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hickey prank on boyfriend *he started to cry

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awww a wittle prank dont hurt nobody...actually today it did :__( anyways here it is for all of you asking me to prank him muahahah comment more prank ideas! like and subscribe it would mean the worlllddddd
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Jäger Best (1 day ago)
These hoes be cappin
Lun Simte (2 days ago)
This is so sweet and cute 😭😭😭😭😭💘
Lun Simte (2 days ago)
Need me this bf😭💔😁
Finn Mazlan (2 days ago)
Noooooo it breaks me when a man cry, sorry to say
MalloryDae (3 days ago)
She should've ended it by saying, "Stop cussing, you're gonna get demonitized." 😂
Beverly Gatus (4 days ago)
Namjesus Holywater (4 days ago)
I’m not triggered by the prank just with the shoes on the bed
lena monae (6 days ago)
awww girl he really loves you 😭😭💖
Pretty Tia (7 days ago)
She looks like Paris Jackson
Perri Cartwright (7 days ago)
This makes me want a bf like him. But you can never find someone who genuinely cares about you anymore 🥺🥺🥺
BT007 vlogs (8 days ago)
Good man
Ali Hick (8 days ago)
You know you have them good when they cry over you...dont let that one go xx
Daisy Ludlam (8 days ago)
get the fxck out of my house 10 SECS LATER WhY ARe yoU LeAViNG?
zoe g (9 days ago)
Dragonball Super (9 days ago)
His room is big but real ugly
Dragonball Super (9 days ago)
He almost left her she would have been so lonely
Day Day (9 days ago)
Ha! My girlfriend did this one to me too! But she messed up because she forgot to reveal it was a prank.
Jess (10 days ago)
Awe he’s so precious
Callie Messer (10 days ago)
My heart 😭😭😭
Sinariouss S (10 days ago)
Girl he loves you so much dont do that. That fucking mean
Uchechi (10 days ago)
as soon as I heard " step two is to go in for the impact" in a word accent, I subscribed
Yes (10 days ago)
Awee when he started to cry... 😢😢😔
Samantha Starr (10 days ago)
That's so cruel. You're stupid!
Yhana Jayzee (10 days ago)
OMG!!! This is true love! Gahhhh!!! This is so cute!
downtown boi (11 days ago)
I just can't even watch a video without being focus on her wearing shoes in bed
inky boo #loryn (11 days ago)
"Why are you leaving" ,_, heart slowly be cracking
Chanel Young (11 days ago)
Please never prank him again
Light Lorraine (11 days ago)
Aww I would never do this to Hubby
Light Lorraine (11 days ago)
@hikagaming91 I’ve only ever had Your hickeys 🥰🤤
Yes No (11 days ago)
Her hairs straight and she goes “I dont know I was curling my ha-“ and then she stopped cuz she realized her hair isn’t curled
NoRaisinsPlease (11 days ago)
Idk what is more disturbing how messy is the room or that she's with her shoes on the bed
Denxi Fenn (12 days ago)
my heart was beating DAMN FAST the WHOLE time
Joe Brooke (12 days ago)
3:53 okay I laughed so hard as soon as he started to cry 😂 sorry
Jules Holmes (12 days ago)
v a n e s s a 🍯💛 (12 days ago)
Him: I don’t want u... Her: yes u dOO
Maxima (12 days ago)
That is so mean
jacob william (13 days ago)
And now they have trust issues and will soon break up my prediction.
kaylor Gemxxdtuy (13 days ago)
They broke up way back
Mah gawd My boyfriend would cry too cuz I basically act like the bad girl while he's the sensitive and concerned one 😞
Heart Chico (13 days ago)
2:36 she legit looks like Cara Delivgne (I don't care I spell her last name wrong) from the side
yocelyn camacho (14 days ago)
get your fucking shoes off the bed
Annabelle Rose (14 days ago)
"I amin the bathroom" :0
Shay M (15 days ago)
but... h o w does someone sit on their bed with their shoes on?!
IGotARMY TaeJin (15 days ago)
I wouldn’t be able to do this to my bf because he doesn’t even know what a hickey is 😂 Even if i’ve explained it to him many times
Lakshmi Kimmu (16 days ago)
Gal, HONESTLY, Never lose this Man. He's the Best ever!!!
The way he slammed the door.
Edwine .k (17 days ago)
Him:get the fuck out of my house Her: ok I’m gonna go Him: why r u leaving That’s so cute that he didn’t rly mean it
I love English (18 days ago)
Awwwww that's so cute😍
He was getting really mad
Ayleen13 (18 days ago)
He's such a great boyfriend he really loves you I mean he almost cry
Thats so cuteeeeee
byVentrex (19 days ago)
Wow she's so pretty
Sinister.Natalie (19 days ago)
She doesn't need him if she's doing this. He's too sweet for her
Tyler Geertsma (19 days ago)
Bruh how the fuck you able to do a guy like this
Happy Birthday (19 days ago)
Never do such pranks to your guy , because if he truly loves you he won't tolerate this bullshit , whether it's a joke or anything ... It's heartbreaking ::( that guy deserves someone better ...
Olivia Larrison (19 days ago)
this isn’t funny. he was so upset:(
Silalahi Hylda (19 days ago)
What annoys me in the entire video? THOSE FUCKIN SHOES ON BED!
Nas Rin (19 days ago)
ur boyfriend loves u sooo much aww
Michael Repia (20 days ago)
He is such a good bf
i vdub (20 days ago)
Gun Shot..
My World (20 days ago)
I got so scared for a sec
nina (21 days ago)
this was messed up to do to someone who loves you. i feel so bad.
Wdw Awesome (21 days ago)
He’s so sweet and respectful
KURWA KURWA (21 days ago)
Damn what a pussy he just started crying because his girlfriend cheated on him phhhhh
Widya Lieberher (22 days ago)
they broke up already and she got a new one oww i miss em
Widya Lieberher (22 days ago)
the way he started crying woooo🤧
Loulwa Mazboudi (22 days ago)
You look like haley baldwin
Antonio Rodriguez (22 days ago)
This is not a good prank lol
Danae Jordana (22 days ago)
you can hear how hurt he was when he said “why are you leaving?”
Bere Dj (22 days ago)
Am I the only one triggered by the fact that they put their shoes on the bed
kaylee rein (22 days ago)
this this this hurt man.
Yuwani Perera (22 days ago)
I feel so bad for him but then again I'm laughing ass off
Galini Nousou (22 days ago)
Thats so fucking cuuute
Kajczu (22 days ago)
Hahahaha so funny i shitted my pants omg funny XDDDDDDD
Akmal 'Arif (23 days ago)
3:46 his voice begin to shaking
Rachel Berry (23 days ago)
Bro the first thing I would do is yell “ MOM” and they would be in deep crap
Vaiva Marija (23 days ago)
The one and only question: why tf she’s with her shoes on? On his bed. That’s like major wtf.
i hate carrots (23 days ago)
You're a horrible girlfriend he deserves better.
dunce lad (23 days ago)
I agree
Grace Here (23 days ago)
she is so bad😂i kinda like it😜
blep blep cat (23 days ago)
this really ruined my mood
Niony (24 days ago)
This is fucking cute
Brittany Dalton (24 days ago)
That's a keeper right there amazing man
Mobile Legends 2 (24 days ago)
Kayla Djeje (24 days ago)
The fact she was leaving and wouldn't explain is why he got emotional because you'd assume the worst which is already bad
Izzy Narnia (24 days ago)
3:44 okay be honest! Did that break your heart
AasTha Agnihotri (24 days ago)
You both guys are so cute ...love from India
AliciaTheIconic Kid (25 days ago)
The whole time I was like “GET THE SHOES OF THE BED “
Rose Thompson (25 days ago)
Of all the hickey prank, this is the best i think 😆😂 the door was totally damaged 😂😂 and his reactions, wow!! Amazing,
Lissette Minchala (25 days ago)
Playyourlovee (25 days ago)
FarrahSugarSparkle (25 days ago)
Me: *has shoes on bed* Mum: I swear if you don't get your nasty ass feet of that danm bed you will not see the light of day *throws book* Me: okay mum, I'm sorry mum *quickly take shoes of bed*
FarrahSugarSparkle (25 days ago)
DANM he's a keeper honestly I would do that 20 second shit I would even let them explain I would just be like get the fuck outta my house
Gina Nendza (25 days ago)
i almost cried when he started crying ....idk i was in the moment XD
madelyn sullivan (25 days ago)
How to ruin a relationship 101
axela crane (26 days ago)
ahhh you lucky bitchh all the girls in here are in love w your boyfriend nowww you have the best boyfriend ever!!!
KH (26 days ago)
He’s about to cry ommgg he’s really really love her 😭😭😭I’m jealous 💔💔💔
Zicomi Kroski (26 days ago)
why do white people wear shoes on bed tho
Abbygail Samson (27 days ago)
I want a boyfriend like that!! Don't leave him gurl!!!
fumblyfingers (27 days ago)
God. This had been coming on my recommendations so many times. Ugh😂
Angelica Biamonte (27 days ago)
리아나 (28 days ago)
My hearrtttt ,😭😭😭😭😍
LexiGloria (28 days ago)
Poor thing 😪

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