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Premiere vs Final Cut Pro: Best Video Editor 2018?

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Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut Pro: Which is the best video editor for you in 2018? (A lot has changed since our last Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere comparison!) -- LINKS -- Software: ► Adobe Premiere Pro: https://primalvideo.com/go/premiere ► Final Cut Pro: https://primalvideo.com/go/finalcutpro Video Templates: ► VideoHive: https://primalvideo.com/go/videohive Related Videos: ► Best Video Editing Software for Windows 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDQheH_pABA ► Best Video Editing Software for Mac 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPzXj-tkpPI Affiliate Links used where possible! *** GEAR WE USE *** https://primalvideo.com/gear 🚀 Join the Primal Video Accelerator waitlist: https://primalvideo.com/pvaccelerator 🚀 Learn how to build an audience, generate new leads on autopilot and SCALE your business with video step-by-step in our fast-track Primal Video Accelerator program! -- ~ Learn the ULTIMATE Process for Editing Videos Faster (FREE DOWNLOAD): https://primalvideo.com/the-primal-video-method/ ~ Subscribe to Primal Video weekly updates: http://primalvideo.com/subscribe -- Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut Pro: Best Video Editor 2018? -- When it comes to Video Editing Software, I get asked all the time “which is better - Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro?”. I personally use BOTH Premiere and Final Cut. Each has its strengths and weaknesses for different projects, and getting the best out of both packages saves me a ton of time working across a broad range of video projects... But for the vast majority of editors just one is enough, and deciding which is the best video editing software for you and your ideal editing workflow can be tough. A lot has changed since our last comparison of the two, so in this video I run through my updated thoughts on both editing packages, focussing on the key things you need to consider when choosing between Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro! ********** GEAR WE USE: http://primalvideo.com/gear Check out all the gear we use and recommend at Primal Video! ********** --- Related Content --- - Best Video Editing Software for Windows 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDQheH_pABA - Best Video Editing Software for Mac 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPzXj-tkpPI - How to Make Animated Titles for Video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRyTnOiAnsQ #BestVideoEditingSoftware #VideoEditingSoftware #VideoEditing #AdobePremiere #FinalCut #FinalCutPro DISCLOSURE: We often review or link to products & services we regularly use and think you might find helpful. To support the channel, we use referral links wherever possible, which means if you click one of the links in this video or description and make a purchase we may receive a small commission or other compensation. We're big fans of Amazon, and many of our links to products/gear are links to those products on Amazon. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and related sites.
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Text Comments (421)
Sam Pomare (21 hours ago)
FCPX for me. One off purchase instead of monthly payments.
Good choice!
Elazar Wells (1 day ago)
I used both
Nice! We do too!
B Studios (6 days ago)
I use Final Cut Pro to edit - My first video that was edited by me in Final Cut Pro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK-KHTBL1pc
Popcorn Studioz (7 days ago)
I dont think anybody likes premire anymore since its on the cloud, so expensive, rather buy a mac and get final cut, my opinion
Because stand (10 days ago)
Hi I need your link I want to talk to you t on your of lie
One year of using Premier pro is the one time price of Final cut PRO!! like it's mind-blowing to think about.
Pretty crazy!
Fancy Animal (12 days ago)
My summary of Premiere after 1 year of use. -Text tool is a nightmare. Good luck trying to click on existing text. -The editing playback speed is glacial and grainy. -The audio comes and goes, and requires toggling Mute and Stereo buttons. - It crashes at least 2 times per session...on a PC. -The trim tool clips behind the selection, rather than in front. -There's no motion tracking other than motion blur. - There's no video screen capture. - Clicking 'save as' crashes the program 50% of the time. - Encoding is excellent, but slow even with Hardware enabled. Don't wait until your deadline to encode. - It creates an obscene amount of cache files that fill your drive regardless whether you auto delete. If you don't delete those files, your video audio will not load. - Encoding any text triples your encoding time. - Opening another premiere file corrupts your existing file. - Work space panels will disappear and you can't get them back. -The program launch time is so long it triggers the "not responding" message. I only use Premiere because I have to. Seems like Justin is on the same page.
Fancy Animal (9 days ago)
Justin Brown - Primal Video I'm a novice user. I can only imagine the stuff you run into.
Classic Premiere! It's been going okay recently but I feel your pain!
Anh 4 Just Life (15 days ago)
Hello Justin,Can you recommend a windows version app just like FCPX? I just start out so just want to pay one shot and an easy use app.Thanks
Ninja Shhh (16 days ago)
Thanks man. Video was helpful🤙😎🤙
So awesome to hear it! 😀
Fantasy Underdogs (20 days ago)
I feel like i've been loosing my mind with all of the bugs and crashes on premiere. I am considering buying a mac and switching to final cut. Do you think that is a good call? I feel like I spend more time dealing with bugs and waiting for rendering and converting than I do editing with Premiere ATM.
Premiere can be annoying at time, I haven't encountered the same problems on Final Cut so it might be a worth while step (although pretty expensive step)
Josh Vlogs (29 days ago)
FInal cut pro is better sorry people who use and prefer premiere pro
Both have their pros & cons! Glad you like it!
Is FCPro good for adding an animation over your video (like an avatar character)? Thank you. : )
If your avatar is already created and you're just dropping it in, then yes!
Nimrod levy (1 month ago)
I always choose not to use Apple products. period.
Slambo (1 month ago)
i like your point bro
John Crawford . (1 month ago)
all of these reviews are baloney, Anybody know of a basic final cut Pro X review that is done by a rather senior person with experience?
Steve the Bartender (1 month ago)
I'm using Movie Studio Platinum (formerly Vegas Studio)...I bought a $4,000 mac about 8 months ago (long time PC user) specifically so I could get Final Cut... It frustrated the hell out of me seeing as A) I was new to the software and B) new to macs... I ended up returning the mac and went back to Movie Studio... I've had Adobe Premiere on my PC for at least a few months now but have yet to start using it...... next upload I'll start experimenting! Great video and thanks for sharing Justin!
That would have been a big jump! Good luck with Premiere! Thanks Steve 👍
Sam Silk (1 month ago)
Time has come to consider Davinci Resolve as a serious challenger... And it's free!
👍 👍
Kingiam LaCosta (1 month ago)
I’m a filmaker and I’m switching to Final Cut Pro... premieres is too damn slow for editing and exporting take forever ... also its 53$ a month for everything
Good plan!
Tay Gumi (1 month ago)
Do not get me Wrong but I hate Programs were you have to pay every month. That's why I am also switching to FCPx aaand because I am a Student. I use a Hackintosh and plan to buy an MBPr. I am extremely surprised how much better the Workflow is in MacOS in Comparision to Windows and Linux, even on an old HDD. :DD Love it, also the Trackpad. <3
Max (1 month ago)
Final Cut export speed just drops the mic on Premiere Pro BUT it's only able to do it because of it's aggressive caching. It renders everything in the background while you work which can eat up a ton of hard drive space
Yes the background rendering can be a bit of an issue sometimes
Could you please do one on filmora 9 for the mac. Maybe against davinci resolve? I've tried using davinci resolve but it was too difficult and advanced for me i feel as i couldn't find half of the edits or effects and it wasn't as smooth using as say an imovie. I have been interested in filmora as it looks easier but have not heard good things about the software. I feel like i need to level up from imovies but looking for something free while i still practice my skills and system knowledge
Matthew Hinspeter (1 month ago)
Specific Personal Training I use Resolve and I really enjoy it. For color grading it is leagues better then anything else I have used and I find the editing to be hard but very viable.
DAVAD M DAVAD (2 months ago)
Justin, I am about to buy a computer and this very issue has got me stymied. I am a long time crap level editor (from 80's 3/4" Sony RM80s to 90's Pinnacle, 2K Canopus, to 2015 Sony Vegas on PC) and am finally getting enough money together to A. pay for Adobe Creative Suite per month, and B. buy a system that will be fast enough to actually create videos that are 'broadcast ready' or at least decent looking. I could buy a 27" iMac at $7000 which is steeeeeep, or a $3000 PC that would be wicked fast. I9? likely. I have always been impressed with iMacs. The way you can seemlessly and quickly render previews of complex animations and other graphics right in a timeline or; back when DVD creation was still a thing, DVD Studio Pro would really blow my hair back with how easy it was to create amazing menus on the fly...etc. At this point, the only reason I would buy an apple iMac is because I would want to turn my attention to Final Cut Pro. I am very uncomfortable with apple, but I can learn and that's just a learning curve. And I would, in time, conquer all of it, including Final Cut's tiny nuances. I'm a manual reader. But then I worry that I may be missing out on what is essentially, industry standard for lots of folks, Premiere and After Effects. I am a Photoshop user and know a little of everything, Audition, Illustrator, even DreamWeaver, for all that's worth at this point. So, here is my most important question: If I stay with PC (which I have been with since there were PCs), do you think that the newest version of Adobe products can now finally compete with the sorts of easy drag N drop graphics that have been around with Apple since Final Cut? Is Adobe finally up there in terms of ease of graphics use? And further, is Final Cut basically a fusion of After Effects and Premiere for MAC? BTW, great lighting and very nice editing. D
alms baasha (2 months ago)
Thank you soo much for this video, I’m going with Fcp 😁🙌🏽
No problem, nice choice!
APTECHTV (2 months ago)
APTECHTV (2 months ago)
Love made in Japan (2 months ago)
So basically: if you're a one man band: FCP, if you have to work with network of non-paid movie school students as interns Premiere.
riley fishing (2 months ago)
none imovie
John Richardson II (2 months ago)
Hi Justin, is Final Cut the same as Filmora?
Final Cut has more features and is a bit more advanced, it really depends what you need for editing
MrEcted (2 months ago)
Great comparison video! One thing that might be worth pointing out is the pricing model. With Adobe you're going to be paying $240 a year if you buy the year up front for an individual license (otherwise it's almost $380/year if you go month-to-month). It's a SaaS model (software as a service) so it's really not yours, where with Final Cut you spend $300 and it's yours to keep forever.
Good point!
Carrie Reagh (2 months ago)
Thank you. Much to think about.
No problem Carrie!
Yildiz Bünyamin (2 months ago)
I would like to use FCPX but I'm a windows user :(
Love made in Japan (2 months ago)
Just do! You have Intel hardware so you can. Look up High Sierra or Mojave virtualisation.
Chris Penney (2 months ago)
Premiere Pro and Vegas Pro(I am baffled why no one respects Vegas Pro.)
Toy Dog (2 months ago)
I just have the need to get away from Adobe as far as I can.
Erik Battle (3 months ago)
I use FCPX, but I've begun working with Premiere.
Nice! It's good to know both!
ThatGuyHudson (3 months ago)
I like premiere pro. Honestly I hate final cut. I use a ton of Adobe products so it’s much easier for me
If you're used to the Adobe Suite, Premiere is definitely the way to go!
MariNate (3 months ago)
FCPX easily.
Jaz B (3 months ago)
I think I will switch to final cut now!
Jaz B (3 months ago)
Final cut looks quicker to knock out work!
Definitely a quick editing experience!
Thapa’s Vlog (3 months ago)
I like your videos thanks 🙏 and subbed to you plz subscriber back Justin thanks 🙏
Video Show (3 months ago)
I think, if you're editing FCPX is better 'cause it's easier. Premier is hard to learn and really complicated to use, but if you want pro videos i think premier is a better choice. For just a gaming video or a vlog you can use both of them same, but if you're doing a short film, or something complicated i think premier is better!(Of course, a lot of people don't think it the same, that's only my own comment)
I think you're on to something there! It definitely depends on what you are making!
nathalienatalie (3 months ago)
I’m using adobe premiere pro right now and it’s EXTREMELY slow, I’ve been working on an intro for like 5 hours 😩
a55a55inx (3 months ago)
I really like the simplicity and "smooth-ness" of Final Cut and I use it every day at work; the only drawback for me is how FCPX handles image sequences. It's much easier to import and use image sequences in programs like Premiere and After Effects, while FCPX requires a few steps before you can use them properly. Plus, each image comes in as an individual file in the browser when you first import them vs a single image sequence file in the other programs. FCPX is still a great program to edit with, but if you use image sequences in your workflow, it may be something you want to consider.
Good point!
Tania Busko (3 months ago)
Hey guys, which editor in your opinion would work best for kids youtube video (with lots of effects and animation)?
Depends what you are using for the effects and animations... premiere works well with after effects and Final Cut with Motion!
penkata drums (3 months ago)
Hello, guys. Where do I find this Hardware Encoding setting you were talking about? Is this a new option only on CC 2018? Because I'm running 2017 here... and I also have an AMD chip, but still wondering just where that option is... Thanks!
penkata drums (3 months ago)
@Justin Brown - Primal Video Thank you!
Hardware encoding can be found in a drop down menu when you set up your project and also when exporting, it may only be on 2018 and 2019...
Tamer Bekir (3 months ago)
You forgot one huge one- paid and owning outright on FCPX vs monthly payments to AP.
True true!
Mother Daughter Date (3 months ago)
FCPX just easy
FlyingFilmsHD (3 months ago)
Final Cut, faster.. pay one price, and still gets updated so.. why buy premiere?
Maskah leo (13 days ago)
thepiratebay, bittorrent
FlyingFilmsHD (27 days ago)
Don Espoleto wish it was free
FlyingFilmsHD (27 days ago)
Don Espoleto um yeah it’s an Adobe app
Don Espoleto (1 month ago)
What? You bought your premier? Thats weird. I didnot know you have to pay that. I just typed premier in the search bar of my torrent and i installed it right away.
MrEcted (2 months ago)
The only real reason to use Premiere is if you work for a company that uses it and are forced to. Otherwise for a vast majority of "prosumers", if you own a Mac then FCPX is FAR FAR better.
NANI PAGADALA (3 months ago)
Which software is the best for beginners
Test out iMovie or Adobe Rush first and then work your way up to these :)
bmf 456 (4 months ago)
as expensive as mac computers are, they should include all these programs by default, these computers are meant to work with these programs and to buy them separate is just not right imo
It may put the price up even more if it was included...
game1414 (4 months ago)
FCP is so much better to use. PP is to complicated. To many windows and the timeline is horrible to control
Oof’mation (4 months ago)
Premiere is really ment for windows, so on Mac it’s gonna crash but on windows it will be a lot better.Seriously I don’t think that this guy knows what he’s doing
Fleur Jolley (4 months ago)
when im editing in final cut sometimes when its rendering or exporting the video it freezes up my entire laptop (macbook pro 2017), do you know why this is?
Bummer, I haven't experienced this.. If it crashes at the same time each time then you could work out roughly where in the edit there's an isssue and try removing any effects or even footage at that point to help you work out what's causing the issue. Once you've worked that out then you can look at how you're going to fix the issue. Another thing to try would be to clear the cache / render files for the project
Arthur Venkip (4 months ago)
premiere pro is the best
I mean yeah it is a pretty solid option! 😀
Trey Queen (4 months ago)
I use Premier Because in college that's what I learned on and have become so used to it I'm reluctant to switch. However the monthly cost of Premier is picking away at me and Final Cut is looking better and better since I can pay for it out right and be done. I also use illustrator and lightroom regularly so it makes sense just to mesh them, but I really do not like the subscription.
ad mash (4 months ago)
Tsunami 625 (4 months ago)
This video helped clear things for me. The decision came down to which program is able to run on both Mac and PC. I have a MacBook Pro for some editing and the PC for the work load. Guess Premiere Pro is the way to go for me then..
Glad this helped!
Oh, and there is absolutely *_nothing_* better about Lumetri. Seriously. In fact, if anything, it's *_much_* more limited than what Final Cut Pro X's built-in color correction tools have to offer. So, again, I don't know where you're getting this from (lack of knowledge/experience?). And while you were on the subject of saving and crashing, I would have thought you'd have mentioned the fact that there *_is no saving_* in Final Cut Pro X to begin with. And even if it ever did crash, you lose absolutely *nothing* . You restart FCP and simply continue from the exact same spot you left off, without even having to think about it. You also need to look at "PostLab" for example, then we can talk about how "awesome" you find Adobe's comparatively clumsy, unreliable "Teams". 😏 Also, mentioning (and praising) the "Motion Essentials" feature without pointing to the fact that Motion's integration in Final Cut Pro X in *_exponentially_* better than PPro and AE's is a truly unfortunate "oversight". Never mind that the "Motion Essentials" feature was literally, if only very poorly and rudimentarily, copied from that exact integration of FCP and Motion. Titles and animations? Really? That's all? How about custom generators, transitions *_and effects_* , too? In actual realtime? Makes the whole "Motion Essentials" thing look pretty silly in comparison, don't you think? 😄
Appreciate you taking the time and sharing your thoughts on this video Robin.
Sorry if I have absolutely no clue as to why collaborative editing as such could or should play into the whole thing i.e. how in the world it is worse, less likely or (as you seem to suggest) impossible with Final Cut Pro X of all things.
👍will check out PostLab
@Justin Brown - Primal Video No, not in so many words. Which is why a wrote "as you seem to suggest". Meaning that by singling it out as a (for you) special go-to PPro feature one could be lead to believe that collaboration is somehow worse or even somehow not possible with FCP. Where, by mere virtue of the library paradigm and database driven foundation of FCP, it's in fact even much easier and far less error prone even without any additional app or system, since there are no relinking issues etc. upon exchange. But, yeah, I'll give you the cross-platform aspect. But even then, thanks to FCPXML (with which I'm not talking about the age-old XML version that PPro uses), exchanging projects with other NLEs, e.g. Resolve, is exponentially more powerful and solid. And again, I highly recommend checking out "PostLab", which is unparalleled and FREE collaboration environment.
Never said it was impossible, we do it in FCP and it's now even easier with the Frame plugin too.. it's just MUCH easier in Premiere
Media Buster (4 months ago)
Who the hell wants to pay a monthly fee forever to edit? I'll go up against anyone with FCPX against adobe premiere and finish much quicker.
Hueman Creative (3 months ago)
People that use more than just Premiere from the adobe suite.
George Rooney (4 months ago)
why repeat the same thing twice at the start? waste of time
Jared Valkki (4 months ago)
Really amazing video! I've been using Premiere professional every day for the past 5 years. I've honestly had enough of all the bugs and codec glitches. I'm willing to finally give Final Cut a try.
Cool, good luck!
michaos1 (4 months ago)
8:20 Resolve(d). All this stuff should be made within a SINGLE app, no switching, bridging, importing/exporting. Just another workspace/tab in the same app. It is the future.
Why the hell is it so hard to find? : cr-dl.top/?f=finalcutproxmac .
Daniel Ross (4 months ago)
I'm a pro in After Effects so Premiere will always have a home in my heart. I left FC at version 7 but Im going to get X under my belt just for versatility. The more you know, the more useful you can be as a freelancer as well.
Nice! It's definitely handy to be able to jump and switch between them
Pattaya Blues (4 months ago)
Premier is so damn buggy and can’t stand the monthly fee. It really gives you a lot of tools and capabilities though
simianinc (4 months ago)
As an FCPX user, I'm curious to know how Premiere handles Multi-Camera editing and syncing audio and video from multiple sources
Aditya Verma (4 months ago)
But premiere comes with Peter McKinnon
Hahaha well that's true
Tung Le (4 months ago)
Hi Justin, I have a 27" 2017 5K iMac with i7-7700K (supports QS) but for some reason I CAN'T get Premiere Pro to do Hardware Encoding. It says "your system's hardware does not support hardware acceleration..." Do you have any suggestion?
blackfire (4 months ago)
My brothers 15” MacBook Pro somehow beats my $4000 pc on rendering.I now considering buying a MacBook Pro,however I play games that’s why I bought a pc. I was using his Mac and macOS is buttery smooth even than my pc
BlownMacTruck (1 month ago)
You buy the right tool for the right job. Only a fool would force himself to use a compromised tool because it also place games.
Greg Stonham (4 months ago)
Really appreciate the even-handed review - I'm setting up some video workflows and systems for a new job and given that I'm starting from scratch, am considering Apple/FCPx for the first time in my career. Nice to have an unbiased opinion.
Thanks Greg!
PurpleEnforcerx (4 months ago)
At least FCPX is a one-time-payment... unlike Premiere Pro ;-;
Karby (4 months ago)
what did u use to edit this video?
Premiere for this one
what would be a comparable editor to premiere on a PC rather than apple?
returntosophie (4 months ago)
I've been using iMovie to edit my videos and still can't decide between final cut pro or premiere! lol but this was very informative thank you!
alms baasha (2 months ago)
returntosophie oh cool! Thanks for the update:)
returntosophie (2 months ago)
I did the free trial for both and went with Final Cut Pro! Thanks for the advice guys
alms baasha (2 months ago)
I’m still deciding too 🤦🏽‍♀️but I think I’m going to go with Final Cut Pro Bc I’ve been hearing from A lot of youtubers that premier keeps having problems or it downloads slow sometimes, but no complaints from Final Cut Pro other then people saying it’s advance 🤷🏽‍♀️ but Dont bother with Adobe too much complaints, So hope that helps 😌
Love made in Japan (2 months ago)
I really wonder how iMovie compares to FCP? If basic functionality is the same (fast magnetic timeline, title generators, audio processing and XML structure) it might be a good alternative for me, but I can't install it. Should call Apple.
HerreDePerre (2 months ago)
returntosophie try the free trial
George Fenrich (4 months ago)
OVERLOAD; If I had been doing video editing for some time I would have a clue what all this means... but now I'm ever more LOST!!! I hear that you have to pay Monthly with Adobe products??? and yet FCPX is a whopping $300 I don't have MacBook and yet do I want to go down that road??? It is not the money - it is the learning curve. I want to start a new business, and video editing is going to be a big part of it. My PC laptop is not all that bad/nor that great... so I don't know if that's where I need to spend the money. But if getting a new MacBook and FCPX is the way to go then do tell me more! ! ! ! ! ?????????????????? :) :)
Bryan Auer (1 month ago)
George, what took you MONTHS to learn in Adobe will take hours in FCPX
Avant Peterson (4 months ago)
Which app could I use to erase tattoos from a video
Muhammed Afsal (4 months ago)
Hi Justin, I am a beginner in editing. Which software is better to start professionally? What's best in your experience?
Either one will let you do Pro level work
Sera ElFín (4 months ago)
I recently switch from Premiere Pro CC 2018 to FCPX 10.4.4... and seriously is AMAZING, I lost a lot of time in Premiere... I can't believe that FCPX its WAY smoother editing h264 4k 60p footage than Premiere was with 1080p Prores Proxy files, simply UNBELIEVABLE !! FCPX turned my "old and slow" macbook pro 2015 into a fucking a mac pro, now it's a new computer... The way you can select favorites and organize your footage, the magnetic properties, no proxy needed, integrated multicam, the scrub function, fastest exports, background renders.... It saves a LOT of time editing and you can stay focused on creativity and not on the technical way to achieve things... The only bad thing coming from Premiere is the stabilizer of FCPX it's so bad :( For me is a no-brainer, if you have a mac you must try FCPX: easiest, faster, innovative and no monthly subscription. I had FCPX for years without giving a try and now I'm SO HAPPY with the decision I did, Trust me!
As a premiere user for years I was blown away with how fast FCPX is once I actually committed to giving it a real shot
SerbLite (5 months ago)
I use premiere because A I use pc B Vegas and after effects are waayy too confusing ( I can do the basics but I can't go farther from their) C I use to use hitfilm pro, a editing software up to par with Adobe premiere ( except you can do 3-D effects) and D premieres interface is just really convenient.
Edgar Figaro (5 months ago)
i use premiere i think its better
Geek Peek (5 months ago)
Final cut Pro X. No questions asked.
Folly Den Toom (5 months ago)
For anyone who is just starting out, go with anything but premiere. I use premiere and other adobe apps regularly and love them. However, the bugs drive me insane, both on my mac and pc. It's crazy to think that the industry standard is so incredibly buggy and unreliable, but it is in my experience. I use it because I make use of the adobe integration a lot, as in I open Photoshop and after effects files in premiere all the time, but if you don't need this I would recommend not going with adobe. It has got to the point where I'm considering using final cut, even though I'd have to learn how to use it from scratch. (I've been using Premiere for a couple of years and have experienced the same problems since I started, even after updates and on different computers. Love the video though, very informative, I'm happy it is not as unreliable for you!
itsduke (5 months ago)
Are you able to use motion graphics and templates in final cut pro similar to adobe
Yes most of them will work fine in fcpx
Martin Wood (5 months ago)
The lack of performance compared to fcpx and bugs in premiere are making it hard to stay. The collaborative process for premiere is the only thing keeping me around. Adobe has to figure out how to use modern video cards and not depend on the processor
Bryan Auer (1 month ago)
Dude you nailed it!
Nishant Cinematic (5 months ago)
I Was Editing in Premiere Pro But Now i Moved to Final Cut Pro..... Premiere Pro is Pain in Ass Sometimes
Michał Pałyska (5 months ago)
Hi Justin! Nice video. I agree with what you said in video. I use 3 editing software :D It is possible. I edit bigger project like short film in Avid because i love that workflow. I love bins! I use premiere pro for some projects. When I work with my mate for example or when I edit gameplay on PC. When I bought I've started editing in Final Cut. It is cool software for youtube videos and vlogs! Thanks for your video ;) Greetings ;)
Awesome mate! Thanks for watching 🙌
_ XNIPERARTZ _ (5 months ago)
It seems like people don’t like premiere because they don’t want to take the time to learn the software. Premiere can do more than final cut like the little animations and templates. Most of the animated stuff on final cut are snagged from some where else
DaShnizify (4 months ago)
LOL!!! What complete and utter *_BULLSHIT_* "kirito"... 😂😂😂 You clearly have ZERO CLUE what you're blathering about. Make a complete FOOL of yourself in public much??
John Bancroft (5 months ago)
I have used Adobe Premiere and FCP 7 since the mid 1990's. I preferred FCP 7, I still have Premiere and FCPX On my MAC I use FCPX or Davinci Resolve Studio. on my Windows rig I use Davinci Resolve Studio. Premiere is just too buggy and poorly optimised for me.
Krane (5 months ago)
A proprietary editing program is more stable? Apple software with Apple hardware. I certainly hope stable.
BlownMacTruck (1 month ago)
I don't think you know what proprietary means, as Premiere is just as "proprietary".
Filip Todoroski (5 months ago)
thanks man good video
Thanks, appreciate it 😀
Saira Lohan (5 months ago)
Hey, Great video Can we do shake font effects and also move the text position anywhere we want in a final cut pro? please,
Dorinel Culea (5 months ago)
I like FCPX, use premiere & Cute cut phone
Ester Palma (5 months ago)
One question. Why final cut does not read my mic and does not record voice off...imovie did not give problem but final cut (free trial) open the window for voice record but does not work...help meee!!!
Afrodite K. (5 months ago)
fcpx. period.
Harwinder Singh RupaL (5 months ago)
Final Cut pro X is so simple and easy to understand. Everything is breeze when you get pass through magnetic timeline learning curve. You can now share projects with other editors with frame.io in latest update
yes, the new frame integration is awesome
Churroz Media (5 months ago)
premiere, can share/transfer file between ae, ai, audition by rightclick..
Pewdiepie RGB (5 months ago)
If you like final cut, than just make a hackintosh
I used one for a few years, it was good, but annoying when an update was released
Mike Teok (5 months ago)
Seems like FCP is better from the comments. The problem is, I use Windows. I don't have money for another PC just for gaming while having a Mac Device for editing. Therefore, Premiere Pro. is my only choice.
@Mike Teok Yes, only it offers much much more and… is (more) *_stable and free_* …! Final Cut Pro X is still much better overall, but if you're on a PC, Resolve is (from what I hear) probably your best bet.
Mike Teok (4 months ago)
@POST-PROfessionals - Robin S. Kurz Davinci resolve? Isn't it similar with Premiere Pro?
Actually, RESOLVE would be another option, and a MUCH better one at that. Or you could set your PC up as a Hackintosh. ;)
Wildan Afandi (5 months ago)
Final cut pro x 😘
ZJ Wu (5 months ago)
I think if you are a serious editor, and you REALLY get know FCPX, you would never use other NLE. But sadly many people have not done that yet.
Cooking With My Cat (5 months ago)
Anytime I export in Premiere the colors seem less saturated. Anyone else have this issue? The export from Final Cut has the same colors as they should be. So frustrating.
Saav Magician (5 months ago)
Has anyone else had problems with PP (2018) The contact freezing and glitches are absolutely horrible and are making me want to switch back to FCPX. No lie PP can't even handle mobile phone videos I'm making that are 15-20 seconds long and I'm using a MacBook pro 2015 that has 16gb RAM !!!
Django Groen (5 months ago)
What's the best video editting laptop for editting on the go. I am a lot on the train. I want to edit my video there. But on the windows side I only see big gaming laptops :(

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