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Jessica Rabbit - Why don't you do right

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Jessica Rabbit performs "Why Don't You Do Right" in the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) [HD]
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Text Comments (13374)
Zaknafein Aconite (5 hours ago)
This is such click bait. ...She looks nothing like a rabbit!
All ABOUT ANGIE (10 hours ago)
I swear her legs have no bone structure
Marisa Jade (13 hours ago)
And that is how Hentai started, kids. Lmao
DEL Pro (1 day ago)
AaaAaaaaa que delícia caraaaaa
寄生獣Kiseijuu (1 day ago)
Fallout new Vegas anyone?
i wish she was real
she is so sexy
RG200 Android (1 day ago)
Okay, after reading at the comments, I just realized I am the only innocent one. When I saw her, I didn't think anything. I just thought she was pretty and amazing and sang beautifully. Nothing at all. I didn't acknowledge anything that turned Everyone on. I was just a little kid watching a movie
BadBoi Pocahontas (1 day ago)
This movie was ahead of its time!!
Ohhhhh shit man I forgot how fuckin' *hawt* she is.
Luna De Chocolate (1 day ago)
Jessica's most voluptuos part of her body is her chest I mean the torax. Not her boobs, or less the butt but her huge torax 😂😂😂
Keith Kogane (1 day ago)
I just kept reminding myself; *Kids movie*
Water Nebula (1 day ago)
Pfft, she probably went to a cartoonist to get that character design redrawn
Braulio Morales (1 day ago)
queen ari (3 days ago)
Is it weird that I like her cuz she's haet
TRAB (3 days ago)
Se me movío el pene 7u7
Madison Gerlach (3 days ago)
She got nothing on Holli Would
Moist bread (3 days ago)
I feel bad for betty boop :(
xGreen Gamerx (4 days ago)
Aww don't cry Betty :( 0:41
Satire Zeby (4 days ago)
*Clears History*
Drake 20901 (4 days ago)
I luv this movie havent seen it in along time tho.
ItsPokeTeen (4 days ago)
who here from katzun??
Egg Nogg (4 days ago)
Yep I am definitely a lesbo
Harley S. Burgundy (4 days ago)
I am now on thoroughly convinced that there is no end to the comment section.
P u p e _ L u p i k a (5 days ago)
Mucha fantasía
久保恭兵 (6 days ago)
Agus Frace (6 days ago)
Betty Boop just cried ;;
NEKO Blazy (6 days ago)
The music is cool
•3•Alain •3• (6 days ago)
Me arriving to class
Nashina13 (6 days ago)
reasons why im gay
Kocmoport (6 days ago)
After reading Who Censored Roger Rabbit...Well...Let's just say I can't look at this characters the way I did before.
Gabby Nesci (7 days ago)
I feel kinda bad for Betty, she was totally upstaged by Jessica in the whole "sex-icon" stage.
Nia Jone (7 days ago)
1:50 *MOAN*
I feel bad for Betty. She legit started to cry-
Melina Louise (8 days ago)
This still a kids show?
Albhaa Husam (8 days ago)
I still can't believe this is disney Let's be clear creators make thier characters hot so that.... You know
Jean Gentry (7 hours ago)
It WAS Disney. They wouldn't do this today, standards have changed, people would outraged over such an overtly sexy female character.
Poor Betty Boop...
Oddball Studios (9 days ago)
Slightly slutty, always iconic.
Flor Elena Archyla (9 days ago)
Omg lana del rey cartoon
Shugendo Sama (10 days ago)
Can't wait to see japanese movie like this movie
Kakashi Chan (11 days ago)
Dayyumm what an inhumane waste!!!???!
Bonnie Roberts (11 days ago)
Everyone's asking how can she breathe. But I'm asking how can she *SEE?!* Like, *GIRL.* You looking like you're barely awake.
NickolioliRavioli (11 days ago)
No one is gonna talk about the big nut at 1:51???? 🌚
mariofallout 2929 (12 days ago)
The gohmmorah
Maya Playz and edits! (13 days ago)
Me arriving to school 0:01
finn's ex wife karen (13 days ago)
I'd bang
Malique Wallace (13 days ago)
2018 anyone
tacori Andreson (14 days ago)
Skinny legend
It always amazed me what was considered *kid friendly* back then ☺️
Lucia 2002 (14 days ago)
Am i the only one who ships Jessica with Betty Boop? No? Just me?
Lucia 2002 (9 days ago)
+Darwin ! yeah you are rigth, i used to love their relationship and how they were so different when i was younger
Darwin ! (9 days ago)
Lucia 2002 that would be cute and all but....roger and jessica are so amazing and cute
Maddy .I (14 days ago)
How to seduce someone? Live demonstration by a cartoon character.
Maddy .I (14 days ago)
Her boobs are bigger than my future.
Lucrecia Chilel (15 days ago)
I like how betty closed his mouth with her Perfectly good fingers
suzui ALV (15 days ago)
i love jessica rabitt
Crunchy Silver wolf (15 days ago)
Guccitae (15 days ago)
And thats when Nicky Minag and her twin Kim Kadarshian were inspired
Alex needs help CARL (15 days ago)
"How did you know you were bi sexual?" Me:
Sawyer (1 day ago)
Alex needs help CARL why is this an eternal mood
Edior Mrvn (15 days ago)
Roger is so tapping that, 24/7
Amy Anime lover (15 days ago)
I think I might be bi...
Dino Dare (15 days ago)
I think the reason I've never found Jessica Rabbit attractive is because I got ahold of anime first, and anime women in comparison to Jessica Rabbit...
Dino Dare (16 days ago)
Um, where do her insides live? This would be a huge health issue actually.
Bill Lune (16 days ago)
If I tried to walk like that I’d fall
COCOO BIRDIE (16 days ago)
Oh.... I'm gay now... Huh...
Gabriela Avila (16 days ago)
Im in love 😍
Uniqua Is Unique (16 days ago)
*a child’s porn*
Cupkake Katt (17 days ago)
Imagine if she gets pregnant
Revyn Mungcal (17 days ago)
Her boobs are literally basketballs!
Coda Music (17 days ago)
rabbit is cuming
Luk Duk (17 days ago)
I’m finna nut
HJ Yeager (17 days ago)
"She's married to Roger Rabbit?!" "Yea, what a lucky girl."
mysticalgamer aloy (18 days ago)
Savage and thiccc
LA fresh cake (18 days ago)
Frozen Fire (19 days ago)
I wanna get a boner but her waist freaks me out sometimes
kitty the cat :P (19 days ago)
Nathan Nguyen (19 days ago)
When I was little and I watched this first scene my first comment to my mom was "I want boobs like her"
Marisa Faith (19 days ago)
Get out of here Betty boop copy!! Betty get up there!😡
filename2 (19 days ago)
Well, time to go kill myself now. ☺
Djo Dessin (20 days ago)
The sexiest Disney movie never seen 😍
Lulu (20 days ago)
she turned me gay
incarceron1 (20 days ago)
The power of women in one scene ;p
Christopher Harris (21 days ago)
This is why I'm straight
støøfy Gäçhä (21 days ago)
0:33 just leave it paused and look at her foot XD
brianna veno (22 days ago)
Am i the only one that thinks her body is weird
Ruby Berrii (22 days ago)
musicaltheatergeek79 (11 days ago)
Hardly. I was 8 when the film came out. A lot of the innuendo went over our heads, though my male friends certainly did notice Jessica's figure. They weren't grossed out. Kids/teens today are infantilized beyond belief.
Vivi Chan (22 days ago)
Betty boops voice tho
Draca (22 days ago)
1:51 *1980s Male Orgasm*
noah ladimore (22 days ago)
how tf does she even digest food
Chance The Rapper (23 days ago)
Not my proudest fap...but it was my first.
Izz Comix (23 days ago)
is...is this what people want women to look like..? heck I'll never have a date in my life
Bellers 13 (23 days ago)
I just realized I’m Lesbian damn
TROLLZOR808 (23 days ago)
So many years and I still pop a boner to this not gonna lie
Recia Pickering (23 days ago)
i watched this when i was 5
Ashton Brown (23 days ago)
12 years ago holy crap
x x l x x (23 days ago)
Did I turn gay 😳
Descendant of a slave (23 days ago)
This is a Disney movie?
Pachuco Juan (23 days ago)
Jessica rabbit talk like beyoncé in las vegas live concert crazy in love intro
Makalea Conwell (23 days ago)
also she has the most accurate boobs ever
Makalea Conwell (23 days ago)
I watched the male version and instantly came back here and realized I'm really gay
Marlana Edwards (25 days ago)
I have known this movie ever since I was 8.

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