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Soya Bhurji - Soya chunks recipe - Healthy and EASY INDIAN Vegetarian protein recipes for beginners

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LOW FAT, HIGH PROTEIN Mumbai style bhurji. The best Soya Chunks recipe in my opinion Ingredients : 1)Soaked soya chunks 2)Onions 3)Tomatoes 4)Chillies 5)Salt 6)Red Chilli powder 7)Garam Masala 8)Turmeric Today, in my series on healthy indian recipes we're making a HIGH PROTEIN, LOW FAT, SUPER LOW CARB VEGETARIAN recipe in Indian style. More specifically, Mumbai Style. Today is my take on then classic and super easy Bombay bhurji, but its a healthy INDIAN VEGAN recipe. Soya chunks are super high in protein measuring about 52g per 100g. Purely in terms of protein (and thus health) there is nothing better for vegetarian bodybuilding and fat loss. Essential that every Indian vegetarian at least is aware of the health benefits of soy bean. So enjoy this healthy Indian VEGETARIAN recipe for vegan bodybuilding ;)
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Alex Peter (12 days ago)
Thank bro that was great recipe
sonu tripathi (16 days ago)
Kya weight lose k time use kr sktey ho isko?
Hetoli Shikhu (20 days ago)
Upasna Gupta (21 days ago)
Perfect receipe...very helpful..just loved it...thank you😊
XYZ person (27 days ago)
Doggie be like kya pakka rha hai BC😂🤣
That Girl (1 month ago)
It's super yummy
That Girl (1 month ago)
Why the ghee and not regular vegetable oil?
Saurav divedi (1 month ago)
The dog seems least interested in what your saying...🤣
nisha Jainani (1 month ago)
Seems your dog is upset with you 😆😆
Adnan Abraham (1 month ago)
It tasted like boiled soya chunk
Karan sharma (1 month ago)
Bro you looks like alia bhat
Taran Gill (1 month ago)
And it gives you manbobs
Abhishek Sharma (1 month ago)
Abe ye to Alia bhatt ka bhai Lagraha h
BHUSHAN DANGE (1 month ago)
Ye dogy q Etna udas hy.....?
Saurabh Thakur (1 month ago)
U cant eat 500 g soya in a day like chicken
UMA GANESH (2 months ago)
1st time seeing a new bhurji version Thankyu so much
sumurkhan kun (2 months ago)
who cant see salt before he mentioned..
yaaayyy we want more vegan recipies!!
YT user (2 months ago)
Thanks for sharing. God bless you
Priyanshu Android gamer (2 months ago)
Dog is like kya bakchodi kr rha hai ye chutiya .
Srth B (2 months ago)
Superb Video
Nidhi Princess (2 months ago)
Did u added salt😂😂😂😂
Shruti Mayekar (4 months ago)
Your doggo is sooooooo cute😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥
shruti ghadge (4 months ago)
Lovely would like to see your more healthy recipe
Jagdish Lad (4 months ago)
which is that light orange masala
Tulika Sharma (5 months ago)
Have u deliberately not added SALT ...
Danish Rizwan (5 months ago)
Is it good for weight loss diet program ?? I think every thing is good but not sure about the ghee and oil.... can't I use extra virgin olive oil instead. And can't we use pink Himalaya salt instead of regular white salt. Just to make this more healthy. Let me know what you think about the above suggestions..
Ba S (5 months ago)
Just what I need!
Sahil Shaikh (5 months ago)
Good and simple
nandini keswani (5 months ago)
okay, first of all. I can't stop looking at the boxer baby <3 <3 <3 <3
Vinod P (5 months ago)
You could have added organic salt like Himalayan rock salt
Satyaa Karn (6 months ago)
Abe bhai bolta kam h, aankh hanth jyada matkata h
D&D Productions (6 months ago)
1:10 I didn't know there was salt until he told that..
Subhakant Sahoo (6 months ago)
Where is salt ???? Kya ???
subash reddy (7 months ago)
Your pet does not seem to like vegi dishes
SURBHI AGRAWAL (7 months ago)
Ok best recepie fr chunks so far!🤩 what abt the dog tho😂
Bollywood clips (7 months ago)
Super video bro.. 👍🙌
U are soo health consious, then why u r wid a dog. Don't u no the diseases spread by dogs. What kinda stupid u r
Shubham Shinde (7 months ago)
Is there anyway I could get a MACRO Count for this ?
chandan chakraborty (7 months ago)
100gm soaked or hard soy chunks are contain 52gm protein?
Avantika Shrivastava (8 months ago)
We can eat all these masalas in diet?
SUNIL TRIVEDI (8 months ago)
Doing heavy reps is good or many reps in good for weight loss
matrixx hunt (8 months ago)
That dog..ohh poor buddy...he doesn't want to sit with him..
Shauzab Nashyaan (8 months ago)
People criticise those whom they can't compete... This guy is near perfection! his accent, fluency, physique, sense of humour, everything! He is a complete package a chich would crave for! Don't be jealous and start appreciating people for who they are. Thank you brother for this awesome recipe, would give it a try today for sure! Stay blessed!
gauravsharma346 (8 months ago)
How much calorie it is
Harish Singh (8 months ago)
Soya kachcha hai. Soya ko tel me khoob fry karte hai pehle.
Mita Mondal (8 months ago)
very NC recipe and ur dog is so.. cute 😊😊
ankit sundriyal (9 months ago)
Soya chunks do explain the amount of estrogens in the video
bee sting (9 months ago)
Dog's expression is hilarious when u say bye at end😁 recipe is good👌
Pranav Bhat (9 months ago)
Will I get man boobs if I consume soya chunks 2-3 days a week
Aman Jain (9 months ago)
When to take it??
karan sosa (9 months ago)
What are the macros of this dish
Subrataa Rout (9 months ago)
I like ur dog's name "GiGi" 😅😅😅😅😅
Anjali Singh (9 months ago)
He is not only male version of alia Bhat but he also speaks like her. And his expression are also like her. Imagine him and alia in a movie.
KASH Musik (9 months ago)
How to measure soy? Bro 100 gram dry or socked?
Easy life 30 (9 months ago)
Aaj he lete hai making soya bhurji challenge
Astha Mishra (9 months ago)
Grounded red chilli kills brain cells.
Adi Saxena (9 months ago)
I'm vegetarian and veg protien source
natasha singh (9 months ago)
Y is your dog angry
HUSSAIN IMAM (9 months ago)
Your dog is very cute
Dhiraj Pathankar (9 months ago)
The dog is like what the fuck he's talking about 😂
WILÐ〆 PANDA (10 months ago)
Wht about garlic and ginger???
Shivam Tyagi (10 months ago)
Doggo is like fuck uuh Let me go sleep
Jimin's jam (10 months ago)
Why that dig is sad!! Lol
Jimin's jam (10 months ago)
Why that dig is sad!! Lol
Sonal Tiwari (10 months ago)
Can this is used in keto diet but without onions and tomato?
RAXIT GAMIT (10 months ago)
Too much focus on protein, how about consuming spirulina??
KARTIK JHA (10 months ago)
52 in 100g?Bhai absorption capacity pta hai?
Noob Gamer (10 months ago)
Wben we have to consume this food is it better to take night after work out
Amaing 💖
kethan gatty (10 months ago)
i love your dog bro
whatever I do (10 months ago)
The dog surely didn't get any soya chuncks to eat.
Aditya jain (10 months ago)
Dno Tech (10 months ago)
Audio is bad Video great
Bhavana Bhatia (10 months ago)
20 grms Soya chunks means approx how many pcs??
Hussain shaik (11 months ago)
U cant compare soya chunk with chicken....
Sky Walker (11 months ago)
Legends says he squats 1000lbs now 🤮#dick head#fuaaaaaa
abhi ram (11 months ago)
Bro what is I add some egg also .... What's u r opinion
Jyoti Daryani (11 months ago)
That dog looks Soo annoyed or sleepy🤣
shubham dubey (11 months ago)
Look at the dog's expression 😨😬
Sweta Goyal (11 months ago)
Ohh really that was caramelised....
Sourabh Basak (11 months ago)
Awesome taste.. love it
Aniket vashisth (11 months ago)
ishika jajoo (11 months ago)
Make ur Style (11 months ago)
Creamy Kitty (11 months ago)
The dog looks ohh gawwwwdddd I was sleeping so happily I was so relaxed from where the hell he came from? 😥 Why is he shouting this much he's tearing my ear drums
Riri Gl (11 months ago)
Kya aap HINDI me baat nahi kr sakte?😑 I can understand english but hindi achaa lagta hai😢
rahul rastogi (11 months ago)
Bhai us 10gm soya me kitna high protein hogs vese
Anjali Anjali (11 months ago)
You look like Alia bhatt😌
Sonu Deshpande (11 months ago)
I love your dog
desi indian (11 months ago)
i see first male sheff on youtube ..unproffesional
Satvik Semwal (11 months ago)
Ur dog is like... 'E chal ka raha h be....?!!' 😂😂😂😂😂😂
rekha Tiwari (11 months ago)
I like it
Why can't I completely rely on soya chunks for protein requirements
AeroWilly 974 (1 year ago)
Very goog video thank you 😉
Deepak por las Indias (1 year ago)
Are lala ye kya bana diya junk food!!
Jigyasu Bansal (1 year ago)
Bhai but testosterone...
Vaibhav Rokde (1 year ago)
The dog hates you🤣😂🤣
Mohit Deswal (1 year ago)
Adding so much spices, then you are calling it healthy..
Devraj Kashyap (1 year ago)
Bro, any advice for lean muscles growth?

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