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Girl Motorcycle Stunts 2018 | Awesome People

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Insane girl with amazing motorbike skills Credits to: https://www.instagram.com/smashstunts/ https://www.youtube.com/smashstunts FOLLOW NCCRULLEX!!! FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/NcCrullex TWITTER: https://twitter.com/NcCrullex GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+NcCrulleX 🔴No copyright infringement intended. Video will be removed if requested by the copyright owner.
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Text Comments (510)
NcCrullex (1 year ago)
I will upload another video in 2 days when this video gets 100 LIKES!! THANKS FOR WATCHING!
Matt Simcoe (1 day ago)
Leo Luzzi X,
Matt Simcoe (1 day ago)
Max Sand
Matt Simcoe (1 day ago)
Rofai Da
Matt Simcoe (1 day ago)
F10HD a
Sergio Mila (2 days ago)
Dennis Farley (4 hours ago)
Cunning stunts:-)
Doug Moran (6 hours ago)
Wow crazy lady Rocks Bigly, but is it worth dying for or becoming permanently paraplegic? Personally I think not. Pretty to watch though. Just don’t want to see her crash. She’s an awesome little lady but wouldn’t look or feel as awesome in a wheelchair. I know because I’m there. She’s too dependent on that rear fender, stopping her from over wheeling & crashing. That’s not talent, it’s stupidity.
mr. skydog (6 hours ago)
She friggin awesome!!!!!
Avdesh Kumar (6 hours ago)
Nice video
Turtur Felix Jr. (11 hours ago)
Hi good day Sir, i'm TURTUR FELIX JR. Can you help me find more subscribers sir😊, please help me sir shout out my youtube channel on your shows sir 😊thank you somuch sir. 😊
Dan Thompson (11 hours ago)
Bad ass
hAmpel Mann (11 hours ago)
Can anyone tell me the name of that song? <3
Melonie Stewart (19 hours ago)
Big up from Jamaica
StudioBrule (19 hours ago)
I came for the ass. Disappointed
eight_twelve 8_12 (1 day ago)
Ronaldo Elias (1 day ago)
Pure scrap!!!
Nossa que top esse vídeo UAU meu nome é Edimar de oliveira gavioli!!!!! pôde crê!!!!!que Nina feraaaa!!!! O imail e da minha mãe kk!!!!
Harry Lime (2 days ago)
Many people can do donuts in the dirt and wheelies. The reason this video is making the person that put it on YouTube some money is because, this girl is a fool..People writing nice things about the average skills she has are doing her a disservice by encouraging her to risk injury again.. Yes she can do donuts, yes she can do wheelies, which is unusual for a girl to be able to do. But she needs to develop her common sense as well as her skills. In this case, common sense is not too common.. that’s why it has all the views, because she is risking so much more by not wearing basic protection, not because of the not so unusual stunts. There are probably so many videos of people doing the same stunts and better on YouTube,You probably couldn’t watch everyone of them in a month...
Sonu Kumar (2 days ago)
, xxx teen patti
Enjoy the Moment (2 days ago)
C'mon y'all, we gotta give up for these gals, let's give them props! 👍
Sergio Mila (2 days ago)
Sergio Mila (2 days ago)
Sergio Mila (2 days ago)
Raman Teji (3 days ago)
O hello moto tenu ptaaa e aa k tu trusty nhii aa thik aa pls stop and be happy mai tenu kuj ni kehna chahuda hor
Md Zarani (3 days ago)
O. Mrtnz (3 days ago)
Still searching for the thong, i think i missed it.😥 Baited again, dagnabit!
3XU (3 days ago)
Kkk 0:59 kkkkk bem feito
3XU (3 days ago)
Kkkk 0:57 bem feito kkkk
Spanish Media 502 (3 days ago)
She badass
furis zburis (3 days ago)
πολη καλη
furis zburis (3 days ago)
μασ ξεφτηλησε
Barrada Sales (4 days ago)
Brandon Cash (4 days ago)
I bet she a beast on that dick damn she crazy
raid yb (4 days ago)
Reid Millam (4 days ago)
I want one
Emerito Canelo villa (4 days ago)
Супер .однако нужно себя сберегать .😎😚
I think i’m love! She makes me feel like I got some top secret hoe in my heart , I was a amazed and nervous at the same time! I love this chic!
Stormy Voyage (4 days ago)
Designers will need to rethink if these bikes really need the front wheel or not!!😂
Shalu Upadhyay (5 days ago)
Leonel Delgado (5 days ago)
Uyyyyuuuuyyyy cómo pa darle por el culo
Saulo Salmo (5 days ago)
Linda anda de mais show
Joe Kriegler (5 days ago)
Who ever gave a thumbs down are just haters. This is freaking awesome riding. Will you teach me? #WWG1WGA
READ MORE (3 days ago)
Joe Kriegler they put thumbs down because people die doing this shit stupid
LoCoHuMiLdEyReAl (5 days ago)
MACE MICHAELS (5 days ago)
Not one stoppie was seen on this day
hannah butters (5 days ago)
who is this girl ??
شدوس هسه
Fabio Vilela (6 days ago)
rico não tem o que fazer dai vai queima rodinhakkk
Red Top (6 days ago)
Tough as nails she is not afraid to take the knocks either
h m (6 days ago)
if Iam going die i want it to be for something like ripe old age or protecting someone i love...i dont want my tombstone to say here lays a fucking idiot that died 20 cars ran over him on the express way doing a stunt...but he was good tho👍👍👍👍
Aco Stojanovski (6 days ago)
Ремня бы этой давке от 5 до потылица чтобы чесала репу свою дурную
ryan collins (6 days ago)
crazy as hell and fine as f my type peoples keep riding
PIJAT URUT (6 days ago)
oh yes😍😍😍
Valderblan Creontes (6 days ago)
Melhores manobras https://youtu.be/EKp1s9_P5N4
Candice Kreidel (7 days ago)
Keep it up
Mohamed Jalloh (7 days ago)
i like this skill of riding
HYDRA BR (1 day ago)
Mohamed Jalloh bi
ralph cox (7 days ago)
You go girl you're a bad ass on a bike
Noman Khan (7 days ago)
Der kha
Salah Mohammed (7 days ago)
satish kumar (7 days ago)
She can ride me anytime
Девчёнка вообщем молодчина ! Не любой мужчина этак сумеет )))
Gabriel Ragon (4 days ago)
Александр Кирин c'est pour le moment il fait beau mais il est possible pour vous informer que j'ai fait
Flat earth Revelation (7 days ago)
Jamey Zell (7 days ago)
Kind of a 3 trick pony... Same stuff over and over. I began timeline jumping to get through it...
seven (7 days ago)
John Doe (8 days ago)
V-tech power (8 days ago)
Have fun❣ 🏍🏍🏍 but ride safe always.!
Shaik Reddybasha (8 days ago)
Super Wandering
jithin jose (8 days ago)
just give the good appreciation of their parents
AyPapi69 (8 days ago)
Mad skills! I think I'm in love! At 7:18, what model Harley is that?
Ray Smith (6 days ago)
I think she was on a 830 iron Harley
Industrial Plays (8 days ago)
Missy missy pink shoes is an absolute savage
Chris M (8 days ago)
Cool vid. However I would have clicked with out the bait.
otis murphy II (8 days ago)
I want to marry her and we can have little gear heads!
Sebastiao6e Carlos (8 days ago)
Sebastiao herói boa noite a todos vocês eita que mulheres para sigaranti nota dez vocês São fera nas motocicletas um verdadeiro luxo parabéns pela coragem e controle chow que Deus proteja atodos ok mil felicidade de coração amem
Derek Samson (8 days ago)
I love womans who aint afraid to ride and live full throttle. Keep on Spinning them tires and lite those fires ladies xo Much love from Ott- 613 🇨🇦
JAVY G (8 days ago)
I’m not a man🤣
joejoe1738 (9 days ago)
Does anyone know who she is?
repon Mohammad (9 days ago)
How can,,,,,,,, ?
S. T. (9 days ago)
Thought only us biker guys had low I.Q s.
Роман Баев (9 days ago)
Как бы ты не ездил однако защиту облекать необходимо. Смотрел с экстазом.
Marzan (9 days ago)
capitalD D (9 days ago)
Put on some leathers, your skin will thank you..
Prestige Parts (8 days ago)
capitalD D my penis won't!
Ok already she can pull a wheelie and go in circles, bla , bla , bla.
Руслан 12345 (10 days ago)
После первой минутки это Моника????
Bastien Du 60 (10 days ago)
It s amazing .....👍
KREO CAPRICE (10 days ago)
Ashlel Lammela aka Smash stunts
Kt9 Martin (10 days ago)
U will see someone wearing huge jackets to ride a bike... these top class LADIES they don't need shit
Kt9 Martin (10 days ago)
Eish these LADIES are top class
Suvo Jyoti (11 days ago)
Yaa osam video
Jeff Rogge (11 days ago)
It's all good until a tire goes pop.
Try Particpating (19 days ago)
What a different breed of girls or weomen. Wow! I guess no one has to convince them of new sex acts,
Polyrytmi (20 days ago)
balls bigger then mine
Linh Dinh (22 days ago)
What her name?
Ishmael Dixon (23 days ago)
Kamp c Chansy (26 days ago)
Serge .L (1 month ago)
Can she make a samich tho?
she is awesome, she's unbelievable. But by my humble opinion Sarah Lezito is one step above.
оЛЬГА фИЛ (1 month ago)
Тёлочки --- СУПЕР !!!!
Siska Marina (1 month ago)
So cool,,,,mrs
Rajundarparsad K (1 month ago)
What a stunt baby ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmma,,............. 🤙🖕💋
Thibaut Maquet (1 month ago)
Awesome; special mention to Ashley Lammela :-] What is the title of this great song ?
Pedro Guillen (5 days ago)
nada emeese
Salim Khan (1 month ago)
Beast and beauti
Jen Beasley (1 month ago)
Jen Beasley (1 month ago)

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