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hickey prank on boyfriend *he started to cry

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awww a wittle prank dont hurt nobody...actually today it did :__( anyways here it is for all of you asking me to prank him muahahah comment more prank ideas! like and subscribe it would mean the worlllddddd
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Samara Cunningham (8 hours ago)
Why is her shoes on the bed wtf
Maks (1 day ago)
Is it true they broke up because he cheated ? If it is...it's ironic...you shouldn't do this kind of prank when you want a healthy relathionship and especially if you're like dating for 2 seconds
😏😏😏😏😏 Wate the fuck 😉😉😉
Which car is that?
omar shoman (3 days ago)
He was so happy when he realized it was fake lmao
Raine (4 days ago)
I like to prank my boyfriend every now and then..but I don’t have the heart to prank him like that❤️
a girl with luv (4 days ago)
Cath Villafuerte (4 days ago)
Nice prank hahahah...btw it's my first time to watch your video
Rayanna Tejada (4 days ago)
“You have twenty seconds to explain or get out of my house” 😂
Rayanna Tejada (4 days ago)
That’s a good boyfriend
That one guy (4 days ago)
Ok this prank was pretty messed up but honestly who wears shoes in bed?
Taylor Harney (4 days ago)
Aww it made me sad when he said "why are you leaving" 😢 See this vid is a good example of a good boyfriend that loves you so much!
Mady Knepper (4 days ago)
If I ever did this I would not be able to hide it because I have really short hair for girl hahahah
amal l (4 days ago)
I’m crying he’s cute
AW Evolution (4 days ago)
so subscribe to my channe i will subs to your channel
Eneeion (5 days ago)
Why do people do this stupid shit? Do you not take your relationship seriously to pull such a horrible 'prank'?
I Purple You (5 days ago)
The poooor guy!! Girl you act tooo well for all y'all wellbeing
Lil_Kitty (5 days ago)
Oml what happend to jake
Her:do you still love me him:no Her:yeah you do Him:yeah I do
Søuthside ; (7 days ago)
czarina castaneda (8 days ago)
poor thing omg🥺💀you better marry him
czarina castaneda they split up
drink some water mark (8 days ago)
She's wearing shoes on bed?? Wtf
Tele Pups (6 days ago)
Your pfp is everything
Harry Hemmings (9 days ago)
Gurl marry him
Harry Hemmings (7 days ago)
@Aesthetic Or something Like that oh shit sorry
Harry Hemmings they Split up
Putr Kosh (10 days ago)
Nah bro, don't love someone too much, you're gonna become her doormat
kaydence wolfe (11 days ago)
poor guy
Stelle Joy (11 days ago)
Awwn😣i love my boyfriend sooo much that i would never EVER do that to him😩😔❤️i love him so much..
Serena (12 days ago)
can someone tell me if they’re still together after a year 😂🥴
EXO are humans too (12 days ago)
They broke up
Whitney Blockman (12 days ago)
Ines Gocha Movies (14 days ago)
Hes so cute 🥰 please marry him
Mey Ly (14 days ago)
Please don’t ever ever lose him
Ern (9 days ago)
Mey Ly he cheated
Mey Ly (10 days ago)
Ern why
Ern (10 days ago)
Mey Ly they broke up
zii (15 days ago)
can I just say that he's a keeper
zii (10 days ago)
@Ern oh sad i just saw this channel a few days ago
Ern (10 days ago)
zii they broke up
Nadia Grieve (15 days ago)
2019 I’m still here
idk anymore bois (17 days ago)
i need a boyfriend like this 😭‼️
Samantha Gil (17 days ago)
I love how he stormed out of his own room
Hadiqa Khalique (18 days ago)
His voice cracks and my heart melted like snow 3:47 I felt soo bad for him.....He is the real man don't ever leave him❤️😢
Safia Zad (19 days ago)
DAMN girl , guys in my country don't cry even if you die ! You're so lucky !
That’s how you know you have a good boyfriend
Code Zero (20 days ago)
Code Zero like on years ago apparently he cheated
Code Zero (7 days ago)
@Aesthetic Or something Like that omg when!!??
Code Zero they Split up
Proud Hufflepuff (20 days ago)
3:43 omg he started to cry I felt bad but it shows how much he cares ☺️
thegirlthatlovesushi (20 days ago)
Owww he was like "hey, are you smiling?"
Minjaaa (21 days ago)
Eww I'm always grossed out how people in the USA and some other countries wear shoes inside xd in Finland no way never gonna happen xd we can't even wear shoes to our classes in school. BUT anyway great vid I feel so bad for him! ❤
Jay-B (14 days ago)
I’m from the US and I don’t like wearing shoes inside either especially on the bed 😖 I don’t t even like wearing socks to bed.
Minjaaa (15 days ago)
@Caee’s Wrld obviously not. If u do, u have to clean more. And just think about that dog poop u stepped on outside and then you're walking to your bedroom spreading all that bacteria. And obviosly the more u wear your shoes, the more your feet start to stink and yea it must be uncomfortable. We aren't cavemen even thought we live in Finland. We care about basic things and we are not living in the 1800s. We are civilized.
Caee’s Wrld (15 days ago)
Minjaaa you don’t wear shoes inside💀
kooki's girl (21 days ago)
The most thing made me mad that she's on bed with shoes
Rori Harumi (22 days ago)
He broke my heart..he's such a sweetheart
Velvet Book (22 days ago)
Fergy J (22 days ago)
Girl- NEVER LOSE HIM he’s soo good to u istg 😭😭
Fergy J (22 days ago)
Cheyenne Dawn OOP- 💀💀
Cheyenne Dawn (22 days ago)
Fergy J they aren’t together anymore💀
Bat Man (23 days ago)
Man, YouTubers are shitty people.
shalini Joseph (23 days ago)
*3.50 his voice melted me😢😢😢*
Aatreyee Bhattacharya (24 days ago)
They are not together anymore:(
Aatreyee Bhattacharya (24 days ago)
Yeah... :( אביה מ
אביה מ (24 days ago)
Aatreyee Bhattacharya really??????😭😭
Ayari Amel (25 days ago)
hey you are so lucky to have him in your life 🌹
Mavela ❤️💙 (25 days ago)
I love your pranks but this prank is to sad but I still love your pranks ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕
nadzirah muhsin (25 days ago)
3:44 im never had a boyfriend or crush uet but thats hurt to hear. He is breaking inside he trusted u. This kind of prank need to stop honestly its awful to play someone 's feeling
Abigail Ledesma (26 days ago)
When his voice started to crack up at 3:49 I lost it he really cared about her and for him to tell her you have 20 seconds to explain to me what happened I won't touch you showed how much he cared of her and how much of a man he was
Athena Donahue (26 days ago)
tianna stewart (26 days ago)
Did he just say I don't want you then says nth after if he said that I would storm out
tianna stewart (26 days ago)
These concerned boyfriend's now a days lol smh
tianna stewart (26 days ago)
Juckt Kein (27 days ago)
Meiner hätte mich zum weinen gebracht 😂😂
Oliviaplayz2007 ;3 (27 days ago)
Awh.... Marry this man's right now. -w-
Kat F (27 days ago)
That poor boy, why would you play him like that ☹️
Parthav Shah (28 days ago)
These kids don't know how to act
-xo xo- (28 days ago)
This was not funny😢
-xo xo- (28 days ago)
I screamed throughout
AeStHeTiC UnIcOrN (29 days ago)
I'm crying 😭
Baekhyun Byun (29 days ago)
Some boyfriends literally won't let you explain your side but this man ugh my heart melt when started to demand for explanation stan him
Nicole M (29 days ago)
He's a keeper.
Brain Noodle (29 days ago)
No one gonna talk about how horrible this is to do to someone?
Gwynn Lamb (1 month ago)
What the hell is a hickey
Lee Chan (1 month ago)
Him: leave my fucking house No one: Still no one: Someone calls him at the wrong time:
Lee Chan (1 month ago)
Damn, that was like straight silence
Sharmane W (1 month ago)
When he cries my heart breaks
Amber Anderson (1 month ago)
Awe poor thing ❤
Bryan Lopez (1 month ago)
I would never date a girl who would post my emotions like that on YouTube.
Imani Jai (1 month ago)
okay prank aside why was her shoes in the bed ?!? 🤦🏾‍♀️
StarCity 101 (27 days ago)
Imani Jai ikr these Americans 😒
Tashanna Foster (1 month ago)
Nobody’s going to talk about the fact that she’s wearing shoes on his bed 🙄
loading. (1 month ago)
Jake reminds me of Corey Scherer.
ZebraSnot (1 month ago)
3:46 is when it gets good
Kristlyn Ariana (1 month ago)
Wish I had something like that awww😭
Eylül Şayan (1 month ago)
omg that’s sooooo cutee
Brendon Urimagines (1 month ago)
I was so ticked off at the fact she had shoes on the bed. My mom would’ve smacked me....
tokyo subliminals (1 month ago)
Alexa play wrong by luh kel
MrsJeon 08 (1 month ago)
Poor dude 😂😂😂
I Don't Know Elisa (1 month ago)
Never lose him ever he got so upset awww
Shelby Hockett (1 month ago)
I miss you guys being a couple:( I know I dont know what your relationship was like off camera but I just watched this video again for the first time in a while and miss how cute you two were together. I'm glad you guys both seem to be happy now though! -but you two will always be one of the cutest couples to me agh hahaha
s a d t h o u g t s (1 month ago)
*”hes a keeper”*
CRINGY DRAKE (1 month ago)
White people stay slamming doors 😂
Mystery Hunny (1 month ago)
he finna get slapped respect a woman (I’m not a feminist) Edit: wait nvm I fell bad for him when he started crying 😢
Angela Shrum (1 month ago)
That's distasteful AF. I'm sorry. I couldn't do that to the man I love and respect, even as a joke. 🤷
MAHA AL-KAZEMI (1 month ago)
Emily the unicorn (1 month ago)
My heart 😔
James Bagwell (1 month ago)
If he's crying, he must be *WEAK*
elio e (1 month ago)
my heart was literally breaking even tho it's just a prank
Monica Limberg (1 month ago)
Wow, pretty defensive guy.
nwd alam (1 month ago)
u guys are so cute im crying
Kanoe Derouin (1 month ago)
She is so pretty
jj.93 (1 month ago)
Dalya Alayadh (1 month ago)
Marry him
Amelia Hopkins (1 month ago)
and I oop-
Solitude AJ (1 month ago)
Is no one going to comment on how shitty this is to actually do to anyone?
Mamoonwolf (1 month ago)
OKG 03:52 I thought he was crying😭😭🤣😘❤️
pelin. (1 month ago)
is there anyone who knows the reason why they broke up? did he really cheat on her

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