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TOP 10 PLACES TO SHOP ONLINE 2018 | Cute Clothes for Cheap

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HEY GUYS! Today I'm sharing with you my TOP 10 PLACES TO SHOP ONLINE for 2018! ENTER MY $500 GIVEAWAY on Dote: https://dote.app.link/dShb2tOP5K Today's video is all about my top 10 places to shop online, and how to buy cute clothes for cheap online! These are my top stores to shop online and where I like to find affordable clothing! 5 of these stores are the best places to shop online for affordable and inexpensive clothes and the other 5 are on the more pricier side! I hope you find this helpful!! S O C I A L + instagram ‣ http://instagram.com/chloecori + snapchat ‣ https://www.snapchat.com/add/itschloecori + twitter ‣ https://twitter.com/ChloeCoriolan My DOTE profile: https://dote.app.link/R0et4RvyaK Use code "Chloe" for $5 off! G E A R + Cameras ‣ Canon Rebel EOS 80D & Canon G7X + Lens ‣ Sigma 30mm + Editing Software ‣ Final Cut Pro X BUSINESS INQUIRIES + [email protected] TO REACH ME PERSONALLY + DM me on Instagram + [email protected] This video is not sponsored.
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Priya Shah (27 days ago)
💑💑💑Thank You, for upload this video for me to see this video is a very good video that is the Best Video Top 10 places to shop online. Cheapest online shopping site SALWARTALES in India. Best guidance in this video to buy cheapest online shopping site. SALWARTALES shopping site gives up to 50% off on this site. Thank you so much, sir. Thanks for sharing with us. 💑💑💑
tunisia rush (2 months ago)
omg im just hearing about boohoo and it is amazing!!!!! im gonna be shopping there every week they also have some good christmas stuff
Taylor Blue (2 months ago)
https://taylorbluelove.mysupadupa.com check out our store for good quality clothing, prices and oh yea our little secret free shipping :). Follow us on instagram taylor_blu3 or #taylorbluelove. "Cali girls have more fun" :) https://taylorbluelove.mysupadupa.com
Anita Marr (2 months ago)
do you ever shop at catwalk connection?
bella _301 (3 months ago)
can someone tell me is shipping takes long on any of these stores?
WizardoV (4 months ago)
Monica Hall (5 months ago)
I find fashion nova such cheap quality.Its sucks being canadian because everything costs so much more!
Tina Delgado (5 months ago)
I hear that fashion nova is an excellent place to shop on line. tfs
jayanta bhattacharya (6 months ago)
Does all these apps can be installed in android phone
Genevadenise Johnson (6 months ago)
I like F21, but there customer service is terrible, so I moved on to other sites you mentioned
Arriona Clark (7 months ago)
Thanks for this vid I’m going to highschool and I was have really cute clothes..!!
Hailey jojo (8 months ago)
I got my clothing from Trulicia.com
JUST ASK ME WHY (8 months ago)
Hey girl! Have you checked out Jane.com? If not, when you get an opportunity, go ahead and take a gander..another one is LASHOWROOM.COM..also Maurices.com has some good deals in their sales section..Clothingisland.com, sevenwholesale.com, www.merchandizeliquidators.com, https://www.stealdeal.com, https://www.dollardays.com, http://www.shirtchamp.com. thats it for now. I hope you find really good stuff on these sites..
Abubaker M. Ariish (9 months ago)
arishway.com is cheap as well
bhaskar pal (9 months ago)
HEY GUYS! Today I'm sharing with your online shoping site https://palbhaskar.wooplr.com/
nolifenoprob (9 months ago)
You’re so pretty! 💕🌸
rita deltiradero (9 months ago)
The best store to shop women clothes 2018 (cheap and good !) Click here http://fas.st/F0ocuK
yvonne sch (10 months ago)
i find this very helpful.I also stumbled on another video with some wonderful sites as well.For those interested here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udjIYkw1vxg
carymattes (11 months ago)
your style slays !!! Boohoo is legit the best place
Ashley Marie (11 months ago)
we have the same taste <3 I love these stores
Katie Marielle (11 months ago)
your top is soo cute😍
HILLARY SCOTT (11 months ago)
Thank you for this video 🤗
Christina Cange (11 months ago)
Such a good list! You look gorgeous girl!
sburlaaay (11 months ago)
You literally always slay 😍
Chloé Coriolan (11 months ago)
Aww thanks girl!!!
ellycarophante (11 months ago)
Just set up my Dote account, so pumped!!!! thank you <3
Chloé Coriolan (11 months ago)
Wooo! Thanks for watching the vid 😊
vero9191 (11 months ago)
Just the video I needed! And I’m loving dote! I’ve been adding stuff to my favorites all night!!! 🛍🤩 Just made a purchase 🤑 got stuff from boohoo, forever 21 and urban outfitters
Chloé Coriolan (11 months ago)
Yes!!! I’m so happy you like it! It’s the best! 🤗💗
Ashley-Marie Poitevien (11 months ago)
Wait, I’m obsessed with Dote how am I just now hearing about this???
Chloé Coriolan (11 months ago)
It’s seriously the BEST!! My favorite shopping app right now
Lois Robinson (11 months ago)
Such a helpful video. I love misguided they do some amazing slogan t shirts xx
Chloé Coriolan (11 months ago)
I'm happy you liked the vid! And I agree! Missguided definitely has some of the best slogan tees!
Hallish Mahy (11 months ago)
Loved the video! To the point and really helpful!
Chloé Coriolan (11 months ago)
Yay thanks Hallish! I'm so happy you liked it!!
ChelleBelle718 (11 months ago)
Thought I was the only one who felt that way about F21. It's like I'm excited when I first walk in, and 10 minutes later I'm over it and want to go home 😂
chel chel (1 month ago)
Right me too!
Chloé Coriolan (11 months ago)
Right?! It's so disappointing! But I always find TONS of really cute stuff on the site!
Makaela Premont (11 months ago)
It's so messy and disorganized. I'm the same way!
Martha Avalos (11 months ago)
You slay😍😍😍
Chloé Coriolan (11 months ago)
Thanks Martha!! ❤️❤️
Jossael Manasse (11 months ago)
I'm right with you on that one, I would much rather shop at F21 online, then to go to the actual store. It get overwhelming at times.
Chloé Coriolan (11 months ago)
Right?!? It's SO much better online!
Valeria Morales (11 months ago)
Valeria Morales (11 months ago)
Chloé Cori I love you!!❤️❤️❤️
Chloé Coriolan (11 months ago)
Thanks Valeria!!
Wendy Cg (11 months ago)
I swear this video is exactly what I needed! Love you Chlo 💛
Chloé Coriolan (11 months ago)
Yay!! I'm so happy to hear that! 💗💗💗
Brianna Webb-Harris (11 months ago)
Thanks for actually listening to what we ask lol soooo many YouTubers will see the comments then wait months or years to upload the request
Chloé Coriolan (11 months ago)
No problem! I hope you liked it!! 🤗
Crime Pays (11 months ago)
Damn you are so gorgeous!
Crime Pays (11 months ago)
Chloé Cori you are very welcome beautiful ! You’re vids are awesome!!! 🙂
Chloé Coriolan (11 months ago)

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