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10 Minor Style Mistakes That Are A MAJOR Problem!

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Text Comments (1450)
alpha m. (1 year ago)
THANK YOU (3 million times)!
michael II (1 month ago)
Just wish you would have mentioned NOT buttoning your shirt all the way up unless you are wearing a tie
Winter Soldier (4 months ago)
alpha m. You yourself is not immune to mistakes, no hate, check out your armpit at 4:33
James Nezos (4 months ago)
alpha m. 0
Savage boy (4 months ago)
Well done!!(4million times)
thanks to you because of your videos my life got more good
teto (1 day ago)
this is just sad, sad confined life teachings
Evangelos Liakos (1 day ago)
Those are some awesome pants! What is the brand?
vze1lat7 (2 days ago)
annoying! how could you if you have those earrings!
Elpidia Rasulo (3 days ago)
David Smith (3 days ago)
11. Iron your shirt
Sadik Toys Review (4 days ago)
Needed this video! Thanks, man!
David Slivinski (6 days ago)
Gentlemen don't shout, either. I'm sure you have a good voice. Just speak and it'll last longer.
Gadhsingh Rana (6 days ago)
NicolE Martina (7 days ago)
Whats the screaming about??
Mayar (7 days ago)
Can I see that shirt-tugger with not pants to see how comfy is that, good invention though :)
Dennis Grankin (8 days ago)
I'm sorry but was that a clip on tie? Why is that on the list?
Wongwongwong 1000 (8 days ago)
And always make sure, your girl friend can clean your apartment, bathroom, do your laundry, cook and iron your clothes.
Shaburu (9 days ago)
I have seen him in a porn
Wes TV (9 days ago)
Why do Americans yell all the time? I swear everyone I hear sounds like they are an infomercial selling me knives. And get the fuck over yourself, sure it's great to look your best but you look like a real estate agent. It's like a guy driving a big jeep - you just dont get it. Less is more.
Tinku Ghosh (9 days ago)
Man you are damn handsome and muscler
tx nightowl (11 days ago)
stopped @ 0.17. You're yelling. A real gentleman never raises his voice.
Noble Rot (11 days ago)
what a wanker!
Tilnaor (11 days ago)
Oh, the sweater shaver! I have exactly the same model that shown for less than a 2 dollars. Literally the best deal for my clothing.
J.L. Torres (12 days ago)
Your gig line is off You sicken me
600Marko (12 days ago)
Another major style mistake is unironed clothes
Clay Robinson (12 days ago)
Before I even watched this video, the first major problem I saw were the horrible fucking earrings you are wearing. Until you get rid of those, you don’t even need to open your mouth!
Alexadnan (12 days ago)
once i used to wear those kinda ear rings alot and i loved them. but now gay people took over that style😐
irishlostboy (13 days ago)
Good lord, your voice is pure torture. A text to speech program would be more pleasing to the ears. Your voice is precisely what a kicked terrier would sound like if it could speak English. I truly apologize for being so negative, but I came looking for information, and had to mute you after less than a minute.
Nelson Montana (16 days ago)
Earings on men have been out of style for a good 15 years.
Taz-on-the-loose Yusef (16 days ago)
ive got flat butts and a gigantic dropping beer belly, nothing seems to work for me
Funizwe Clive (16 days ago)
whos is he shouting at?
mikcall54 (16 days ago)
just don't let your KK&J snap off your sock and shoot up your leg...holy ballroom batman!
TJBLUBBS (17 days ago)
Who here thought that he would say kkk?
Scott M. Palmer (12 days ago)
Reminds me of Billy Mays from the Kaboom commercials; always yelling.
angow (18 days ago)
Major problem; man shouting at me!
Andrew Massanet (18 days ago)
He's yelling at me. Maybe I need it.
Shahid Khan (18 days ago)
Irritating 😠 You seems over confident and not working for me.
Daniel Schroeder (18 days ago)
You should do a video on what to wear to events like the symphony, holiday party, etc..
FatGuyInALittleCoat (20 days ago)
If you lint roll my face again imma swing
Romeo (20 days ago)
Alpha, I’ve been watching and following you for 3 years now, you become a good salesman. Congratulations. Go back to your old style of videoing.
rochford1000 (21 days ago)
Why is this guy shouting?
Lord Jock (23 days ago)
Fucksace are ye no ashamed of this shite ?
Dennis (23 days ago)
Now I'm exhausted!
TheEnzoferrari12345 (23 days ago)
stupid fucked up advertiser
Rogue Cynical (24 days ago)
Ik what gig line is thanks to jrotc lol
pahwagaurav410 (25 days ago)
Never said this to a guy... But... I love you man! Love your videos.. thanks for the much needed yet free advice .. keep it up 👍
Warpath1337 (25 days ago)
I hate the earing. Screams early 90s rat tail mullet having gay pirate.
Spoofy Swagger (25 days ago)
i dont even pay attention. i alt tab and do something else while listening to alpham. hes relaxing as hell. you guys should try it
axiomist (26 days ago)
You could start by taking off your ear rings. Wearing one was cool in the 70s (a looooong time ago), not any more. Two is for chicks. But hey, maybe you're wearing panties !
theboyfromcanada (26 days ago)
Why are you yelling?
Bryan A (27 days ago)
At least use a better shirt next time for illustration
TheHpe2 (29 days ago)
You noticed all that, once the sharp looking guy approached you? Bet you didn’t hear a word he said.
Coach Yates (1 month ago)
Wear antiperspirant
MrMah1987 (1 month ago)
Why have you visable undershirt on the video, and say it is not OK! Secondly, why ware a undershirt in the first place?
PUNIT (1 month ago)
You have become more like a salesman these days! 😢
Jaish Rastogi (1 month ago)
Ur body is good👌
Bornagain Hard (1 month ago)
Omg you can polish your belt! Subscribe.
TN Valley Yoga (1 month ago)
Good info, but be sure to buff off any extra polish on belts, buff twice just to be sure. Some dudes may like the distressed belt look though, it's not for me but some guys do pull this off well.
Giovanni Conigliaro (1 month ago)
un americano con due orecchini che da consigli di stile è come un cowboy che si cimenta nella preparazione del parmigiano reggiano
JohnDeeIsMe (1 month ago)
Young Joe Pesci knows what he's talkin bout.
Beach House (1 month ago)
Obnoxious loud voice but somewhat of a nice bulge!
josh (1 month ago)
how about the skin man?
Josh Stabler (1 month ago)
Man, I had to turn the volume wayyy down...
Steve Stevenson (1 month ago)
This video is a pile of shit. He has no idea what he is talking about.
Steve Stevenson (1 month ago)
With the sleeve rolling you really have put a problem that isn't really there.
Harry D LiVe (1 month ago)
That thumbnail, THAT THUMBNAIL !!! just remember me to my brother, always looks like drunk person even he drink fresh water 😅
3Fatboy33 (1 month ago)
Video starts at https://youtu.be/zTsmCUHLQkk?t=52
Tunavi Achumi (1 month ago)
too noisy
chivatech (1 month ago)
y r u yelling tho
Nick Bell (1 month ago)
For 18 easy payment of only $24.95 you can look soo good, you’d leave all the woman looking dead and drooling, but alive. All for under 25.. just kidding. I’m convinced to buy that because I’m an active mafucka
Nicu Dobrescu (1 month ago)
Very smart
Darren Walshe (1 month ago)
how could I possibly take advice from a man that wears 2 earrings lol
Tshepang Lemao (1 month ago)
first time on the chanel, like the intro
khenryhector (1 month ago)
It good to see that the spirit of Billy Mays lives on.
Gunit Sidhu (1 month ago)
Iunderstan Photography (1 month ago)
OMG visible undershirts are a no no to everyone except Navy officers, yet I see it all the time with business casual people in dress shirts
Edward Ashford (1 month ago)
Of course one's shirt won't stay tucked in with such a terribly low rise on the trousers; what's it expected to tuck into?
Dervisher (1 month ago)
Maybe don't wear dress shirts that are too tight/small for you and are pulling away from the buttons...
MD H (1 month ago)
I bought the shirt tail garter to keep my socks up and my shirt tucked in, but you can totally see them if you wear shorts. People were laughing at me even after I screamed its how Alpha wears them. Nice advice dude.
Pedro Neves (1 month ago)
lol you are so ugly , ring men without being on us force ahah
D0ct0rFun (1 month ago)
Why is he yelling? Afraid we won't pay attention?
trav v (1 month ago)
Man fuck all this shit but I guess that's why I look like a hobo right now.
Huda Hameed (1 month ago)
why u are shouting ???!!!!
Webster Branding Group (1 month ago)
Tie length solution: easy— bow tie or skip it. Outside of a special occasion, you’ll just look like your selling something ;)
Bruce (1 month ago)
When you said # 6 is showed #7 5:30
bittermoon29 (1 month ago)
Screaming babe.
Corey Gil (1 month ago)
Trying to tell us something buddy?
Maritime Trigger (1 month ago)
What about learning to use an iron?
Ken David (1 month ago)
Been polishing my belts 20 years ago
fuqoff aye? (1 month ago)
My body has a built in muffin top... No need for sock suspenders.
J PR (1 month ago)
I tend to agree mostly, but am honestly conflicted by most types of male body adornment - be they body art, piercings, earrings, etc. Perhaps it is a generational quirk, but outside of a wedding band and perhaps a collegiate class ring, unless you have had the rare opportunity to have earned a championship ring(s), having any other fashion ring, bracelet or necklace, is in my humble opinion, a style faux pax.
Mike Wood (1 month ago)
Always good tips but must you scream non stop.
ekahnoman (1 month ago)
Sounds like you're really insecure and far too concerned with everyone else's opinion, except your own. I care about my appearance, but I know there are more important things than my shirt being askew or my belt showing signs of wear.
Gaurav Panwar (1 month ago)
I am seeing your old videos to learn something. Thank you alpha........
Izrael moha (1 month ago)
His videos are ads
persil stover (1 month ago)
WHAT....You're using KIWI...the shame😞
Todd Addis (1 month ago)
I am and older guy. I haven't worn shirt suspenders since the Corps. Tried a pair from KKandJay and couldn't be happier. Great find! Thanks!
scooby doo nanek (1 month ago)
Dave Brakefield (1 month ago)
This guy sucks. Ashley is much better and what better to look at.
Eric Solo (1 month ago)
Naaah, stopped watching at 4:50 because in your attempt to sound enthusiastic and energetic you actually shout! They guy from Belvedere speaks in a soothing, calm and modulated tone, so much so that his accent isn't even annoying.
Eric Solo (1 month ago)
Why do you shout?!
Mohit Nagle (2 months ago)
i like your video and i follow yours tips ....... Thank you for this video
manny perez (2 months ago)
Stop yelling dude
b a (2 months ago)
This is Dennis and Charlie mix from its always sunny
Ricky Cue (2 months ago)
crappy thing about shirt guarders are when you sit down your pants look weird. I'll look into the "sock less" ones though.

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