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Bodycam Shows Utah Cop Use Taser on Attacking Dog

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) ** Video footage captured by body cameras worn by two St. George Police officers shows an aggressive German shepherd lunging at the officers, and the use of a stun gun by one of the officers to subdue the animal in a May 3 incident. According to St. George PD, dispatch received a 9-1-1 call in which the caller could be heard arguing with someone, but hung up without talking to the dispatcher. Dispatch was able to confirm the address from which the 9-1-1 call was placed, and two St. George officers responded to the home. The first officer to arrive at the home saw an unidentified woman trying to leave the residence, and a man named Willie Mosher grabbing the woman by the neck and waist in an attempt to pull her back inside, the Facebook post said. “The officer called out to Mr. Mosher to stop and to come outside. Mr. Mosher let the female go at that time. Mr. Mosher then opened the door to speak with the officer. A large German Shepherd ran out past him and tried to bite the officer on the right arm. The officer was able to spin out of reach of the dog, as it ran into the unfenced yard,” the Facebook post said. According to police, a second officer then arrived at the home and the dog tried to bite him multiple times without provocation. “The first officer ran over to assist his partner. Mr. Mosher tried to take the dog inside but the dog went after both officers. The dog was tased at that time,” the Facebook post said. Other officers then monitored the German shepherd as it ran away, and an Animal Control officer eventually captured the dog safely, St. George Police stated. According to police, the Animal Control officer saw the dog becoming aggressive with a local student walking to school before it was captured. “During the incident, officers told Mr. Mosher to control and/or secure his dog, multiple times, but he did not. Mr. Mosher also did not intervene when he witnessed his dog attack officers,” the Facebook post said. St. George City’s legal department reviewed the case and concluded, in accordance a local ordinance, that the incident should be referred for an administrative hearing. “After reviewing the evidence provided by the parties involved, a hearing examiner made a determination that the dog was vicious and should be euthanized,” St. George Police stated on Facebook. “Upon reviewing the hearing examiner’s determination, City management has requested that a third-party animal behavioral expert perform an assessment on the dog to determine the next course of action. The City of St. George takes these incidents very seriously and will continue to do everything possible to ensure the safety of the public, our police officers and lives of the animals involved.” Donate to PoliceActivity: https://www.patreon.com/PoliceActivity Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PoliceActivity Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Police_Activity
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Text Comments (23007)
Tina Văn (1 hour ago)
US police are offending others
Missy Mayes (2 hours ago)
Losers! Drunken losers!
Mario X (12 hours ago)
That moran had like 50 opportunities to cooperate, I really hate drunk morans
Spencer Roach (13 hours ago)
I would fucking kill that cop what a fucking pussy
Mitchell Giebler (14 hours ago)
chicken shit pussies
MrMike3865 (14 hours ago)
Well we have a attack dog, and two idiot people high on drugs or alcohol. The police told them to restrain the dog which they didn't, and it almost bit two officers. It's not really the dogs fault, it is trained to act as it did and it is fortunate that dog did not get shot. I think the police acted correctly and they are not paid enough to deal with the idiots of the world
graham peebles (16 hours ago)
Mexicans are always afraid of dogs deport the cop
graham peebles (16 hours ago)
What is the cops definition of attacking the dog was just walking around if i had any say i say you chop both cops heads off
ben souri (16 hours ago)
womens are bitches
Steve O (17 hours ago)
Hahaha not so tough now huh
Dolly Queso (18 hours ago)
Seems like cops just makes certain situations worse...no one but the neighbors called em so get the fuck on! The dog is gone man, well get yo ass gone to tf!
Lauren Dorrell (18 hours ago)
Hes prob exited my doggy does that
SparkySlow (19 hours ago)
Tell you what happens that retarded officer came with bad energy dog attacked him... simple
Lɪᴛᴛᴇʟ Dɪᴄᴇ (19 hours ago)
*Everyone knows the cops that shoots to a agressive dog, they are idiots. However, i tolerate them.*
Ethan Watkins (19 hours ago)
You pull any gun, a nerf gun, and a dog sees it aimed at its owner, it’s gonna charge simply trying to protect. Put the guns down. Be a fucking man. Talk to the dog. Show it some fucking love and you’ll never meet a bad dog. Glad they didn’t kill it. “Props” to that. Either way that dog isn’t doing nothing but what it does. Protect, and remain loyal. That’s not the way you go about doing things at all. Dude seemed like he was listening pretty good and someone thinks because he has a badge, he has some real authority. Now I do know his dog should’ve been put up. Or on a fucking leash one. A dog doesn’t know any better. No sense in harming them at all
Ethan Watkins (19 hours ago)
Stupid fucking pigs
quirkless dirby (20 hours ago)
At least they didn't shoot plus the guy was praising the dog for attacking
Harley Walden (21 hours ago)
Someone please tell me why the drunks are not in - CUFFS!
EarnedMyResp3ct (21 hours ago)
PUT your paws UP!!
HONDATRAP (22 hours ago)
poor dogo i almost broke down crying hearing him cry and scream like that
CS_Fleischer (22 hours ago)
You do not just do that in animals, and then you do not do it with the best friend of the human being
Jim NORRIS (23 hours ago)
Whys that dam cop covering the Cam.he have something to hide
liverdamage (23 hours ago)
I feel like that woman hasn't had a good root in a while...
kedves büdös zsaru neked hogy esne ha sokkolnának remélem egszer megtudod
Sherwood Dungeon (1 day ago)
2:22 when you stepp on legos LMFAO
ladiesman1ate7 (1 day ago)
Fuck that dog
R6 Revbomber (1 day ago)
Pore dog 😰😰😰😰😰
Joseph Moore (1 day ago)
Fucking trash everywhere!
P ES (1 day ago)
These pieces of shit should be legally bound not to own pets.
Francisco arango (1 day ago)
candybar 99$ cents a pizza 6$ dollars watching a dog get tasered priceless 😂😂😂😂😂
Michael D'Andrea (1 day ago)
Anytime anyone comes up to my door, the dogs are put away. That way I can avoid what just happened in this video.
Kool Man (1 day ago)
Asshole dog owner
Piratdvd (1 day ago)
Полицейские кретины!
BethThePumpkin (1 day ago)
For the last time the dog didn't need to get shot the officers didn't have a right to shoot a dog that didn't attack they should get fired for dog abuse i am not kidding i am dead serious.
Ulises senpai (1 day ago)
Fuking suck
Navid Shahidi (1 day ago)
That’s why we saying to some man chicken specially these cops
chris comstock (1 day ago)
fuck cops...
WNxNokturnal (1 day ago)
My dogs been maced by police before. Never harmed anyone but police will use their weapons for their safety, they don't know the dog like the owner. Iusually give the dog a chance but if it bites or gets too aggressive it's game on
JC Evermore (1 day ago)
that fucking owner of the dog is so high
Sponsored Shop (1 day ago)
why do i feel like im the only one that feels bad for that dog?
Why Did You Fxrt (1 day ago)
they did the right move but it just hurts seeing a dog like that and then it runs away 😞
32 mgb (1 day ago)
cops recently are so ready to shoot a dog if it sneezes so props to the officers for doing everything they could to avoid tazing the dog, much less shooting it
YoYo (1 day ago)
at least they didnt kill it but he had to do what he had to do
Issa Diamond (1 day ago)
Yes I would’ve done the same damn thing fuck that dog
Matthew Taylor (1 day ago)
These cops are a bunch of pussies
Fucking cops so fucking shit cops tasing The dog What happend to The dog
Smack (1 day ago)
i mean at the time he tazed the dog it didnt look aggressive at all tbh
kipponi (1 day ago)
This is so useless shit.
The Review Man (1 day ago)
That lady should of got tased, what a bitch.
Harsha Subasinghe (1 day ago)
Definition of white trash!
Lex Scofield (1 day ago)
Least he is not dead 🙀
602crusher (2 days ago)
should have shot the dog and both druggies.
They are lucky they are white. Cos the dog was already kinda black so it would have been a doggycide, ownerscide, all kinds of death. The cops lives were threatened, that's death until proven otherwise.
kanne anme (2 days ago)
drecks bullen das war so unnötig den hund zu tasern abgesehen davon das er ihn zu lange getasert hat
Vint 24 ru (2 days ago)
Ну такое..
Kelly Brown (2 days ago)
Drunk in public. Prisoner. Take to jail. No more problem.
AM Z (2 days ago)
Fucking bitch should've grabbed that dog and put him inside the house.... I feel bad for the dog because he got shot and that he has such a shitty owner... but the cops did their job
rams s (2 days ago)
Drunk people and mad dogs.
Savitar (2 days ago)
So animal lives doesn't matter. Wtf
Lunar Singer215 (2 days ago)
That man is a very chill bro
nunchaku101 (2 days ago)
So they killed the dog., If any police ever kills one of my animals then their family will die in front of them.
Stephen Boone (2 days ago)
Nice of the officers to do this. Went through a lot of personal risk to choose a less lethal option here, could have ended badly if he missed or the taser failed.
Freesh Maan (2 days ago)
Sons of bitches
Catherine Rothe (2 days ago)
I feel sorry for the cops, they are damned if they do and damned if they don't.
fluffycuns Willoughby (2 days ago)
Dong Ha Lee (2 days ago)
the owner is a fixing moron
TUCOtheratt (2 days ago)
These people are probably the heads of their home owner association. Glad I live out of town.
Willie Fufu (2 days ago)
This dude is on some substances here, but even in the fog, he is able to deflect the conversation to the Dog and not incriminate himself.
Jeenius IAMa (2 days ago)
Should've shot the wife after tasing the dog. She let the dog out of the house on purpose
joseph Smith (2 days ago)
They both should've been arrested and the dog sent to doggie heaven, if you can't control your dog you shouldn't have a dog.
isai (2 days ago)
"i dont want to fuck with you but where is my dog?" hahahahaahhaha tf
Zach Johnson (2 days ago)
"We're code-4....kind of...?" Love it.
The Horror Keeper (2 days ago)
Better a taser than a fatal shot.
Bobertopgaming (2 days ago)
Would halft to be a dick to taze the help's dog
James Scott (2 days ago)
excellent restraint by those officers! But now I want to know if that bitch got arrested for being such a cunty bitch? Anyone know?
warghost (2 days ago)
How can two tweekers have such a nice home
Kyla Noah (2 days ago)
They should not have done that to the dog
se5d (2 days ago)
just shoot the fucking dog!!!!!
BigFire505 (3 days ago)
The dog is not to blame! It was necessary for the owner of the dog to insert three stun guns in his ass and twist them there!
Datbouldatknow (3 days ago)
That cop is a fucking coward all the dog was doing was barking it wasn’t even like it attacked him fucking pussy coward ass cop good for nothing cops!!!! These cops ain’t doing shit for society!!!! Fuck the police!! 100
Jeff Coyote (3 days ago)
They should not do that that is sad
Alex Dalton (22 hours ago)
Edwardioso well they didn’t kill it. they tased it to prevent it from attacking them
Edwardioso (22 hours ago)
no they are humans it is an animal they do not need to use weapons to defend their selves they could have just grabbed the dog an put it inside
Alex Dalton (1 day ago)
Jeff Coyote who gives a shit? The dog was attacking the police
IAintCheatin (3 days ago)
Better than shooting it
soderman82 (3 days ago)
Those people should NEVER BE ABLE TO OWN A DOG AGAIN ! I have 2 German Shepherds and they are very obedient to ME because I have put the time in to train them . They are SMART and with proper LOVE , CARE , and TRAINING they will REWARD you with OBEDIENCE , LOYALTY , and FRIENDSHIP unmatched by MOST HUMANS !!! Those owners were under the influence of drugs or alcohol or BOTH ! They let their dog out the front door with cops in the front yard ! They had NO CONTROL of their dog because they were INCOHERENT and HIGH on their drugs / alcohol ! This BEAUTIFUL DOG deserves BETTER than what these HUMAN ANIMALS have to offer ! To EUTHANIZE this dog would be an INJUSTICE to the dog and decent , caring , ANIMAL LOVERS like myself ! On the other hand , to EUTHANIZE these owners for their NEGLECT of protecting their dog would be JUSTICE DESERVED ! I know that sounds CRUEL and in REALITY would never happen but that is how I FEEL about these OWNERS ! FIND THIS DOG A NEW HOME WITH RESPONSIBLE OWNERS , DO NOT EUTHANIZE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugo Rebolledo (3 days ago)
... the dogs gone... Lmao
Turtle Productions (3 days ago)
So know one gonna talk about the fact that there is a not so friendly german shepard with no collar and tazer prongs in it loose in a neighborhood
David Lee (3 days ago)
Stupid ass cops....I us to respect cops till after seeing how trigger happy they are.....Cops shoot to kill anything that pisses them off...Ive only seen 3 out of 30 videos where lethal force was needed...But yet they killed all 30.....Sad....
Solid Rock (3 days ago)
Oh my god please just end both of these idiots. What a waste of oxygen
John lee j (3 days ago)
What will be if they are Senate?
Bitch ass dog
MOUNTAIN BIKER (3 days ago)
Kill those mother fucking dogs
Swagger Boy (3 days ago)
props to them for not killing the dog, but I cried when the dog did :(
Nina Weaver (3 days ago)
Dumbass owner
jpgr. mmt (3 days ago)
They don't have to be under arrest to be handcuffed if they are uncooperative, which would have made all this a lot easier.
Manimal58 (3 days ago)
I love cops, but I dont agree with how they handled the situation.
Toxic Man (2 days ago)
Why tase the dog he did not attack 2:23
pastuh (1 day ago)
They cant control dog. Taser can. Simple
J. Mardis (3 days ago)
Took the badass right outta that dog
Fornite fantasy 1 (3 days ago)
I’m so sorry I’m brother comment that
Fornite fantasy 1 (3 days ago)
Your a pussy just a dog
Cole Swindell (3 days ago)
Zzthese cops are stuiped
Louis Finto (3 days ago)
Autocorrect. I meant to say to you tase

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