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BEAT all your Cravings - How to STOP craving sugar and junk food - BeerBiceps Diet

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What is the most difficult thing about losing weight? A very common saying amongst fit people is that “Anyone can gym for an hour a day. Its what you do with the remaining 23 hours that is the hard part.” NOBODY craves a lean chicken breast or paneer made from skimmed milk. Think about it. Your strongest cravings are always for carbohydrates. Cake, samosas, pav bhaaji, burgers. Nobody craves butter chicken by itself. EVERYBODY craves butter chicken and NAAN. The carb is what makes food sexy. Sugar, sweets and chocolate are the worst villains when it comes to your dieting journey. And the carb is also the root cause of close to every long term health issue. Today’s video is all about beating those carb cravings. That one spoon of ice cream, full of cream and seductive sugar can be the difference between you staying fat and you smashing your fitness goals. From my personal experience of dieting as a fat boy and turning my external appearance around, I’m going to talk about two EFFECTIVE methods to destroy even the tiniest craving you have. I used to have the biggest sweet tooth in the world. I’ve reached a point where I hate sugar now. Made this video keeping girls in mind especially. From my experience with my clients, its always the women who struggle much more with cravings. So girls, watch and tag your girlfriends. Watch and learn how to reduce cravings, hot to kill cravings, how to beat cravings and how to destroy every little craving in your path to a fitter you. How to stop craving junk food - the video made to HELP YOU GET STRONGER ON YOUR DIET BeerBiceps - YouTube's first India specific fitness and food channel Fitness, food and fitness-food. Like, comment, subscribe and share on facebook! Facebook: www.facebook.com/beerbiceps Instagram: @beerbiceps Twitter: @beerbiceps93 Zomato: @beerbiceps Snapchat: @ranveer.1693
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Text Comments (384)
FISH&FUN (25 days ago)
True brother
Austin Shank (1 month ago)
Great video. Very impressed by your weight loss and your overall mentality. About to go google what paneer is because it sounds like some good shit. Anyways, you got yourself a new subscriber 👌
MC CG (2 months ago)
I am watching this video while eating a serving of vanilla ice cream !! lol
Tirtha Premkumar (2 months ago)
This is Amazing no matter how many times I watch it.
Abiniga 60 (2 months ago)
Ur looking sooooo cute 💘
ANUPAM KUMAR (3 months ago)
Hi, Ranveer Nice video; practical..however, wish you made videos related to "switch on and off" control other cravings like .. craving for love, girls, money, etc and you loose your focus from your life goals thus... if you can adapt or discipline self and remain happy while doing so and not sad than you actually "nailed it". Regards
uzma shafi (4 months ago)
I crave tea.
Dr varsha Parihar (5 months ago)
You are really wonderful professional... Thnkuu
Laura Padron (5 months ago)
great video
Appu Kuttan (5 months ago)
you look like Alia Bhatt
Shivani Singh (5 months ago)
annanya pradhan (5 months ago)
Hey I love ur videos very much keep going
Palwisha (5 months ago)
I crave nimko🥺😂
vinita guru (6 months ago)
great video 👍👍
Divya G (6 months ago)
Gujarati hunting food🤣🤣🤣🤣epic
being indian (6 months ago)
Iske muh se bada iska gala kyu lag raha hai mujhe?
Satyaa Karn (6 months ago)
अरे भोसड़ी वाले थोड़ा कम हिला कर
Katherine Pandian (6 months ago)
You sound so authentic
The Lads channel 2.0 (6 months ago)
Guju Bhai bsdks
Gaurika Rathore (6 months ago)
What if people crave for chicken and paneer 😐❓
lakshmi saketha (6 months ago)
seeing this video while I'm eating a sweet
zeena lewis (6 months ago)
Why do I crave for spicy mango pickles? Dats not carb....
Puja Chand (6 months ago)
Aziz h (6 months ago)
Sunidhi Dwivedi (7 months ago)
I even crave for healthy food whenever I start my weight loss journey 😫😂
Sunidhi Dwivedi (5 months ago)
@Aishwarya Bhardwaj yaar what to do😭😭😭😭
Aishwarya Bhardwaj (5 months ago)
Me too
Raajveer Patil (7 months ago)
Bro i like all ur videos..BUT.. i want to share something plz dont mind... According to my knowledge and personal experience i dont think there is any need to compromise or kill our cravings for sweets and carbs unless ur preparing for a bodybuilding contest... According to me eating light or very few portion of carbs or sweets is absolutely fine if ur getting cravings and that would not make anyone fat unless they eat sweet and carbs in limited quantity... WHAT ARE CRAVINGS? cravings for sweet and carbs means our body and mind needs it thats why we get cravings... Cravings for sweet can only be beaten by eating what ur craving for but but but in very little quantity.... If you beat cravings for sweet and carbs by any other way... It will work but only temporary amd later on either the person will loose interest in fat loss dietig or will tend to overeat
grace christy (7 months ago)
Best video on the right time!!!Love u always....Coz of u have shared ur own personal experiences..It's kind of motivating...I m the girl who loves chocolates and ice creams ..I m not fat...But I fear about sugar..It's been a week I stopped having sugar...I m still saying NO to my carving....I used to think the side effects and how unhealthy the sugar and baked cakes are...Its kinda working out for me.....
Gaurav Patel (7 months ago)
I found drinking Green Tea helped me reduce my cravings... vada pav, samosa, pizza, cakes have been my day-long cravings... And after starting green tea habbit (since 2013) my cravings have reduced a lot.. and also my weight :)... though green tea is not a weight reducer but I somehow started chosing healthier alternatives to the food...
sarahRA86 (8 months ago)
Nice video, you’re very personable! 👍
In Dis video he looks like sugar rush in her body
Yumna Khanum (8 months ago)
I got a hope after listening you...I follow the diet you explain 👍💕
Zoya Syed (9 months ago)
"Even gujrati humans used to hunt for food"
Prashub S (9 months ago)
beer biceps can we lift weights above your shoulder level at age of 13
Kapil (9 months ago)
U look like Alia Bhat
Paras lc (9 months ago)
You are Alia Bhatt Hamsakal 😂😂
Roushan Malhotra (9 months ago)
Great work
Anshu Parihar (10 months ago)
Junk food m nhi leti.. zym ka muh maine abhi tk Dekha nhi hai.. but 4month m 7 kg km KR liya hai by doing yoga and good food habits, but yr ye sugar craving jaati hi nhi.. thanks for the video
Shuchi Batra (10 months ago)
hey.. ranveer I have followed each and every advice in all your videos plus I took up that 40 day challenge of sugar. I have lost 10 kgs. you are really inspiring.. keep up the good work.. I just want to know after my weight loss journey is over, can I consume sugar not even once.. like u don't ever eat sugar ?? 😢
sampad behera (10 months ago)
old video...now days look at the quality of video and content they are making....mind blowing .....
Harshita P (11 months ago)
Hi. I am trying to control my cravings but I just can't stop thinking about food. How do I stop that? It really bothers me.
Khimpi Dutta (11 months ago)
By the way modern man existed for about 50000 years and not 100000 years as told in this video
Matty Bellucci (11 months ago)
He is smart honestly
Mohana Das (11 months ago)
U r so inspiring.
Tooba tul Muntaha (11 months ago)
Is it just me or he actually looks like Aliya Bhat?
Md Shadab (1 year ago)
how to beat cravings the easiest way... stand in front of mirror open your tshirt
ch anish (2 months ago)
Dunya's world (2 months ago)
please dont kill mee u made my day u swearrr i luv yaa!!!!
gaurav proton (1 year ago)
I love to read girls comment 😁
Anjali Dobhal (1 year ago)
Amazing you!!
Renee Rosa (1 year ago)
Thank you love your accent so soothing
Tamim Tomal (1 year ago)
Fucked up accent -__-
Adithya Mohan (1 year ago)
I'm now at 12th standard and i go eat chicken puffs every day but i wanna loose wieght too. 😭😭😭
Suseela Philip (1 year ago)
He's literally the male version of Alia Bhatt...
Sheena Khan (8 days ago)
lol so true i notice after reading ur comment 😮
Anshu TM (2 months ago)
Gauri Patil (4 months ago)
Hahaha yes actually true!!!
rabiya fatima (5 months ago)
sause saliii (6 months ago)
Really i thought now
Max101 (1 year ago)
Good motivation Thanks.
Vijita Mohanan (1 year ago)
I love how you explain the science behind everything you are suggesting !!
m g (1 year ago)
Who is gujrati here...hit a like!!
Amrita Paul (1 year ago)
he looks like alia bhat😂😂
Nick Belanger (1 year ago)
I don't crave sweets but I can't get enough bread and pasta.
Gunjan chaudhary (1 year ago)
I find you really genuine... 1:40 it happens..😂😂😂😂
slyfoot soldier (1 year ago)
I crave soya champ
Shoumik De (1 year ago)
I have seen many health-related videos and in my opinion, you are the best of them all... for 2 reasons... you talk sense and crisp to the point and secondly and most importantly you have the presentation skills, and your videos are content rich. I thank you for the videos... they are very helpful. Now I have one request... I have had very mixed reviews about sugar-free... I use 4 drops of it in my morning tea. Is it ok? And also.. you never say your name so I've started calling you 'BB' :) Take care.
Zee Arif (1 year ago)
Laaakkh years ago 😂
Samruddhi 2001 (1 year ago)
I m on keto! And I crave for Oatmeal🙁🤕
Shraddha Singh (1 year ago)
I found something after watching your videos.. when someone cute tries to explain it gets into the mind more easily! Thanks for both😊
shikha shukla (1 year ago)
Omg.. you are so handsome😍😍
Sourav Das (1 year ago)
hey ranveer....hw abt a cold coffe with a little bit of garnishing with chocolate sauce...is it that bad???
Mabel Alves (1 year ago)
Is sugarcane juice healthy?
Seema Thapa (1 year ago)
Please advise vegetarian protein diets
Riana Mukherjee (1 year ago)
Thank you
Ishika agrawal (1 year ago)
U are awesome...👍👍
Rashmi Champawat (1 year ago)
Aarav Parekh (1 year ago)
Are you gujrati??😂I am😂😎
Preeti loitongbam (1 year ago)
why do i think i see alia bhatt in you...
Amal N (1 year ago)
is drinking milk good for muscle building for beginners?
Bhavya Murthy.Malla (1 year ago)
Male version of alia bhatt😊😊
son goku (1 year ago)
any gujratis in the house ..
Vidhi Satra (1 year ago)
I would rather say, don't devoid yourself from craving because if not today, you're gonna crave about it tomorrow. Since I m not very good at overcoming my own fears determinantly so I fool my mind, or say trick my mind. So say I tell me myself "It's okay don't eat today we'll eat that brownie next week." ( I call myself 'we' so that I feel I have a teamalong with me to support myself) And I do the same when the next week day arrives. And then finally I do reward myelf when I think I have worked enough to deserve this. I'mma have some, promise not to pounce on it. So don't stop yourself from doing certain things, go for reverse psychology, works smooth.
Priyanka Chaphekar (1 year ago)
A good video but dude U LOOK JUST LIKE ALIA BHATT !!!
Remya Dolma (1 year ago)
he looks like alia bhatt :/
upload2010 (1 year ago)
Ah dude, as women, we crave sweets, cheeses gooey stuff during Pms. It’s impossible not to crave and impossible to let the brain beat that craving. Let’s know how to deal with Pms craving .
Dunya's world (2 months ago)
hhahaha lol i beat them still🤣🤣iam a girl too
Saumya Thomas (1 year ago)
good one!
Deepika (1 year ago)
Thanks for the motivation 😃
Ravali Enugala (1 year ago)
i love his videos. Fell in love with the way he explains everything. 👌🏻❤️
DIY hub (1 year ago)
Hi bhaiya! Can we use honey or jaggery instead of cane sugar???
Aishwarya Bhardwaj (5 months ago)
It's sugar anyway.
Vandita Basnet (1 year ago)
He looks like alia's brother .
saurabh673 (1 year ago)
Omg you repeat the same thing again and again..
Sai Shibani (1 year ago)
saurabh673 ikr?!
TheMissShweta (1 year ago)
It’s been two months now that I have left sugar completely, but I’m still struggling with the cravings for namkeen and other savouries ....I don’t know how to overcome this!! :(
Aakriti Rai (1 year ago)
thank you so much brother
Deep Roy (1 year ago)
Started avoiding sugar
axelashu (1 year ago)
I have been dreaming of Pani Puri for about a week now.... Are you sure it gets better?.... 😥
P ghuliani (1 year ago)
Nice debater👍👍
Arya Vart (1 year ago)
Man the mind workout thing made me beat my craving
Madhusuthanan M (1 year ago)
So positive...icon
Rocky Biswas (1 year ago)
I crave momos on Thursdays and ruin my whole diet. Please help me...
Niroop (1 year ago)
Very well explained. Thank you!
Aditya Dhikle (1 year ago)
You are a freak!!!!
swarajsinh bisen (1 year ago)
Can you make video on 3,000 calories meal plan excluding lunch&dinner for hostellers/students who live away from the home
swarajsinh bisen (1 year ago)
Can you make video on 3,000 calories meal plan excluding lunch&dinner for hostellers/students who live away from the home
bhoj raj (1 year ago)
Plz make on video on healthy fat and how much to take.there is contraversy regarding ghee and coconut oil is good or bad.recent studies pointing out that animal source fat are good for health.and cholesterol is healthy ?
Swarangi Yadav (1 year ago)
nice video
Anish Saviour (1 year ago)
think motivation think BeerBiceps...
Niks B (1 year ago)
Is Green Tea allowed on Keto Diet though??

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