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Bryan Adams - Heat Of The Night

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Video director: Wayne Isham Shot in Los Angeles, Calif 1987
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SkilledRailroader (5 minutes ago)
Just saw him tonight in Moncton Jan 22, 2019.... Speechless, still can rock like the 80's. Had the whole crowd on their feet and singing. What an amazing band!! so much talent. I hope he comes back soon. Unfortunately this song was not played :( thrn again he has so many hits and new songs. He sang 2 and a half hours straight ..no break. 1 encore break then another 20 min or so after that.
Flavia Vassallo (1 day ago)
Larry M (5 days ago)
Krysten55 (12 days ago)
The views end in "666"! :o
alki9969 (18 days ago)
much better than most of his newer songs!
Onnoy ahmed (20 days ago)
rodolfo de la paz (21 days ago)
Is it in Miami Vice Soundtrack list?? Any episodie?
Master T (22 days ago)
Still one of the best songs, love that song!
Movie News (1 month ago)
no where
Kharisma Tri Risma (1 month ago)
Bryan why you don't play lead guitar like an original recording now? This version was better than an acoustic. I love the way you play as lead guitar in this guitar
garry savage (2 months ago)
Taken from his best album by a country mile !
"The Donation Hero for The Poors-Bryan Adams of 1990 Walkman Edition--HONORABLELY Remembering"@mujjaded-Chief Editor-https://StateExp[email protected]@zulf_hazrat#With The Refugees
Michael Brown (2 months ago)
Remember when they played this in an episode of Miami Vice
fxx1 (2 months ago)
En esos tiempos Bryan era un rockero salvaje, casi indomable.
Maiza Silva (2 months ago)
Perfect No calor da noite !
HErnan Sokis (2 months ago)
Hes the rocker , true rocker
BRUTUSPLAC (2 months ago)
This video debuted on MTV the week After - MTV Headbangers Ball April 25 1987 - YES 31-1/2 YEARS AGO
edward farmer (2 months ago)
Bryan Adam's could Get Srong ! Here's a Great Example. ! 80s Baby ! ! !
Mayur Panghaal (2 months ago)
Whats the location at the beginning of the song ?
Felipe dos santos (3 months ago)
Ótima música perfeita saudades dessa época 1987 eu tinha 17 anos de idade saudades desse tempo que não volta mais
420 Express (3 months ago)
love all his music
Dominik Hees (3 months ago)
Miami Vice
Jonathan John (4 months ago)
This song is modern for it's time...
AngryAgain (4 months ago)
Fantastic song. Oddly missing from his set list when I saw him in 2017
Xristos Kabbadias (4 months ago)
Maybe his masterpiece...Mr Adams you were the man
Keaneland 86 (4 months ago)
Call Me AfterWords (4 months ago)
I can hear a lot a david gilmore in this....didnt know bryan adams had this kinda side to him!
loleeta irving (5 months ago)
I love you Bryan always my fave artist grew up with you peace out we are being trailed get ready Hun !! Its beena real Journey think Native we really need now HUgs xxx
John Wayne Is this me (5 months ago)
I loved this song...
Jonathan John (5 months ago)
This song is very modern for it's times...:-)
Lenny Louis Peña Forte (5 months ago)
Plenilunia canción ✌😉
Peter Winston (5 months ago)
edward farmer (5 months ago)
Absolute badass masterpiece !!!
Keaneland 86 (5 months ago)
Love this song❤️🙌💥🔥
Rocardo Targino (6 months ago)
Meu favorito e todos que gosta de boa música dali Brasil aí é do Canadá brother.
Wen McBrain Vansandt (6 months ago)
Of course we HOPI have our ceremonies but, when there's nothing left to do what else is there but to ROCK OUT to some KICK ASS BRIAN ADAMS. I'm a musician and I cannot go without my music. I've always loved his music. Such a wonderful voice such killer music. LETS ROCK
John H (6 months ago)
"Heat of the Night" appeared in the episode "Knock, Knock... Who's There?" on Miami Vice. The twenty-first episode of Miami Vice's third season. The episode premiered on March 27, 1987 A group of fake DEA agents raid drug busts and take off with the money and drugs, but no criminals
Katherine Kilgore (6 months ago)
I saw this video this morning on MTV Classics. Ahh, the memories!!!
Renee' May (6 months ago)
*Man what a voice you Possess* *Mr.Bryan Adams* ❤️
Amanie Tingle (7 months ago)
this music video is alright and the song is fantastic.
Andy Shaw (7 months ago)
My favorite tune from this guy , many more good ones
Wanderley Gomes (7 months ago)
Alguém mais do Brasil ouvindo em 2018
Wanderley Gomes (7 months ago)
Um dos melhores, isso sim é música 😍😍
Jose Bermudez (8 months ago)
Always liked them
Anna Rimovska (9 months ago)
I love song... amazing...
Chantal Descheneaux (9 months ago)
Bahren Ana (9 months ago)
what about i brthe your air Mr !!!
soul sessions tv Bdhrh (9 months ago)
Love the song...vid Not so much!!!
Hakan Dursun (9 months ago)
Very nice !
橘義晴 (9 months ago)
THE XV (9 months ago)
Ryan Hurley (10 months ago)
Video director: Wayne Isham Shot in Los Angeles, Calif 1987 REST IN PEACE <3
Ryan Hurley (10 months ago)
Leko Dias (10 months ago)
My favorite album....Into the Fire...the best
maria clark (10 months ago)
Still love his music!
K A (11 months ago)
Muito sommm 🎶🎶😍 Muito amor por Bryan Adams 😍
Yass Auserwalt Graal (11 months ago)
I was caught in the crossfire of a silent scream  Where one man's nightmare is another man's dream  Pull the covers up high and pray for the mornin' light  Cause you're livin' alone in the heat of the night  Met a man with a message from the other side  Couldn't take the pressure - had to leave it behind  He said it's up to you  You can run or you can fight - (ya that's right)  Better leave it alone in the heat of the night  In the heat of the night they'll be comin' around  They'll be lookin' for answers they'll be chasin' you down  In the heat of the night  (Where you gonna hide when it all comes down)  (Don't look back don't ever turn around)  Had to pay the piper to call the tune  Said he'd be back someday - said he'd be back real soon  Pull the shades down low - you'll know when the time is right  When you're lyin' alone in the heat of the night
Kristine Smart (2 months ago)
THANKS mi Amiga bonita!💗
Diaz Wong JR (11 months ago)
Ohh yeah!!!
Ahmad Puji Rifai (11 months ago)
Pertama dengar lagu ini, aku umur 5 tahun. Bagus lagunya
michela derry (1 year ago)
this is real rock!!!
eastwing329 (1 year ago)
I've been wondering why no one has made a fan video of this song with the film In the Heat of the Night.
Omri W (1 year ago)
2:00 sounds like David Gilmour's style :)
garry savage (1 year ago)
Bryan what the hell happened to you ??? you used to write classics like this ! Now ?? No Thanks !
Imran Hosen (1 year ago)
Love all his songs <3
Cameron Davila (1 year ago)
Nail Yamac (1 year ago)
Beautiful rock beautiful man and his music. I ADORE YOU.
Thomas Doyle (1 year ago)
Sheer Rock at its best.
ArgyleGroove (1 year ago)
This sounds like it could have been a Don Henley tune.
Hugo Gutierrez (1 year ago)
No puedo creer que esta cancion tenga 30 años. 30 years since this song was released.
Endrit Shabani (1 year ago)
fucking awesomeeeeeeeeeee Bryannnnnnnnnnn
aitech nasus (1 year ago)
Heat Of The Night By Bryan Adams Is A Great Rock Song And Totally Rocks Hard Plus It Kicks Ass One Hundred Percent.
Keaneland 86 (1 year ago)
bigbob14u (1 year ago)
Friends Who Like Bryan Adams... Bobs Facebook...
canmin55 (1 year ago)
Great song ! I like the video too.
Jason Fella (1 year ago)
Great song, and I love how Bryan's voice is processed in this song. You can really hear it when you're listening through headphones. Some kind of slight chorus or phaser effect.
slippery j (1 year ago)
Great tune!
Steve Vestel (1 year ago)
Can you please upload the studio version of Into The Fire off this album???
Jason Fella (1 year ago)
For all you Adams fanatics out there who may not know, this song was inspired by the movie "The Third Man" =)
Itumeleng Poo (1 year ago)
like did song
The Slavers (1 year ago)
Awesome track and album !!!
Richard Tooth (1 year ago)
Brian playing the solo on this?
LegitMan335 (1 year ago)
Love this song
Maryellen Longtin (1 year ago)
I hope he sings this Wednesday!. bringing my dad for fathers day!!
אבי גלאם (1 year ago)
I think that this is my favorite Bryan's album! The last song in the album "Home Again" is the song that touched me when I was in the army service (back in the late 80's) Does someone knows if it's on Youtube?
Otto Greenleaf (1 year ago)
Vancouver's done a lot for rock music. Bryan's helped. Cheers!
sylvia torres (1 year ago)
Great singer <3
Todd Victorson (1 year ago)
Yet more indisputable proof that the greatest music came from the 80's
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shinjirou nakayama (1 year ago)
almost 1000times i heard. heat of the nights that i never had. don't look back . never turn away !
Jerryl Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Love this song ever
raffaello sabbatini (1 year ago)
il te ti piace semplice ho alla pesca
Zartok-35 (1 year ago)
30th Anniversary of this album's release today!
Lu976 M (1 year ago)
My favorite Bryan Adams song.
Carine Jolie (1 year ago)
j'aime beaucoup de genre de musique mais aussi le rock et le country !!
Chris Cox (1 year ago)
happy 30th birthday heat of the night
Fàtima Oliveira (1 year ago)
amo todas
Cami Roble (1 year ago)
Una de las mejores canciones de Bryan Adams! Me recuerda a mi infancia, ya que mi papá me ponía siempre esa canción todos los sábados! Que recuerdos!!! Hoy tengo 18 años y me encanta Bryan Adams!
Epin 79 (1 year ago)
the best of me. we are going to be saport the B,ADAM..THIS IS THE BEST MEMORY IN MY LIFE.
He`ll be real soon in Chile, dont miss his show!!!!
melissa mcneely (2 years ago)
i really like this song..its all good...

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