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Doesn't Carbon 14 Dating Disprove the BIble New Answers DVD 1 Answers in Genesis

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Bluesky (2 years ago)
The flood that created the coal, and the fossils was not Noah's flood. There was a flood that ended the first earth age about 13,000 years ago
mikey1701 (2 years ago)
HAHAHA ! ! ! Oh stain ! Stop it ! I can't laugh no more ! Ladies & gentleman what we got here is stain gloria just went FULL RETARD ! ! ! Stain, don't ever go full retard !
Bluesky (2 years ago)
Yes I was.
mikey1701 (2 years ago)
was you there ?
Serah Wilson (3 years ago)
Wow, this is pretty good :)
John Christian (3 years ago)
C14 dating is a presumptuous technique & produces false Results!   Evolution is a man made religious lie
Bluesky (4 years ago)
The Bible says there was a first earth age.There is C14 in dinosaur bones also.
Bluesky (2 years ago)
Genesis 1 vs 2. You tube Shepherds Chapel The Three Earth Ages.
Yeshua'sPrincess K (2 years ago)
Where does it say that in the bible?
kzsnow (5 years ago)
How is this true? Someone explain this to me further, I do not get what this Australian is saying lol
mikey1701 (6 years ago)
where do I start?macro evolution is a myth,physics is used to prove Creation,genetics is used to prove Creation,contradictions in the Bible;there is none in my Bible(KJV)history proves the Bible,chemistry is used to prove Creation,historicity is used to prove the Bible,witches,demons are real.It all comes down to this,you can choose to believe anything you want cause God gave you that choice.You can choose to believe or not to believe.God isn't going to make you love Him but know He loves you

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