago)
I took nothing in this video seriously not even the warning get on my level
KeliwitzgiHD (1 month ago)
If Samsung bouth Minecraft
balqees barakat (1 month ago)
ummm u know this story is real raght? beacuz its real
rogi remag (1 month ago)
Uh minecraft from microsoft is not only in windonws and xbox
Please do If MINECRAFT Bought Microsoft. I really enjoy your videos and i wish there was a Pink Sheep Sister, Red Sheep.
Ken Soriano (1 month ago)
if microsoft bouthc minecraft will minecraft will be free yo download
X PRO (1 month ago)
If Android bought Minecraft
Samantha Naomi Go (1 month ago)
Can u do if villagers had hair or why girl villagers don't exist pls , if not oh well
GUINEA PIG ARMY (1 month ago)
If huawei bought minecraft
GirlyBear 101 (1 month ago)
iT HaS also I’m telling exploding tnt pinned
Pyscho Boy (1 month ago)
I saw a Nether Portal
nayla Kandia (1 month ago)
tnt is that really notch who in every video or just your friend in skin of notch
Pepsi Man (1 month ago)
0:48 eats beer And this is why we are going to evolve very soon
Hawzhin Ahmed (1 month ago)
if samsung bought minecraft
James Gaming Studios (1 month ago)
If minecraft only in Xbox... ROBLOX IS NOW POPULAR! ROBLOX IS THE ONE!
markgaming (1 month ago)
7:02 pause and witness the end of ten world in the background goodbye minecraft
Microsoft did buy minecraft dude
The ink demon (1 month ago)
Not that kind of Windows the pc Windows I'm surprised it actually worked
Muamal Hani (1 month ago)
i have xbox 1s😎😎
NastyBeetle 47 (1 month ago)
I will never Unsee that
Arne Struyven (1 month ago)
If Apple made Cars would they still have Windows?
Mohammed Malallah (14 days ago)
The Dovanator (1 month ago)
Lol I play on xbox 😅

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