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Huawei Lab RAIDED!?

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Text Comments (1918)
Aaron Lang (1 month ago)
Tom Clancy died like, a while ago
King Jaw (2 months ago)
You suck
MaxHedrm (2 months ago)
Seasonic still hasn't learned to spell Tolerance.
Rizky indra Pratama (2 months ago)
the missing of Malaysia MH370.. death of the chinese patent holder semiconductor.. and then the patent transfered to the only one person. sound familiar?
Jarrad Kertész (2 months ago)
xBakero (3 months ago)
Typical move from US government. They did this to Toyota back then.
Michael Jensen (3 months ago)
You kind of sound like Will Forte, which made this video even better.
Apin (3 months ago)
I'm watching this on my Huawei phone. I felt like I was being watched the entire time.
Caleb Hawn (3 months ago)
Yay, Windows apps in floating Windows. They should make a new OS with nothing but VR goggles called Windows 3D where it's nothing but floating Windows. Nothing but. Also, too bad for Huawei. They are not having a good year so far.
ricky v (3 months ago)
Not surprising. They are all over the news now a days. I wonder what will be the next big story that media will focus on? LOL
fdsaffff (3 months ago)
u.s. pennies are out in full force.
fdsaffff (3 months ago)
just because of this, my next phone will be a huawei.... huawei beside great photos please make it also great with music, cause I listen to a lot music when travel.... please make it like that my next phone.
SMUGL (3 months ago)
I got Huawei ad
mcfortner911 (3 months ago)
Chinese tech company stealing corporate secrets? SAY IT AIN'T SO!
Dr Inchinati (3 months ago)
China committing IP theft? NO WAY! WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT!!!
drsnowmon (3 months ago)
Last month Huawei's spy got arrested in Poland This is how China has been getting rich by stealing and ripping off without spending a dime on R&D This is the reason why I try to avoid any tech devices made in China
Mr. Moseby (3 months ago)
ill take the battery phone at full charge
David Lee Bass (3 months ago)
talk soup anyone?
Similak Child (3 months ago)
LOL! and what will America do when the chinese government does a raid on the Pentagon and Area 51 and other classified places?
I LightenStar I (3 months ago)
Huawei is shit.
TheMooskyFox (3 months ago)
Huawei has all of these problems right now and half of my school is buying Huaweis RIGHT now.
zz12345aaa12345zz (3 months ago)
ITS pronounced H as in House - HHHUAWEI
JSmith (3 months ago)
Huawei is so arrogant to run PR campaign flood web with Chinese article brain wash all Chinese, saying it's phone is the best and 5G is most advanced, years ahead. saying US just jealousy. so ridiculous.
Lee Holt (3 months ago)
GAWD do you want me to unsub and sub again? There is only so many times i can subscribe dang it.
logical memes (3 months ago)
uhh nuu
hisaharu274 (3 months ago)
It resembles "Hawaii"
Ali-W7 Ananza (3 months ago)
D # (3 months ago)
Tom Clancy died in 2013, so it couldn’t be him. But it could totally be Zombie Tom Clancy.
pbilk1 (3 months ago)
4:55 really, cool. I would say it looks better than Nike. Yet, I still would prefer a non-electronic version of self-lacing shoes made by Powerlace in Quebec. I can't wait for them to release there shoes after the Kickstarter failing (🙁). 🙂
Blaž Bohinc (3 months ago)
When it comes to game reviews, please for the love of god - don't take ANY advice whatsoever from LTT/TL.. They have no fucking clue.
Cory Vachon (3 months ago)
You too can now pay for Xbox Live and Switch online... Good times.
immaZebrah (3 months ago)
I can honestly see a VR environment where you run apps while playing games in a vr space being an alternative to buying a bunch of monitors to do the same thing. I can actually see this taking off.
Overbite Games (3 months ago)
Win J (3 months ago)
OMG the way you say Huawei is painful to no end. It's not WAwei..... It's Huawei.
James Bullo (3 months ago)
Hua Wei...not WAH Wei....
zyxwvutsrqponmlkh (3 months ago)
What the actual fuck. Reverse engineering is legal. Maybe they are in violation of contract law or some shit but on it's own there is nothing illegal about reverse engineering . If it was a patent infringement issue then no reverse engineering is required because the patent needs to describe how to make/do the shit well enough that anyone well versed in the arts could reproduce it, and it they cant then the patent is invalid.
Jeb Bush (3 months ago)
Is this Linus training his replacement?
pauljs75 (3 months ago)
Huawei seems to have this habit of building regional offices on the doorstep of other companies whose tech they want. So if you're either a specialist company or an upstart with something pretty novel in IT or electronics, keep that in mind. (Being at tech or industrial parks is convenient of course, but it's perhaps a bit more strategic in this case.) So this sting thing with corporate spying they got caught on is just a small peek at China, Inc.
Sean S (3 months ago)
been trying to tell people that Microsoft and Nintendo are going to join forces soon but they didn't listen.
William Hetherington (3 months ago)
Huawei is a Chinese word that translates to: "We dont make anything we just try to reverse engineer the stuff people get made at Chinese factories. We do this under orders from the Chinese government, and if we say 'no' Beijing will raid our facilities in China and imprison our management on trumped up charges."
Rowan Streeter (3 months ago)
Seasonic can't spell Tolerance.
All Day Therapy (3 months ago)
Linus, your shows just constantly make me miss G4 Tech TV. I miss Attack of the Show.
J Keezy (3 months ago)
The female CFO of the company was detained in Canada last year. A week ago the news was saying Huawei stole technology for a button pressing machine from a US telecom company. Now they're saying it's about a special type of screen that doesn't crack. Whatever you guys say.
Moop (3 months ago)
IMO running regular Windows apps overtop of 3D VR is definitely something architects and creative designers could use. A game dev, for example, would be able to run a level editor while inside a game world and change things on-the-fly. VR spreadsheets are only the beginning...
scuttle06 (3 months ago)
jon williams (3 months ago)
im avoiding all china videos of yours by the way...
Shrimp Zoo (3 months ago)
The energizer phones use AA batteries.
So Ho (3 months ago)
Chinese have no morals bann China they need to be punished.
Luke Darragh (3 months ago)
Tom Clancy is dead.
Josh Dyer (3 months ago)
News Headline From 2030: Google's Servers Taken Offline By ShoeNet Virus Yet another tech giant was targeted with a DDOS attack by a bot net consisting of thousands of smart shoes...
Josh Dyer (3 months ago)
Another Headline: Are Your Shoes Spying On You? The Truth Behind Smart Shoes
Roach DoggJR (3 months ago)
We all know how intellectual property is handled in China.
archont (3 months ago)
If the choice is to get spied on by the US at premium or get spied on by China at a discount, I'll go with getting spied on with a discount.
Erizon Santos (3 months ago)
That windows VR thing will be pretty cool.
Titan Top List (3 months ago)
Did I hear Titans?
Wu Li (3 months ago)
Since WWII, all of Europe has complained that the US government uses submarines to tap phone lines and steal their technology. Legally, all you have to do is get the patents and copyrights first, and Alexander Gram Bell bribed the patent clerk to obtain the patent on the telephone over a previous submission.
Wu Li (3 months ago)
Big data is big money, and big money is going for copyrighting and patenting the laws of nature.
Weluv Muzik (3 months ago)
Why are the reaching every five seconds to their pockets?
Hunter Steiner (3 months ago)
Did any find an Arsenal key?
WetBob SpongePants (3 months ago)
OH WOW - Naked mods for my Excel spreadsheets. 2 Vaginas + 2 Peni = 1 party
WetBob SpongePants (3 months ago)
PLEASE...someone come up with something China can steal that will blow up in their face repeatedly. Might not stop them but would make them think. OH right you are NOT allowed to think in China.
ClassyJack (3 months ago)
The Chinese steal every piece of tech they can get their hands on, this should not be a surprise to anyone. The sun shines, fish swim, birds fly, and the Chinese will steal your tech.
Alex Kostakis (3 months ago)
Im wathcing this on huawei 😍😍😂
Perry Sy (3 months ago)
Riley's wife is sooooo lucky.
JB fctory (3 months ago)
dude, you should have researched this more, this is far worse things Huwauai has done with corporate espianage.
advancedlamb (3 months ago)
Wow...we arent able to look at arrangements of atoms in order to copy them without the greedy hands of lazy capitalists pretending they've been faulted
Toned Out Media (3 months ago)
Lmao China stealing tech? nothing new
VitoTheo (3 months ago)
Stolen comment
VitoTheo (3 months ago)
Why are the FBI such assholes right now.
Ricky Jassal (3 months ago)
To be honest, Akhan is STUPID to let ANY CHINESE company look at their design. They are born thieves lol.
DevilD (3 months ago)
26 new phones, that is just stupid. casual ppl will not know what model to buy and will end up buying another brand instead
Chicken Bits (3 months ago)
I have to charge my shoes now?
Noah (3 months ago)
XBOX Live is retarded, you are literally paying them to use your OWN internet. on PC multiplayer is free, not to mention mouse and keyboard are better for gaming but I wont get into that rn.
Martin Lyne (3 months ago)
Somebody tell Seasonic that it's spelled "tolerance" not "tolearance"
matthew giddens (3 months ago)
I just played Fortnite last night for the very 1st time. W/ a controller on my Samsung DEX(Note9)....I was paired with TFUE...and from what I understand he primarily is a PC player.....needless to say it was pretty awesome
馬鹿Godly (3 months ago)
It's my way or the HuaWei
Cem Yalçın (3 months ago)
But can it run Minecraft
Byproducts (3 months ago)
So I have a super important question about the Energizer phones. Will they be available in the North American market? Because currently they have some really nice, reasonably priced phones that, as far as I can tell, are not available in the States/Canada.
R1AZ 5UD33N (3 months ago)
better make devices charges from our palm
Captain Ofiheart (3 months ago)
Watch Apple get raided in China next.Apple didn't want another company making cheap products to rip off sheep, that's their job
FloorManiac (3 months ago)
.....Canadians, cant live with em, cant live without em.
BerserkJeffy (3 months ago)
So, you did read that the Energizer phones are being made by some french telecom that just licensed Energizer's name for phones, but you didn't spin the headline that way? These are probably going to be garbage, since they even say they're unveiling 26 new phones. Who produces 26 new phone variants at once? Also, Mediatek processors for the lot. It's probably worth mentioning that they previously promised to release a phone with either 14k mAh or 16k, can't recall, but that never came to fruition either. Probably be about as good as a DOOGEE phone.
SALAMANDARNI (3 months ago)
I love riley
Matthew (3 months ago)
Them: A Chinese company tried to steal technology!!! Me: NO. REALLY? WOW. And people wonder why Trump hates the Chinese.
peter holm (3 months ago)
moral of story , dont trust cina, dum ass, dont buy their product.
Pierre Paolo Jordan (3 months ago)
Smart lace. Yeah!
MajinHurricane (3 months ago)
Don't forgot Huawei destroyed Nortel.
Punished Venom Snake (3 months ago)
China is a modern day *_CANCER_* to the world.
Procker Dark (3 months ago)
if you think about it, copyright is against capitalism and free market, it stops innovation and progress, copyrights need a big government to be inforced and won't be a thing without a government
NanoPi (3 months ago)
Guillaume Pigeard (3 months ago)
How are you suppose to stress test a piece of glass if not by trying to break it ????? Plus admitting that unbreakable glass was given back "smashed into pieces" is not exactly the best advertisement Akhan could do...
Callie Wickham (3 months ago)
Anyone with half a brain know that Chinese tech companies are just Chinese spies
Sea Panther (3 months ago)
There's more to this story. They are mixed up with the Clinton's scandal. They are done.
John Wilson (3 months ago)
Nowadays, who trust our media? Fake news all over. You simply copying contents from other media without digging into the event or searching for proof to back it up? Well, I'm not dumb enough to buy it.
Vixen Creatives (3 months ago)
Reverse engineering is morally equivalent to stealing from a cash register.
Zach Crawford (3 months ago)
I would rather companies do what Huawei tried to do than what Apple does.
gypsygib (3 months ago)
Apex is awesome.
Roberto Vargas Guzmán (3 months ago)
FBI wants to know your location.
Troll Slayer Loganshire (3 months ago)
I mean they have connections to the Chinese Communist Party what did you expect.
Reyes Wong (3 months ago)
Americans are afraid of their device market😂 Huaweii already beat Apple and I am using one right now Nova 3i😂 It is better than Iphone cause it is cheaper and the 5G technology is already overcomed by them. See ya American market. But I will still buy your Nike that are made in China😂
E24 Schark (3 months ago)
Fuck Huawei, Fuck Chinese government

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