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BARBIE - Pegasus || Full Movie in English

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DISCLAIMER all copy rights go to Greg Richardson, Elana Lesser, Cliff Ruby, Mattel, Voice Box Productions & Lions Gate Films Home Entertainment
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Text Comments (2738)
Jesus Christ (2 hours ago)
He's such a mule😂 I died... It is literally the kid friendly term for "he's such an ass"
Annika Hoshi Legaspi (6 hours ago)
Whats the name of the princess?
Maimalinta Daii (8 hours ago)
28:22 reminds me of Jack of the beanstalk because of the giant😂 literally
Gita Nurfada (9 hours ago)
Shakyrah Klenner (9 hours ago)
I feel sorry of the trolls 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Colorless Oz (10 hours ago)
The polar bear's voice........ the polar bear's voiceeeee
NUZZLE THE DUTCHIE (12 hours ago)
I'm 20 and not ashamed I listen to this while going to sleep haha
Master 1.0.1 (13 hours ago)
Cynthia 💔 💔💔 💔💕💋 💋💋 💋💋 💋✴️🌊 ☺️
Master 1.0.1 (13 hours ago)
Cynthia 💔 💔💔 💔💖 💖💕 💕💕 💋💋 💋
Master 1.0.1 (14 hours ago)
Cynthia and I will send you the link to the video and I will send you the link to the video and I will.
Master 1.0.1 (14 hours ago)
Cynthia 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔💔 💔
Linda Dorkster (15 hours ago)
Any last words hm guest no bye bye noooo ahhhh
Araceli (15 hours ago)
I use to own this movie in 3D when I was like 7 so glad I found it ! I'm 17 now just wondering does anybody remember the game that was included in the movie were u do brietta (Pegasus form)hair that was litt😂
Brianna 'S world (18 hours ago)
Omg i used to have the CD so i used to watch this ALLLL the time i still LOVE IT
Shailyn Pontiac (20 hours ago)
On my opinion I feel like the last good Barbie movie was Pink Shoes 😩
- a m a n d a - (23 hours ago)
...im 16 ...why am i watching this.. AND ENJOYING IT?!?!?!
aya (1 day ago)
mom : *opens door* *doesnt see anika or whatever her name is* tHe pRinCeSs iS mIsSinG
Raven Connli (1 day ago)
Oh my god this is the only one that isn't blocked in your playlist, watching while I can
karimsine Bc (1 day ago)
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Chloe Walker (1 day ago)
They don't make barbie movies like this any more the new ones are a whole lot of crap
peace to all peace (1 day ago)
Galaxy Mae (1 day ago)
I'm been watching it all day and even.... No one like my comment. :(
WIndham Vlogs (1 day ago)
I love the polar bear it’s SO cute!!😍🤪
Peninah Kamule (1 day ago)
She is beautiful
This is a bit dumb but I like it a bit I mean like I am 10 this was on my screen and then my little sister wanted to watch it
— teardrop (1 day ago)
juliya jr (2 days ago)
Sudah lama ku cari😍😍
Desnita ismi (2 days ago)
Barbie My favorite movie forever
Ömrüm Ömrüm (2 days ago)
Amk bu ne izleyenleri hepsi ingiliz
Пожплуста переводите на российском
Joy Sunday (2 days ago)
oh so Beautiful
Rose Noe (2 days ago)
This brings back memories.
Sean Flower (2 days ago)
This polar bear is so dumb.😑😑
Anang Anteng (2 days ago)
Reagan Hunter (2 days ago)
Best part in my opinion 58:20 - 58:45
Gacha Shiz (2 days ago)
I watched this movie when I was little, and I still remember it beginning to end xd
Random Doggo (2 days ago)
She fricken took that baby bear, aint the mom gonna get so mad about that?
WinkyBoyDigger1 (2 days ago)
Princess Anika has the same name as my Baby sister who is watching this in my phone right now.
Lily Oxborrow (2 days ago)
Old barbie? Don’t you mean ASMR for children?
Doğa Şakar (2 days ago)
I HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT 45:51 ! How can Brietta cross that narrow way while Annika can't? and why Brietta just didn't fly? WHY?????
GalaxyGaming Tucan (2 days ago)
Hey I want to see how to make this stew
Kara Hall (3 days ago)
Wait, why does the blond little girl look like the little girl from Barbie and the 12 dancing princesses??!!
WolvA Kun (3 days ago)
Comfort Sam (3 days ago)
Am 24 years now but still like watching barbie
Brittany Weaver (1 day ago)
Chesca Joaquino (3 days ago)
Mara Djordjevic (3 days ago)
Oh God! What would I give to fly back in my childhood... being careless, drinking hot choco in my cozy, comfy bed, watching those Barbie classics masterpieces...
Kris Alvaro (3 days ago)
"the princess is missing!" "again?"
Rikteer Islam (3 days ago)
Brittany Summers (3 days ago)
How old were you when you realized they used Mozart, Beethoven, etc. In the older barbie movies?
sulaeman efendi (4 days ago)
Bagus aku suka
mimi kitty (4 days ago)
im 14 and I don't know what im doing
we_stan_legends _ (4 days ago)
A trip down memory lane. I realize now how messed up this movie is like a forced marriage!!! Wow
msnoahxlukefan (4 days ago)
So Wenlock was some angry, lonely loser who couldn't get any women- so he used magic to transform himself and force women to be with him? Wow, Nice Guy syndrome in a barbie movie lol
Anash Khan (5 days ago)
Keya app is movie ko hindi m bana sakte h👌✌✌✌✌🎼🎼🎼
Killer_._Mickey (5 days ago)
It smells like plastic sippy cups and mak and cheese
Killer_._Mickey (5 days ago)
Those footsteps ommmg they bring back memories
Radio Active (5 days ago)
Please upload it in hindi
Sumi Sultana (5 days ago)
I want this movie in hindi
Carina Torres (5 days ago)
Carina Torres (5 days ago)
Carina Torres (5 days ago)
OMG all the cringe
Carina Torres (5 days ago)
Gigi Noelani (6 days ago)
My childhood
rz r (6 days ago)
This is my fav barbie movie of all time lmao
izzy beans (6 days ago)
Oml i fckn prayed so hard for the wand of light when i was little
Manal Amal (6 days ago)
I like Barbie too much think you
MoonSlayer (6 days ago)
memory lane begins now
I love the little polar bear!!!!!! ❤️ 💝 💕 💗 🐻
Mitch Flores (7 days ago)
I love this!!! I always watch or sometimes
Alison Clarke (8 days ago)
Loved this movie when I was a kid
Jeanrose Adarlo (8 days ago)
36:42 This happened to me in Roblox.
The clicking noises of her skates is the thing I remember most 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
I dunno why I’m here but this is still the best Barbie movie out there
Shen Planas (8 days ago)
Serena Koehler (8 days ago)
How did Aiden get his hands on one of Kylie's lip kits 👁️👄👁️ that pout is amazing
Anya Baron (8 days ago)
Wow this brings back so many memories from my childhood, when life was good😔.. was completely obsessed💓💕
Sheriden Tuazon (8 days ago)
Yuri On Ice is Q U A C K I N G!!!
Anxious Being (8 days ago)
Shiver is absolutely useless in this movie
Anxious Being (8 days ago)
Her parents would absolutely love me. I never come out of my room
Tasha Persaud (9 days ago)
I loved this movie plus I have the dvd
Ashley B (9 days ago)
"You're ruining my life"- fcking calm down hun. I'm sure with all the money your parents have you could build an ice skating rink on the castle grounds
Joel Raya (9 days ago)
this movie is most beautiful in the world😇😇💖💖💘👏👏👏ilove this movie very very much and more more😇💖💘👏👏👏
Saeyoung Choi (9 days ago)
Wow this brings me back lol when I was little I used to watch this all the time
An Aspie Fangirl (9 days ago)
11:16 when I was really young, every time she said "sorry to burst your bubble", I essentially felt the emotion I can now express as "SHE JUST DRAGGED HIS WIZARD 101 LOOKING ASSHOLE THATS PROBABLY STRETCHED TO THE SIZE OF A SHOWER DRAIN AND THREW HIS WIG INTO THE FIRE"
Tanya Horoz (9 days ago)
Daniela Yink (10 days ago)
This movie is so beautiful
Akira (10 days ago)
34:05 “He’s such a...MULE”
Wow, Im 14 and Im turning 15 soon next year and I first watched this when I was like what? 6? 8? I miss childhood T ^ T
Monique Walelu (10 days ago)
2019? Anyone's,?
heiri (10 days ago)
honestly, Aiden is my favorite male barbie voice actor it’s just, cHILLS
apple berry white (10 days ago)
2:54 omg so cute
Ahstia Summers (10 days ago)
Well, why couldn’t they tell Annika about it when she was say.... maybe 15? Or old enough to understand things? Maybe instead of saying a sorcerer, just say a dangerous person?
squashe (10 days ago)
I really don't like Shiver.. I mean, the mumbles bothered me a lot, it made me so uncomfortable. No hate, just stating. Anyone else?
carolinelizabeth (10 days ago)
jesus christ i used to have such a crush on both barbie's characters and her love interests
carolinelizabeth (10 days ago)
ah childhood
Daniela Ortega (10 days ago)
im supposed to be doing my work
Saepullah Usep (11 days ago)
sedih nya... di tinggal ayah
Alex Montefalco (11 days ago)
Still watching BARBIE @ 24 :)
Murdurson Wartson (12 days ago)
The mermaid Barbie is my favorite (I forgot what the movies called) Oh I’m watching this because I have a baby sister... yup that’s totally why I’m watching it 😬
erza of fairytail (12 days ago)
November 2018 why am I here

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