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Top Places To Shop Online For Clothes & Heels | Affordable

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AmorAntasia.com Instagram.com/AmorAntasia Twitter.cm/AmorAntasia STORES MENTIONED Makemechic.com Cicihot.com Shiekshoes.com Gojane.com Urbanog.com Ivrose.com ---- UPDATE DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM THEY ARE SCAMMERS!!!! I ORDERED $141 worth of clothes and haven't received them in a month now!!!!!!
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Amor Antasia (2 years ago)
Don't buy from IVROSE! The rest are good!
Puppy Pumpkin (3 months ago)
@Some One check the description
Some One (1 year ago)
Amor Antasia why??
merida (5 months ago)
You focused on the prices which is nice that's what the video was for BUT! ,we need to know if the quality is good. Whenever you can upload a video letting us know how the quality is ill really appreciate it!
Alma-Marie Buie Graf (8 months ago)
Thanks for the tips and the update.
ABalderas2011 (1 year ago)
Try Sarichka Boutique shoes. They are not brand names but they are designer inspired at an affordable price:)
merida (5 months ago)
How's the quality?
Lxus Foxx (1 year ago)
Did U get your order from ivrose!? I was just about to order a jacket and seen that u said don't!!!! 😊
Cheshire Cat (1 year ago)
Amor Antasia Was the quality good?
Lxus Foxx (1 year ago)
Awesome thankyou for your response!! ❤
Amor Antasia (1 year ago)
Lindsay Williamson it took a WHOLE month to arrive but some took so long that I reported them as fraud so I got a refund
Maria Maria (1 year ago)
your link is wrong this one is the good one http://shiekhshoes.com/
Eugene Bester (1 year ago)
Makeup, tech and accessories only for girls and young ladies @ maxy.000webhostapp.com
Pretty Hurts (1 year ago)
keep your heels high and your standards higher Shop prettyhurts.shop
Lea N. (2 years ago)
Didi you get smt from IVrose now? Would love do see! Love your videos *.*
Its Darrah (2 years ago)
This eye makeup 😍😍😩
Agiscobay Agiscobay (2 years ago)
can Sheikh and Go jane be trusted to ship on time? Sheikh looks fake to me tho
Agiscobay Agiscobay (2 years ago)
oh wow.. fast reply...thanks so much..I am going to order my shoes from them now then...thanks once again
Amor Antasia (2 years ago)
Agiscobay Agiscobay yes I've shopped a lot at gojane for shoes and shiek is an actual store at malls in America so they are legit also I've shopped in stores
Annette Wonsehleay (2 years ago)
please how did you get your money back because they don't have no contact no customer service number I don't know how to get my money back please can you help me
Amor Antasia (2 years ago)
Annette Wonsehleay yes I filed a claim through my bank and told them that they never shipped goods. They do reply to emails for customer service but it takes days to weeks and they sent a tracking but it wasn't accurate it was a mess. My bank gave my money back asap it took them awhile to settle with them but that part wasn't my business lol
Annette Wonsehleay (2 years ago)
have you shop on the website before? because I just ordered some clothes on this website it has not come yet and I'm so worried please respond to me
Amor Antasia (2 years ago)
Annette Wonsehleay same here please read my update in the description box, they took over a whole month to come so I filed a claim against them and got my money back
Cristina Sulzener (2 years ago)
I am searching for cute and cheap clothes from good online shops. it would be nice if you could help me. :)
Jays Channel (2 years ago)
nice video please like share & subscribe to my video & get great deals to shop for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dOzTJRycvY
Ieshia Unique (2 years ago)
yes lol everybody shops fashion nova 😒
Wereva Wereva (2 years ago)
omg your Make-up😭 you slay girl
latoya hodson (2 years ago)
I love your hair what type of hair is it? Is it a full weave or half wig? It is beautiful!
Amor Antasia (2 years ago)
latoya hodson thanks it's a lace closure wig from my hair company "Brazilian body wave unit" http://amorantasia.bigcartel.com
Juliana Hochileitner (2 years ago)
do you know if they ship to Brazil?
Rayna Curry (2 years ago)
Hello. Would you know if any of these sites offer wholesale. Looking for a new site for inventory for my online boutique
georgiapeach310 (2 years ago)
Love this. New subbie. Thanks!
Adisha chen-sue (2 years ago)
How long did the shipping took to get to u
Thank you for this video. Whoever said you can not look good on a budget lied .. video love it!!!
ayalajaya (2 years ago)
brought my chokers from makemechic nice. thank u
tydra jones (2 years ago)
I love this video ❤️️ could you list all of the websites on the top bar please
Amor Antasia (2 years ago)
just updated it
Kayla Leary (2 years ago)
are the sizes on the charts accurate? I want to order a pair of jeans and a dress from IV Rose but I want to make sure it fits. I wear a size 7/8 in jeans and a size 6 in dresses. The size chart puts me at a medium, but it also says "be advice these are asian sizes"
Kayla Leary (2 years ago)
@Amor Antasia​ have you purchased anything from IV Rose?
Amor Antasia (2 years ago)
lol agreed and a lao look at the material listed also if its spandex then its stretchy
Amor Antasia (2 years ago)
Yea i'd look at the US size chart
Lakia Keely (2 years ago)
Kayla Leary IDK but Asian sizes are small.
Kayla Leary (2 years ago)
@Lakia Keely​ thanks for the information. She is endorsing this website so I was just wondering what her suggestion would be when it comes to sizes. I'm assuming she shops on here. I am a size 7/8 in jeans and a size 6 in dresses. The websites size chart places me at a medium, but would it be better if I got a large or extra large? I have 38" hips and I see that the size chart takes that into count as well. I would just hate to buy something and it not fit
TheKSChronicles (2 years ago)
your on a roll today <3
Amor Antasia (2 years ago)
Cee Jay (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharing love! ❤️
Q Rose (2 years ago)
Thank you so much! I'm loosing weight so i need to do some shopping soon so this helps 🌻
Amor Antasia (2 years ago)
no prob!
Tracy Wright (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharing!
Kayla Leary (2 years ago)
no you didn't hit fashion nova lmao! I love you
Amor Antasia (2 years ago)
lol thanks!
Tomeka Lynch (2 years ago)
have you purchased from these sites before? IVROSE how is the quality?
merida (5 months ago)
@Amor Antasia can you let us know in a video how was the quality?
Amor Antasia (2 years ago)
Yes all but Ivrose i just found the site this week but I'm ordering soon from them too!
NikkiBeautyBliss (2 years ago)
You are just gorgeous!
Amor Antasia (2 years ago)
thanks luv so are you! just subbed!
JoJo (2 years ago)
Go Jane is bomb!! ....
Asha&Co. (2 years ago)
Can you do a haul on the things you buy from them ?
Amor Antasia (2 years ago)
I will!

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